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  1. Only 3 weeks to go. Here is a YouTube amalgam of both trailers in, what í think to be, stunning 4K. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=06g6kHWNQoE í am no pixel sniffer, but the level of detail and 'pop' on this footage is just glorious. It does what the best 4K should do ~ immerse you further in to that world, as opposed to remove you from it with a hollow 'wow'. Look at the details of Joaquin's worn and bobbled elasticated sleeves as he's clowning around with the kid on the bus, or just the breadth of the colour space in the night time kitchen shots and when he's dancing in the bathroom. .
  2. Sublime; that bokeh out the bus in the 2nd shot is delicious. If you go for that kind of thing, í read that there are 70mm screenings being planned. And IMAX too. í intend trying every possible flavour. You can find a bunch of ProRes files right here ~ https://www.vidd.pro/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=137 In terms of the Alexa65, í agree that this is as good as it's gotten. Although Netflix just dropped a trailer for David Michôd's "The King", which Adam Arkapaw shot 2.39:1 on Alexa65 that has me pretty addicted. Even on an especially crappy YT data transfer rate. It's the polar opposite of "JOKER". But just beautiful in a different way. .
  3. Yes, generally í agree. But the 4K version that was uploaded looked very good to me, and has a pretty high bitrate. Oddly, í found the apple qt version to be a little too dark. But Stephanie Krall, the trailer's editor, just posted a glorious 3GB QT version for download on her vimeo page ~ https://vimeo.com/328265987 .
  4. "Joker" trailer in 4K. This looks quite sublime ~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJuOjQCVkYw 🙂 .
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