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  1. Thank you David. I will track him running with a 85mm. I'm thinking of having 2 LED panels behind the actor, holding by 2 assistants running with the actor. And a reflector in front of him.
  2. Hello, We will have a shooting soon, in the deep countryside where there is absolutely no street light so. The scene is a man running, under a heavy rain, by night. He will run about 100 meters. I understand that we need a backlight to see the rain, but I wonder if you have any inputs on which kind of lights I should use? Thanks 🙂
  3. Thanks so much for your input Satsuki. We will have 2 cameras on two 9m scaffoldings and 3 cameras on Ronin 1. The picture I attached shows where will be those two scaffoldings. We will always shoot in the direction of the lake you can see on the right of the aerial picture. About putting the balloons more in the middle, this is what we wanted. But the guys are a bit concerned of the wind, so they prefer to separate them and put them more on the edges of the crowd. I understand perfectly the lighting you suggest, and I think that indeed a very good idea. We are on testing this afternoon and tonight, I will let you know. Thanks so much
  4. Hey Jake, Thanks so much for your answer ! I unfortunately cannot chose the cameras we use, as they are provided by the TV itself and they absolutely want us to use them. We will have 2 days of testing before the live, so we are pretty lucky with that. I had a meeting with the renting company, and they suggest to use 2 balloon 4K HMI that we will put on two cranes up to 50m...
  5. Hi everyone, For a TV live broadcast, which will happen on a vast land - imagine kind of a beach - without any city lights (except for the background where there is a city across the river) we wonder how can we light our wide shot. It is a vast place, almost 50 square meters to light where we will have 500+ extras... with hundreds meters of backspace to place the lights. We would like a light pretty soft, lightly cold temperature. We will have 5 cameras on location, 5 Sony PMW150. We are thinking of using HMIs that we bounce on white screens. But we don't really know which kind of HMIs or how many we should have. A rental company can provide us for a very good price : 2* M60/6K 1* M90 4* M40/4K 4* M18/2500W 2* BALLON 4K HMI Thanks for your help, Morgan
  6. So I'm looking to have all the path lighted, not a hard light, a pretty soft one. I've attached an image of what I am thinking. I can have a few cranes and thousand of cables running through the forest yeah. The shot has to be a wide shot, 35mm yes. Thank so much for your help !
  7. That's the best solution yeah, but we can't postpone the shooting...
  8. Thanks so much for your answers guys ! So, should I display 3 or 4 large grids of HMIs or Wendy lights along the path, to get all that path lighted ?
  9. Hi everyone, I've seen different topics here talking about lighting during an overcast day, but I couldn't find a case close to mine. For a commercial, which will unfortunately happen during an overcast weather and even maybe during raining days, I was wondering how can we light a very wide shot. The space to light is about 100m deep on 15m wide. I attached a picture of the frame, so you can realize better. I was thinking of using some HMI, but I just can't know how many do I need and which wattage. It could be great if some of you have some inputs to share ! Thanks
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