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  1. Dom, you are a godsend! And thanks for the history lesson – I needed it! Angenieux introduced the 18.5mm in (I believe) 1951. I've read that the lens wouldn't cover the full frame sensor of (say) my 5D were I to adapt it, and that it'd be much like equipping an APS-C lens. Any idea if this is true? If the lens was manufactured for a Mitchell camera, for Academy ratio, how could it be the case that the vignetting would be as severe as with an APS-C lens on a full frame camera?
  2. Hi everyone – long time reader, first time poster! I'm considering purchasing an Angenieux 18.5mm Type R2, and was previously under the assumption that the mount was Mitchell BNCR. The lens' owner, however, has just informed me it's not a BNCR mount but BNC. Apparently, these mounts are slightly different. As I don't know my way around a Mitchell (or anything Mitchell, for that matter), and as I've not got the budget to rehouse the lens, I'm wondering whether a BNC lens (in particular this Angenieux) would fit an EF to BNCR mount adapter. I've been unable to source an EF to BNC adapter, so if I'm out of luck with the BNCR adapter I'm wondering if there might be other solutions to the problem. Happy New Year, Christian
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