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  1. Well, never mind...that was fast. LENS IS NOW SOLD!
  2. I should also mention: Price of $14k is already including paypal fees and shipping! So 14k out the door. Selling to get some funds for another purchase...otherwise I'd probably keep this thing forever!
  3. As title says, 18mm T2.8 K-35 in original BNCR mount for sale...complete your K35 or FD set...or complement a K35 zoom, which was the original purpose of this lens. Has some cleaning marks on the rear element and a very light scuff to the coating, maybe from an improperly fit rear lens cap. See last image attached. Very minor, can't imagine it has much of an effect on image, and can easily be fixed if you want to do so, by any competent lens repair house (duclos, optitek, etc.) Housing has signs of use. Other than that...the optics are quite good, coatings looking in through the front are in great shape, aperture functions well, focus ring turns without issue etc. Comes with original screw-on lens hood, and matching screw on front cap. Perfect candidate to be rehoused, or just PL mount it and use as is. $14k Priced $1,500 less than the two I've seen sold over the past couple years, which were both at $15,500 (saw both listings on facebook).
  4. up to the top again. Hoping a 30mm or 40mm are out there. I know they must be somewhere...
  5. @Marcel Zyskindit's possible. Though comparing the images to my K-35 35mm T1.4, the rear element looks a little bit smaller, and my K-35 has 15 aperture blades whereas this has 9. We'll see for sure after it arrives in a couple days. Here's a peek at the coatings on the front...looks pretty, and multicoated. My second thought was "SuperSpeed Baltars" which were made for Mitchell, F&B Ceco, and others, but...those are listed as F1.2 for the 35mm from what little I can find.
  6. Ohhh boy. Just got a 35mm from the same set...TODD-AO 35 "ULTRA-FAST" 35mm F1.3: Anyone able to identify what this may have been based on? Is it Zeiss? Canon? At F1.3 I doubt it's photo glass.
  7. bump. other offer is still on hold until the person has enough in their biz account, so this is still available if someone else gets to it first.
  8. I know nobody really seems to use these, but I'm trying to complete a set... Looking only for Astro-Berlin's GAUSS Tachars, NOT the Pan-Tachars. Gauss Tachars are all F2.0. I already have the 25mm V.S. Gauss-Tachar, and the 40mm Gauss-Tachar. Need the 32, 50, 75 and 100. The later, the better (serial numbers of 5XXXX and above, preferably.) Thanks!
  9. It was sold to me as Todd AO, will see for sure as soon as I get it. As for the Todd AO 65/70 Cookes...I have the 55mm DuoPanchro 🙂, been searching for the 30 and 40 for a while now.
  10. AFAIK, TODD AO only did spherical lenses on 65/70mm format. WTF is this?!?! Is it for ToddAO 65/70??
  11. Bump in hopes that someone has a line on a 30mm or 40mm! There are only ~two 30mm's in rental outfits that I can find, and I know Cooke must have made at least a few more than that...Numbers I heard for my 55mm were that around 15 total were made. There have to be a few 30's and 40's hanging around out there somewhere...anyone have any ideas on who to check with? If I can at least find a 40mm, I could probably settle for using a Leica R Super-Angulon 28mm f2.8 (tilt shift) in place of the Cooke 30mm...62mm image circle, should just barely cover 65mm format.
  12. Just got an offer a fair amount under my asking price; fair warning....if anyone wants it for ~$17K, now's the time to do so before I take the other offer. I'll wait a day or so.
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