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  1. Hi Heath, I'm guessing you've made your decision by now as it's been quite a while since you posted this. Anyway my two cents: I chose the Ergorig to pair with an Amira for documentary shooting while traveling. It's definitely much easier to pack into a suitcase (dismantled) and put gear/clothes around it. It can take a beating and you don't have to baby it at all given that there are no moving parts - no Pelican case required either. The Undersling attachment is...interesting. I'm not sold on it if I'm being honest - the cord creates it's own type of movement/bounce/weirdness and the device used to attach it to the top handle of the camera seems unnecessarily heavy and overengineered. It also stretches - a LOT - when used with a large camera. So you can't just let go of the camera to let it hang and rest your arms or take a few seconds to release the camera to grab something else, hit an elevator button, etc. It can technically tolerate the weight, but it doesn't feel good to me. I would've much preferred a different undersling cord setup that wraps around the top handle of my camera and loops back up to the undersling attachment point on the Ergorig where it can be fastened. That would remove the need for this heavy, weird contraption used to attach the undersling to the camera I would think. The core Ergorig is an excellent option though. Ergorig Amira.jp2
  2. Hello Everyone, I am selling my ARRI Maxima MX30 Gimbal. I purchased it used in 2018. I sent it back to Germany to have ARRI+FoMa Systems inspect, calibrate and upgrade everything - motors, hardware, firmware, ports, user controls, and mounting plate to current ARRI Spec. Receipts/history are available as requested. This Maxima has a narrower grip frame, allowing it to go through doorways and tight passages with more ease. A Windows 10 computer/tablet is all that's needed to connect and calibrate the unit. In excellent functional condition. Asking Price: $14,000 OBO Contents Include: ARRI Maxima MX30 QL Gold Mount with Top Handle. Payload: 66lb Two types of camera mounting plates including standard and QuickLock (QL), which allows for very fast balancing with compatible ARRI camera plates Maxima "Joystick" Control Unit S/N CPFP27 Euro Mount for Spider Mounting Bracket With (6) Screw Mitchell Mount for Spider Mounting Bracket With Mount Tie Down & (4) Screw Top Holder for Maxima Spider for Maxima Wireless Remote for Maxima, TRINITY Antenna for Maxima Wireless Remote Power Cables for AMIRA, ALEXA, ALEXA MINI, XLR As a Maxima owner I've had a great relationship with ARRI/FoMA Systems Reps at Los Angeles trade shows, as well as personalized support and deeply discounted training opportunities through ARRI Burbank. You could also take advantage of the same as the new owner. Images: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/68gxfk4dqj0dgw3/AADXd_PRyAHdhmdZomMsyO33a?dl=0 Item (and myself) is located in Los Angeles. Happy to meet at my local production facility using COVID-19 safety protocols and sanitization if you'd like to see it in person.
  3. Hello All, I am looking into using P+S Technik anamorphic zooms on my next documentary project. The specific models are: PS-Zoom 35-70 CS, T3.2 (1.5x Anamorphic) PS-Zoom 70-200 CS, T3.5 (1.5x Anamorphic) I plan to pair these lenses with an Arri Amira with the latest software update (SUP 5.2) which allows the Amira EVF/Monitor to view a 1.3x desqueeze, however it does not support a 1.5x desqueeze. While I would love to have an external monitor on me at all times, I will be shooting a documentary where it may not always be the case that I can use an external monitor which supports 1.5x desqueeze. I would love to hear from anyone who has used anamorphics well enough to understand what I should expect in terms of difficulty or challenges to framing, composition and focus peaking on the Arri Amira EVF/Monitor in this case. The alternative would be to shoot on a combo of Angenieux EZ-1/EZ-2 spherical lenses paired with the TLS 80-200 PL zoom. This would certainly make shooting a bit easier, but I will lose the anamorphic look. The project is a proof of concept, with meetings in place to present to two of the major OTT streaming services for distribution. If that helps you ascertain viable delivery formats, also would love your thoughts. We plan to go for a 2.35:1 final aspect ratio, and these lenses should allow us a bit of composition/crop room in post. Thank you!
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