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  1. Hi there, I have a question about how to composite/blend hand drawn animation against a painted background for a short animated film that I want to make. Although it may be unusual, I have chosen to use the videogame "Cuphead" to explain in detail what exactly I'm asking. Cuphead contains hand drawn animated with hand painted back drops and the way it was made is very similar to how hand drawn films were made in the past. I'm just wondering how were the makers of Cuphead able to blend/composite hand drawn animation that has been digitally painted in Photoshop against a water coloured background without the digitally painted animation looking out of place. The image shown below will explain what I mean: As you can see in the image where I have traced and painted over the Big Flower character, the Flower looks out of place with the background (partly due to its fidelity compared to the background). This must have been what the animations would have looked like initially when they imported them in the game engine with the background art. Note: Please disregard the hedge that is supposed to be in front of the bottom right of the Big Flower's body. That was a mistake on my part when tracing it in Photoshop. My gut instinct is that they may have used compositing software such as After Effects or something along those lines in order to blend the animations against the background but I'm not sure how exactly they went about doing it. Here is a video of the animation process for Cuphead if anyone is interested which shows how the hand drawn animations are imported into Photoshop for the colouring process: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CXpvF9Z2gG8 Any helpful information that could be provided regarding my question would be much appreciated. Kind regards, Brendan
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