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  1. Thanks Phil, Good to know about the potential flicker. We will def be testing some colors, thankfully I don't plan on any white lights but instead sticking to red's and blues. So should be good in that regard.
  2. Hi, I'm currently prepping a short film that will take place mostly at night with a mixture of exterior and interiors, with a few shots during the day. So my thinking is that I will primarily be using 500T 7219 stock for the majority of the shots (mixing in some 50D and/or 250D for the daytime scenes). I'm curious if anyone has any experience or advice with using 500T and neon practicals? Is there anything I should be aware of in terms of how they interact? From what I've seen online it looks to be fine, but I recall reading somewhere (can't find it now) about some issues with the color rendering of neon lights on tungsten film stock. -- Cheers ams
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