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  1. Selling 135mm Master Anamorphic. Lens functions well, with smooth focus and aperture rings. Body has some expected signs of use with some marks/chips to the paint, but overall an nice shape. Glass is clean throughout, WITH ONE EXCEPTION: there is light fungus beginning to grow around the edge of the front element, so this would need cleaning. Offering quite a good deal on the lens to account for this. That's the only issue to speak of, and should be an easy thing to have cleaned up back to 100%. Rest of the elements inside are very clean/clear. Even with that one issue, it's still usable as is and puts out the lovely signature Master Anamorphic image...sharp, clean, and completely free of breathing...just gorgeous. The 135mm sells for about $50,000 USD brand new, more expensive than most of the other master anamorphics. Selling this one for only $19,000...shipping included within USA!! Great deal to account for the cost of getting the minor fungus on the edge of the front element cleaned. ABELCINE quoted me $4k for replacing the front element with new, so I have priced this low with that in mind...or, you can clean the current front element instead to save $. I'm located in Virginia, USA...close to Washington, DC. Happy to ship overseas at buyer's expense. Accept paypal but prefer bank wire. Selling to fund the cost of repairing/modifying a number of my vintage lenses.
  2. https://visualproducts.com/product/cooke-s4i-15-40mm-t2/ Here's one!
  3. Selling my Kinoptik 9.8mm...in overall good condition with some minor imperfections as one might expect in a ~50 year old lens. Glass is in overall good shape with a few small, very minor marks to the front element coating, which have no impact on image. Rear element also in good shape. One of the images was taken to show the small (~1mm) mark on the front element...it's pretty difficult to see so ive circled it. Other than that, coatings are in solid shape, and this is a perfect "user" lens that functions well and puts out a solid beautiful WIDE image! Used by many filmmakers in many famous films including by Kubrick, it was the go-to ultra-wide for many years, and is a fantastic vintage option today. Focus turns smoothly, aperture functions perfectly; adapt to PL with either a conversion or an adapter and it's ready to go make beautiful classic images. Arriflex standard mount. As expected with any lens this age, there is some internal dust, but no more than is ordinary. Priced well under similar offerings, only a couple out there on ebay and they're around $4500-5000+... Price for this one is $3800!! Buyer pays shipping...~$50 USD within USA, probably $150 or so for international. Located in Virginia, USA.
  4. I have one if you're still looking! Not rehoused, but in good shape. Arriflex mount. $3900 USD...priced well under the couple similar offerings available on ebay.
  5. Kinetals were also made in C-mount although they are quite rare. I have a 12.5mm in c-mount for sale. A good number of the C-mount kinetals were late production/high serial number, and actually have Cooke's multicoating:
  6. The old Angenieux S2 and S3 cine primes were produced in very small numbers, and prices are sky high. Vast majority are now owned by wealthy Chinese collectors who have mostly adapted them for use in photography, usually Leica M. The longer the focal length, the higher the price. The wider focal lengths (28, 32, 40) you're going to pay between $4000 and $10,000 per lens depending on focal length and condition. For the middle and longer focal lengths (40, 50, 75, and 100) expect to pay ~ $10,000 or more (the 40 and 50mm), and for the 75 and 100mm you're looking at anywhere from like $25,000 to $60,000. No, not kidding. And that's assuming you can even find them in the first place. Then from there, since they'll likely have been converted to Leica M mount, you'll need to have them rehoused at a cost of roughly $6,000+ per lens, and that's assuming you can convince TLS or ZeroOptik to take on a custom job since theres no way they'll have rehoused any of these before (except for the 18.5mm). Then there's the 24mm R series which is similar to the 18.5mm...that one is reasonably affordable but seems to be somewhat rarer than the 18.5mm. Around $2,000 to $4,000. Only way you might want to do this is if you're a rental house looking to take a risk on an unknown and willing to fork out money for a unique offering.
  7. Hi everyone. I'm selling off a bunch of stuff in my collection that I don't really use as much as I should...new year's resolutions and all So, I have: Angenieux 35-140mm F3.5 - Great lens, optics in great shape and had been serviced before I bought it. I bought it to try creating a DIY anamorphic zoom with an Isco54 (which i sold last year). I tested the combo briefly and it indeed covered throughout the entire zoom range with the Isco! Lens is parfocal, arri standard mount with nice solid visual-products style PL adapter. ($1900) Astro Berlin V.S. Gauss Tachar 25mm, and 40mm-Makro-Gauss-Tachar - These Gauss Tachars are quite rare; best way to describe them is probably like German Speed Panchros. Make for a beautiful, classic image. The 25mm has some cleaning marks but is in generally good shape. Iris functions without issue. The 40mm Makro is in fantastic shape, and puts out quite a beautiful image, easily my favorite of the two. Nearly covers full frame / Vistavision, but the vignetting is due to the housing. If rehoused it would cover fully. The glass is in especially good condition on the 40mm; it's rare to find gauss tachars in good shape, usually they are badly scratched up. Good rehousing candidates. (25mm - $2000; 40mm - $4000) Contax Zeiss 18mm F4 MMJ - All around good shape, has SIMMOD filter-ring installed to allow use of threaded filters. Glass in good shape; only "problem" I can think of is that one of the internal surfaces on a rear element has a small scratch towards the edge of the element, maybe a couple mm long, I assume ot got there when the lens was serviced at some point during its lifetime. I haven't seen this affect the image whatsoever, so it's a very minor issue. Otherwise in great shape, focus and aperture turn smoothly and without issue. ($600) 25mm F2.8 AEG - Fantastic lens, really gives quite a beautiful image. No problems, in good shape... smooth focus, aperture functions properly. Glass clean and clear. ($400) 50mm F1.4 MMJ - Solid user, focus turns smoothly and aperture functions without issue. ($250) Canon FD 24mm F2 - Great lens, good for rehousing. FD glass just seems to continue rising in value with each passing month. Glass is in decent shape; good rehousing candidate. Only real issue is that the focus ring has a small amount of play in it, which I understand is a common issue...probably an easy fix if you want to do so, but functions just fine even if you don't. ($700) Cooke Kinetal 12.5mm in rare c-mount - very late model with high serial number (749xxx), multicoated. Lens is essentially new old stock, even comes in the original Taylor Hobson box. Great little lens for those who shoot 16mm/super16. ($700) Nikon F-mount Sigma 20mm F1.4 - barely used, in great shape. ($700) Please DM for pics! Thanks! Prices include shipping within USA (but not paypal fees).
  8. Chr @Chris Squires yes they sure are. been meaning to relist them, and to post them on facebook but hadnt gotten around to it yet. but yes...still available.
  9. Hi yall. As title says, I have a couple Superspeed singles available, for those of you who need to replace a broken lens, complete a Superspeed set, or maybe complement a set of Standard Speeds. 25mm T1.3 Mk2 Superspeed: Has some scratches on outer surface of the rear element, but in testing the lens out I have seen no effects on image quality...the lens is still sharp as heck. Only thing that can really be seen in terms of effects is some diagonal streak effects to the flare when a light is shone directly towards the lens. That's it. If you want to get the lens back to 100%, Duclos has some rear elements in stock for 25mm Mk2's, and they quoted me $1500 plus $150 for installation and re-collimation. Aside from these issues with the rear element, the rest of the glass is perfect. Focus ring is starting to get a little stiff so it could use a standard lube job eventually, but it's plenty usable as is for now. 85mm T1.3 Mk2 Superspeed: Optics are pretty much perfect. No problems with the glass whatsoever. Focus ring is quite stiff however, so it could use a standard CLA. Ridiculously sharp lens, tested it out on my Z6 and it's easy to see why it's so loved. Prices: 25mm Mk2 Superspeed: $9000 85mm Mk2 Superspeed: $10000 All prices include shipping and paypal fees. Pics:
  10. As title says, I have a 50mm Nipponscope (the series 1 version, synchro-focus). I'm looking for other focal lengths. Either Series 1 or Series 2, though I guess I'd actually prefer the synchro-focus series 1 to match my 50mm. Any mount is fine. Damage acceptable as long as it's repairable. Here's my 50:
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