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  1. I connect the (+) pin of the Aaton XLR4 on the (+) pin of the V-lock plate with a cable. Then the same with the negative pin. After, I roughly tinkered with the original battery to hook the v-lock plate into it hahah.
  2. Hi everyone, I am looking for buying a super16 zoom, preferably the Canon ones, 11-165mm or 11.5-138mm! Any help ? Thank you very much 🙂
  3. It is my first handmade prototype but there is nothing too complicated, just a v lock plate connected to the original battery!
  4. Hi Stephen. I finally make by myself a V-lock plate adapter to use V-lock battery on my Aaton. It was the best way to power the camera and the accessories easily!
  5. Hi Frank! I tried to run the camera at 54fps with a 12v battery and it works. Maybe it won't go up to 54 frames per second but you can do a slow motion anyway (not a regular one I think).
  6. Ok i see ! So what are the recommended amperage for 24 fps and for 54 fps ? Can i use a 14.4v lithium NP1 battery for all my camera speed ?
  7. Hi ! I rencently bought an Aaton XTR and i am looking for solution to power my camera. I think the best solution is to put some V-LOCK battery but i don't know how to connect them on the camera ! I saw on the XTR manual that the voltage tolerance is from 10 to 18v. It means that i don't have to convert the voltage of the v-lock to 12v ? I can use it like that for every cameras speed ? Last question, i saw that the camera needs a 16v battery for 54 fps ! It is right ? If somebody with more experience could give me advice, i will be very grateful ! Thank you so much, Maxime Berger
  8. i am also interested ! Could you do it for an Aaton XTR ?
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