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  1. Correction to my earlier post: when I said Tobin 24v motor I meant 12v. I cross confused the model # and the voltage, LOL. Probably should have used "AHr capacity" too but used to working with much bigger battery packs.
  2. Anyone know the correct name and size for the "prong" type terminals on an Arri 16SB? Best I can come up with so far is "pin end banana jack" which keeps returning the male plugs with the springs and plain sockets when I search for them. I am trying to make up a new cord for my camera and also to make a ground wire for my hi capacity mag (I assume the small socket on my mag is for an external ground). The original coiled cord I got with the camera is still working but the pins are quite dark and I havn't figured out how to get in there and clean them properly. The other end I am going to convert to a more modern plug system to match the new battery pack.
  3. I have a recently acquired Arri 16SB that I am tinkering with that has a battery belt that although it charges to green and is in excellent condition obviously has very little capacity left. Seeing as how I am also into electric vehicles and pretty familiar with battery pack construction I am thinking of rebuilding the belt with new technology cells and converting to 12v at the same time. Googling on this subject and watching a couple YouTube videos where guys are running a couple of R/C car battery packs makes me wonder if this re-powered belt would not just be huge overkill - capacity wise? IE: realistically how much battery capacity do I really need for even the most extreme usage? BTW I already know about converting the magazine to 12v (no problem) and havn't decided whether to try using the Arri variable speed motor I already have (until it gives me trouble) or to by one of the newer Tobin 24v VS motors. I already have a 115v motor for indoor use. Any comments, thoughts or input from some "power users" would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Up for auction is a very nice Arriflex Cooke Speed Panchro 32mm Arri std mount. Ebay listing https://www.ebay.com/itm/312157903445 I also have the same lens in 40mm that I am considering selling. Both lens are in very nice shape.
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