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  1. Thanks guys! I ended up doing what Phil said and recording the sound first, then having them play along to the recording. Seemed like they were able to play in time with the recording, so hopefully editing will be easy.
  2. Hey guys, I'm shooting an odd type of video because it's not a music video with a track already established, but it's also not a live performance for an audience. I'm a little bit confused on how to shoot it so the music doesn't get misaligned with the audio. There's going to be three people playing instruments together. My original idea was to just have them play it multiple times all the way through and get different angles during each time playing. Since I'm only using one audio track, would the shots from the other takes be hard to align in editing so the audio doesn't look off? I'd rather not have to use 3 or 4 cameras and shoot it as if it were a "live" concert. This is the guy I'll be shooting: Any advice is appreciated!
  3. Thanks guys. The law firm was a surf themed/relaxed environment, so I felt like the way he was sitting felt okay. Now looking at it, I think maybe I would have framed the flowers on the left out. I shot 4k to try to give the editors some room to crop if they felt like they wanted to, so we'll see what they decide. Frank, I'm not sure if I see what you're seeing about the contrast. All I did was add a little bit of black, but for the most part it's right out of camera.
  4. How do you guys decide when to go handheld and when to keep it perfectly stabilized? I'm DPing/directing a short soon and I'm having the hardest time trying to decide what would look the best.
  5. Hey guys, here's a still from a law firm video I shot. Let me know what you think could be improved. Don't be afraid to be hard on me, I need to learn! I used a godox sl-60 through a 6x6 diffusion panel. The script was him saying lines about himself and the firm, with b-roll shots cut in.
  6. I'm going to be shooting a scene where my character is watching tv in a dark room and pretty much the only light will be coming from the tv. How should I go about lighting this to make it look real? I've seen this tutorial, but I'm not entirely convinced it's the best way (It's at 2:10): I also want to do a reverse shot showing the tv and what he's watching. Should I set the tv to a white screen then replace the screen with the footage of what he's watching in post? Does anyone ever actually shoot the tv screen playing in camera?
  7. Ive seen Matt Workmans video about leveling up as a DP on YouTube...but Im curious for those of you that are working with medium - large crews. How did you come up from being just a guy with a camera or a one man band?
  8. I've heard people say to, "avoid south facing locations" why is that?
  9. Why do most people diffuse daylight? Are hard shadows on actors' faces too distracting?
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