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  1. Basically it's the pro package with the addition of 2pin & 3pin limo, 12v & 24v panavision & Ptap power cables. Has the latest software including the Preston readout upgrade and serial cable. One owner, never rented or even used by anyone but me. Well cared for, excellent condition. $6500 + Shipping
  2. This is the original type 3 bracket which tilts up and down as well as panning right and left. Excellent condition, barely used. Receiver also works with standard V-lock male.
  3. Has lockable dovetail which slides in to slot on back of cinetape readout so it can be hard mounted. Has 24 tapped threaded hole for any configuration. Sorry, don't know the screw size but it's a standard film industry size and pitch. (matches my v lock screws for example).
  4. Not new but barely used. Cinematography Electronics sells these cables for $240 each. You're choice $75 each. Cinetape sensor cables: approx 36" long Cinetape Power Cables (all approx 36") 3pin arri to 3pin arri Ptap to arri 3pin Old school panavision 24v lemo to 3pin arri Old school panavision 12v lemo to 3pin arri Old school redcam 4pin to arri 3pin arri
  5. Works perfectly, barely used. Comes with 18" data cable
  6. Used, good condition, works perfectly. Comes with 2 2pin power & 2 ptap power cables. (looks scruffy in pic but just glue from where I peeled off velcro)
  7. Used Cinetape for sale. Works perfectly. Come with extension tubes, 2 data cables & 2 power cables.
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