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  1. Brian, There is something wrong with your file I can't open it. It says that a bad atom was found in the movie. Dimitrios Koukas
  2. I don't know the camera, Does it have an always auto f/stop on (wich I don't think so) in relation to the camera's photometer? If not, just use a photometer and rate your stock at 160ASA, a little overexposure never hurt anyone. So put the 200 ASA in and use the photometer readings to adjust your f/stop manualy I guess? Dimitrios Koukas
  3. Just joking here, I didn't got the white and black reference cards either, I would suggest a colour patch or a grey card instead. Dimitrios Koukas
  4. Jonathan, Are u talking for the plastic cores that come with film? Usually u unload the film with them on the stock and send them for proccesing (for example 200 magazines for Arri IIC). 200 ft magazine have a little space to work in the changing bag so I believe that u will have to take the exposed film out of the magazine (always in the bag) and then remove the plastic core if you like. If you are talking for a clip core adapter then it should be really solid there and don't move alone, just move with the camera's movement. Most of the cameras that use this system have a clip core that has a notch used to avoiding moving on it's free axis. I hope this make sense my English are sometimes average. Dimitrios Koukas
  5. Thank you very much Brian, I believe that u can use firewire and the camera as a player ? (that doesn't mean that I will choose this camera). Dimitrios Koukas
  6. Ok he can use a photometer then. Dimitrios Koukas
  7. File... dude? :D Dimitrios Koukas
  8. :) David... Thanks for the telecine explanation, I believe I ve used one first time back in 1992. I have made transfers in my life, film to_digital_or_whatever_format way, it's just I haven't ever did the opposite,(video to film) only experimenting thru a crt monitor. I guess my question was very general, so I am sorry for this. Thank you , and what about the sound? This comes after I guess? Dimitrios Koukas
  9. I will suggest you to do a test before you go, and push it one but rate it 800. Dimitrios Koukas
  10. Thanks Landon, I ve checked the camera u suggested and I ll go with it, if I don't manage to change for s16. Dimitrios Koukas :) There is one camera operator and assistant in the crew anyway. No problem changing magazines and loading, for me it takes the same time to reload a tape and write 1:30'm colour bars by EBU standards. Real HD will take half of the budget! Editing suite costs a lot. Dimitrios Koukas
  11. Stephen thank you very much, I was just wondering ''how it works'' meanning the printing method. Is it a video monitor that is scanned? or a projected image on lcd or DLP , does the procedure comes in a continuous light or by flashes on the negative? Dimitrios Koukas
  12. Matt, My mistake,I have write down XL2 while the camera is the new XL H1 (suppose to be HD). Anyway i am pushing for film. Still couple of meettings and I think that I am about to convince them. Dimitrios Koukas
  13. Hello, I need some explanations about 2k or 4k, systems. The terminology 4k is been used to clarify the fact that an image 4k is used (1024kx4=4096), but what this means for the result? How this is achieved? Frame by frame or real time? Dimitrios Koukas
  14. Evan, One good stock to try experimenting with is kodak's 7205 250 Asa Daylight film, U can just go out on the streets and start shooting, no correction filters needed, just some sunlight or daylight. Dimitrios Koukas
  15. First of all, Try to ask the director what needs excactly, or how he is imagine this, it's difficult sometimes to have saturated colours with diffusion, not that it's impossible. I would suggest go with 1/2 pro-mist and overexpose about 2/3 of a stop. And then do some colour correction to get the rich colours. You can use the 7245D film stock for the daylight scene, unless it's really ''early morning'' like magic hour? I don't know if u are shooting a person, one really rare thing that was used in the old days form still photographers is the use of petroleum gel on a clear filter, u can just add gel only where your subject is, whille leaving the rest of the frame untouched. This is really nice as effect if you don't go too far with the amount of gel, but it's really tricky when changing lenses, u will need different thikness on the gel layer. DImitrios Koukas
  16. David, If I got it correct, u used smoke as a reflecting source? What a brilliant idea this is! Despite the low light, I believe it will give you the ''heat'' effect, when the craft is entering the atmossphere! Like u wanted to be. I definately want to see this! Dimitrios Koukas
  17. There are many palm-pc's that have cinematography softwares, most of my assistants using them. Dimitrios Koukas
  18. Another book from focal press that helped me a lot, is Sylvia's Carlson, ''professional cameraman's handbook'' DImitrios Koukas
  19. You don't have wrong information at all, it's that the grey cards were used more for still photography, while in cinema the photodome incident meters seems to have established. You see it's much more easier to walk around the actor's path with the photo meter on hand than having someone hold u the grey cards that u will measure with the spot meter from cameras point of view. This doesn't mean that u can't use the gray card for any reason, it's just more practical this way i guess. A spot meter is good when u have your subject on a distance, or different areas that reflect different amount of light to your film's frame, that you want to check them for exposure reasons. For example if you have a window somewhere on your frame and you want to see if the compensation lighting you are using for it is enough or you need some more, or gel the window with ND filters. 18% of a gray card simulates white skin. The same does the 18% photodome on an incident light meter. DImitrios Koukas
  20. Do u need hairs and scratches, among with strobe/ 16 fps movement? Dimitrios Koukas
  21. As I ve seen from the day that the site changed skins and fonts (among other things), there is an error screen that posts out after you post anything, so as a result people keep posting their messages on and on, so that's why I ve seen kore than 3-4 topics with the same author and title. At the time I am just ignoring the error msg and don't panic, when I check the last forums my name and subject is in. Dimitrios Koukas
  22. I have write down XL2 while the camera is the new XL H1 (suppose to be HD).3CCD 1/3'' !!! not even 2/3''. But either way, it doesn't make any sense, I could only use a video camera for theatrical release only for experimental reasons. Thank you very much all ,for your posts, and sorry for the inconvinience . If you have any corrections or suggestions to make for this camera please do. Dimitrios Koukas
  23. There are fluorescent lamps that u can dimmer with a digital ballast, and u can found some with a 3400 colour temperature. I believe that maybe it's late for changing it at this time? Dimitrios Koukas
  24. Excactly and thanks! Sorry k25rip, just switch the films that I was writing about the rest counts! I ve had the same problem with vision 7279 and vision 7297 manytimes! Dimitrios Koukas
  25. I have posted you three pages from a manual, have you found them? You have three posts with the same subject. Dimitrios Koukas
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