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  1. Thanks very much Phil. Yes wearing of the film is one of my concerns but it would only be as and when someone hand cranks the viewer...I have been looking for a digital version and came across the bioscope from commonplace but is a bit small for my purpose and not very covid friendly as has to be held up to face
  2. Hi Andries...are you able to guide me to any how to's re. the rollers or box? I am a complete novice so although this may be simple, it is not a territory I understand...thanks
  3. Hi Andries...how do I loop the material? And when you say a set of rollers or 8mm thick box...is this an adaptation of the viewer? Thanks
  4. Hi, I would like to loop a super 8 film on a video editor as part of an art installation and just wondered if it is possible? I have seen threads re. the same question and projectors but I am looking specifically for some kind of hand cranked system. Thanks in advance
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