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Dino Franco Berguglia

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    Lausanne, Switzerland
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    Aaton XTR Prod, Zeiss mk III High speed super 16mm
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    Actually doing commercials and short films in Lausanne, Switzerland, I would like to work as a camera operator in the US.

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I started in cinema ten years ago, I always wanted to do director of photography but I prefer to learn part of the way by lighting departement. So I practiced as an electrician on feature films for 7 years, in parallel I began to shoot ads and short films. I did not study, I learned on the job and for the theory I read everything I could read about the history of cinema, technique, and film analysis. Currently I am only director of photography and I try to work outside Switzerland to continue learning other methods. My big dream, work one day on movies in the United States. Feel free to take a look at my website or my instagram account @d_n_oooo.
see you soon, I hope!

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