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  1. Thank you so much! I suspected that this was the one, just wanted to make sure I wasn't adjusting something I shouldn't be.
  2. I think I will send mine to Du-All: http://www.duallcamera.com/services/Upgrade_KrasnogorskK3.shtml Is there a chance you could specify which screws exactly control the pressure plate spring? Thank you!
  3. I think I am going to go ahead and get a full overhaul done just to rule everything out. Like you said, I still think that the pressure plate may be the culprit, however, it looks like my lens is not functioning as a parfocal lens should, which is another symptom of the FFD being off or the lens needing collimating. Perhaps it is a mix of all of these issues haha. Hence, the full overhaul! I actually got the camera quite cheap, only $160 with shipping included, so I'm not really too upset about having to spend $250 to overhaul the thing. Considering that most of these go for ~$300 on
  4. Thanks for the suggestions, Dom! The film runs very smooth, no pulsing of the pressure plate whatsoever. My camera does have loop formers and the loops are also very stable while the camera is running. The first roll actually didn't turn out ok as there was a couple of shots that also had this issue -- shots where I was shooting with the wider focal lengths of the Meteor zoom. This current roll wasn't all bad either, some of the footage was ok but about a third of the footage was shot with that same wider range of focal lengths on the Meteor zoom and that's where this problem shows up. Th
  5. Hello, everyone! I recently bought a K3 on ebay and just finished getting my second roll scanned. Unfortunately, a lot of what would have otherwise been some nice footage came out unusable because of a very strange issue. Here are a couple clips that demonstrate the problem: Basically, at the start of a shot, the film will weave in and out of focus (there are always a few frames at the start of a shot that are in perfect focus) but then the film settles in a position where the center of the frame is blurred, while the sides seem to be in focus. I had only noticed this is
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