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  1. just finished a project and shot everything indoors wide open at T1.3 — should i be concerned.
  2. can someone please tell me how i can get rid of that hair in the left corner…
  3. Looking into buying a used tripod for the aaton XTR plus. These things are obviously very pricey so my question is, what is the bare minimum required for the weight load of the camera? I understand there are different circumstances with it being rigged up with a bunch of accessories and monitors vs. a minimal set up. Could you guys recommend some options i can look into? Some lower tier and mid tier tripods that support the camera? I've used an O'connor 2575D fluid head before. Would a manfrotto 546GB work for instance?
  4. thank you all! appreciate it
  5. traveling to LA any recommendations for getting 16mm film developed and scanned ? maybe even super 8. greatly appreciated
  6. Hello, I plan on traveling with my aaton XTR plus from europe to the states. Will I have any issues bringing it on as a carry on luggage? Also, any recommendations on cases because the original metal case it came in will not be appropriate for travel. Any other tips or recommendations would be appreciated.
  7. thank you so much. so for example, the red area i drew in is the full gate?
  8. Sorry, noob here, which frame line am I supposed to go off for the Aaton XTR Plus? is it the inner most solid line?
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