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  1. Thanks everyone for replying in this thread. On the upside, everything except the electric zoom works, therefore the camera is fully functional. I just need to get this repaired nevertheless because this Beaulieu is in pristine condition and it would be very sad if not 100%. Thanks again. Cheers everyone.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I was sure that there's something wrong with the power supply. Just wondering now, how to check if the centre-tap is connected or the spring blade. The battery pack is fully charged, got charged over 12hrs, therefore must be full. Sorry, I'm new to own-camera repairs, therefore those newbie questions:) Thanks so much in advance for the help. Cheers
  3. Hey there, I just noticed today after getting a new battery pack, that the electric zoom stopped working. It was always working fine so far. I don’t know what possible could ha e happened, the camera was the last weeks in its original packaging, so nothing could have broken or gotten damaged. I’m wondering if the new battery pack has something to do with it. Everything else works fine, lightmeter, release button, the aperture sets automatically. So power itself can’t be the issue, right? Anyone has some advice? Thanks in advance Andi
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