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  1. Hello, I have 3 cameras - Sony FX9, A7SIII & A7III. I'm trying to figure our is there a particular standard for rod support for ensuing I dont invest again in rod supports and accessories. I have 2 cartoni fluid heads with euro style plates. I've been hunting for a stable, reliable & futureproofed quick release base plate system with either 15 LWS or 19 Studio. So my question which rod standard to go for or everyone is going towards. From a equipment standpoint it would be whole 9 yards (mattebox, wireless FIZ follow focus, vmount, teredek, monitor & d-box) Appreciate your inputs.
  2. Hello everyone, Has anyone used the Tokina filters launched last year. I saw some video reviews but wanted to know whether anyone gave it a try for a proper shoot. Diffusion Filters — Tokina Cinema USA
  3. Hello everyone,I saw some great tutorials about FX9. Finally I bought one & having a tough time to setup the live streaming.I followed your tutorial for Z90 but there is a menu called Streaming. Mind my lack of knowledge. this is the first time I'm using a Sony professional series camera. I'm coming from A7III and got the A7SIII as well.I followed the instructions from here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jvrh...el=ingenioustvTried trouble shooting from the manual here - https://pro.sony/support/res/manuals.../50252871M.pdfStill couldn't make it work. Can anyone guide me or create a step by step guide or video for Setup for “Live Streaming" on FX9.Thanks,Paul
  4. Hello, I just learnt about diffusion filters & how it can create a unique look. After extensive research, I came across the Schneider 4 x 5.65" Hollywood Black Magic 1/4 Filter which I'm planning to get but also stumbled upon the new Radiant Soft features from Schneider. My question is that has anyone used the new Schneider Radiant Soft on productions or for Youtube videos. I found some videos but nothing is showing a clear strength comparison or reviews for this filter. Could you let me know what are your thoughts & which one would be suitable for indoor or outdoor environments. I'm shooting on A7SIII & FX9 with either the 85mm or 40mm. Resources I found Gary Baum, ASC - Radiant Soft Filters on Vimeo James Chressanthis, ASC, GSC on Radiant Soft filters on Vimeo Cinematic Camera Filters: Schneider Optics Radiant Soft Test - YouTube Schneider #FilterFriday - Schneider Radiant Soft (3/6) - YouTube Filter Test: Schneider Radiant Soft & Tiffen Clear Premium Coated Filters - YouTube
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