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  1. Hey all, Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced service tech that can CLA (clean lubricate adjust) a pair of SLR Angénieux Zooms (35-70 & 70-210)? The outer body / glass looks nearly like brand new but I would love a specialists opinion on any internal dust buildup (which I suspect is normal and acceptable) and would love maybe some lubrication on the focus and zoom rings. I doubt they need much if any work but before I invest in Mod'ing them for Cine use I would like a pro's opinion. Also if they could De-click while they are in there that would be perfect (assuming they know what they are doing with de-clicking) Any suggestions / advice would be greatly appreciated!
  2. As camera's keep coming out with higher and higher resolution models (far beyond what our eye can resolve) and with company/studios like Netflix trying to force content creators to film their content in 4k (claiming to want to "future-proof" their investment).... Do any of you have any strong opinions on this and/or have you heard of anyone or you yourself not been able to sell your film BECASE it wasn't UHD or 4k (obviously SD has some hurdles)... I am considering filming some doc stuff while abroad for a year in Sri Lanka (a feature included) using a Super-16 lens (Canon 8-64) in a windowed 2.5k cropped sensor (from a 4k BMP4k) as I think the focal range, the character, sharpness and speed will be the "perfect" lens while abroad... However I am nervous about the workflow (that is unless BMD decides to offer a S16 Windowed mode which they really should) and or having a hard time selling it once it is completed realistically 3+ years down the road. Any thoughts?
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