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  1. Thanks so much for the contributions everyone - got some great input. I have been using Switar lenses that came with my Bolex, most people said those lenses would do a great job. However, I have a Angenieux 15-150mm as well which I haven't used yet, would that make a better image quality than the Switar lenses? Is there a go to anamorphic lens for the Bolex that maybe gives a more cleaner, depth a field, cinematic feeling?
  2. I have used the Angenieux 15-150 C-Mount on my BMPCC 4k and there is quiet the vignette on it. Any idea where that could come from? Thanks
  3. So basically it's just a grading thing? And has nothing to do with a pushed / pulled film or similar? Here is another Chris Hemsworth clip (of course also not in 4k and badly compressed), shot on 16mm and on a Bolex instead an Arriflex and it looks grainy and amateurish compared to how he looks in the Boss film. Again, this is obviously two very different productions but I have noticed before that 16mm can either look grainy and almost like a Super 8 shot or also very clean and modern. And my main question is what makes the difference.
  4. Hi there, I worked on a shoot last summer in NYC where they filmed Chris Hemsworth for Boss Bottled Infinite, in an office building in Manhattan and on the beach in Long Island. The drone shots are all digital but the shots of him on the beach and office shots are shot on 16mm with an Arri. I was wondering how they managed to merge digital and film footage so smoothly and gave it such a modern, polished but not too digitally looking grade? Is it a matter of underexposing film and then pushing it one or two stops or something like that. I follow the Kodak_Shootfilm account on Instagram and always notice that some 16mm footage looks really grainy and others looks very clean and polished. I wonder what makes the difference? Thank you kindly, Kate
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