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  1. Oh my god, you're the one who got this thing for $10K at a the auction recently aren't you?
  2. Aw man I'm really sorry about that. I know a few people who have gotten their cameras without any issues so I really didn't think he would be scamming people. I'll update the post. EDIT: I'm not able to edit the original post any longer unfortunately, otherwise I would add a disclaimer at the top regarding your situation..
  3. I would definitely recommend buying a basic camera package though, but nothing too expensive. Personally, I have a pocket 6k pro kit that probably cost me $3k total, you can get a really great image out of it. In terms of image quality and color I honestly prefer it to the Komodo, which will run you close to $10k for a full package. These days most of my gigs will rent proper cameras but I still get the occasional passion project / low budget thing that my friends are putting together where the pocket 6k really comes in clutch.
  4. All solid advice. Only thing I don't totally agree with is camera ownership, I think it's steadily becoming less and less of a factor, at least in LA. Most of the people I know who own a proper camera package don't really get more work as a result of the camera, it's just a way to make more money since the client pays you for the camera instead of some rental house. For the production, it doesn't really make a difference who they're paying for the camera. What they really hire you for is your skills and visual sensibilities. That and connections / referrals. The only times when I've seen camera ownership be a factor in getting hired is low budget stuff where they want you to bring your camera for free. So, in that sense, buying a camera could be a decent option if you're just starting out and want to get work under your belt as fast as possible. However, those gigs usually aren't great since they're obviously just making hiring decisions that will save them the most money, not get them the best product.
  5. Mag is in beautiful condition, serviced by Andree Martin at AM Camera. One of the cleanest SR3 mags I've encountered, with only minor cosmetic blemishes on the exterior. Mag has been used on a project this past week and works perfectly. Selling this mag because I have 4 total with my SR3 package and don't have a need for a fourth. Pickup in LA preferred but willing to ship. $1000 Photos: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1FQkf0rpufyD6I2uV0rgARU7xGfSymo9T?usp=sharing
  6. Sure, you might be right. Personally I've never had it jam or encountered any major issues with jitter. One of the K3's I've used had a decent amount of jitter but tightening the pressure plate made it quite stable, even at higher framerates.
  7. Dang I'm sorry to hear he had trouble getting a refund. I know he was refunding people for the preorder on this motorized version since it's taken a lot longer to complete. And regarding payment, he does still take paypal payments! He just offers a discount for crypto payments (I'm guessing for tax reasons). So if anyone is hesitant just use paypal goods & services and you're 100% covered in case you want a refund due to delays or other reasons.
  8. Here is a DP that uses the previous version of this camera (the one without a motor but with a custom gate, pl mount and video tap): https://www.instagram.com/belkasemi/ From what I've seen he mainly uses it as a b-cam for handheld shots and more run and gun stuff, with really great results. Haven't really seen much jitter in his work although it's possible that it's stabilized in post.
  9. My understanding is that those are temporary 3-d printed parts that he uses for development and testing. He is definitely having many metal parts machined, including the new gate.
  10. Been kinda in the same boat and sadly it seems like an XTR Prod is suuuuper rare to find in that price range 😞 Especially with a lens. You might find a decent SR3 kit for that price but, again, not with a lens. A basic SR2 kit with lens might be more realistic.
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