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  1. Not sure the price point but I imagine its less than nila and litepanels etc. but Dracast came out with some 2k equivalent leds that seemed really nice, havent gotten to try them however..
  2. Makes sense thanks for the heads up. Ill just buy a new rag and get this one cleaned later. 👍
  3. Valid point. I know rags like duvetyne are heat treated but are you sure diffusion is as well? If thats the case Ill just buy a new one and get this one cleaned at a later time.
  4. I do know rag houses that will professionally clean of course. But... Im just gonna diy this one... got a little dirty 8x8 1/2 silent grid that got a little wet and muddy. Was gonna just soak in the sink with dish soap but wanted to see if anyone had advice. Other thought was maybe delicate cycle in the washer and hang dry. Thoughts? Btw... not really worried about ruining it so this can be a test.
  5. Not sure if it is overkill for your shot but I just saw this motion controlled Dana dolly rig at NAB yesterday. Only thing I dont know if it could do round or not. It was ridiculously affordable, like $3k for the whole system. Company was called emotimo and they have a rental unit at ablecine. Maybe a possibility for your shot 🤷🏻‍♂
  6. I buy rolls of 600 New England multiline II. 1/2 is plenty thick and can be used for all sorts of rigging applications. Standard for local 80 department. Good investment if youre looking for any sort of rigging or Grip rope. Rigging warehouse website sells cuts or a whole spoil of 600 for around $200
  7. I have a chrosziel 805 swing away mattebox and it has the rotating 138mm filter stage in before the bellows. Its nice cause you got 2 filter trays plus round stage.
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