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  1. Didn't notice the added colour temps!!, That's pretty damn handy, next update manually dialling it in?? ;)
  2. All good on my BMPCC, yet to test the Sigma lenses again yet, but hopefully they've addressed that as they said. Be good if there is a reasonably constant stream of updates coming adding more features as he says in the vid.
  3. Yet to try out the Samyang 8mm, but picked up an Olympus 9mm Fisheye Body-Cap lens the other day, impulse purchase, no where near up to standards of more expensive lenses (this was £89), not too bad for what it is, will be handy for some stuff. https://vimeo.com/94332774 (must read how to embed! even though it seems I've embedded a video before!!)
  4. The AJA looks very interesting as well, covers a couple of the ergonomic niggles I have with the URSA, plus better codec selection
  5. The URSA looks pretty good! Some minor niggles with the layout and shame there's no VF option apart from 3rd party, but for what they're trying to do with it, it's pretty impressive, having an EF AND B4 system with the same body?! Be interesting to see how much they'll charge for the sensor blocks as add-ons.
  6. Hey, nice, what lens(es) did you use?
  7. My thoughts on this, haven't noticed this particular issue, although the BMPCC IS funny about what displays you plug it into, for example it doesn't seem to output to any HDMI TV's that I've tried, knowing they accept various resolutions and rates (e.g.: Panasonic Viera and Sony Bravia), but it DID work plugged into a 7" TVLogic monitor. I've been liaising with BMD support on this, but yet to receive a concrete answer. Will test the output-on-record thing with the tellies and see if that makes a difference.
  8. No, Can't really spare the change on a set of Super Speeds at the mo ;) I've known about the Sigma 8-16 for a while, it's a nice lens, no manual iris though on either Canon or Nikon models I thought, thus problematic for the BMPCC without some crazy active adapter?? I've looked at the SpeedBoosters, they're certainly interesting, a few hundred quids worth, not just at the moment though. Only thing with the SpeedBoosters that gets confusing is the "more light" side of things, the way I see it, you're not "gaining" any light, you're just not losing as much from the crop (and thus smaller aperture) if you use the SpeedBooster, no? Apart from my existing Nikon mount primes from my 7D kit that I'm using, I bought a couple of old Canon TV Zooms on ebay, both c-mount, 18-108 f2.5 and 17-102 f2, annoyingly, the former being the better lens, just need to get it serviced and get the crap in it cleaned out. the 17-102 is shockingly bad image wise, both cover the sensor fine with (from what I've seen so far), not a major vignette issue. But could still be doing with a tad wider. Any thoughts on the Lumix 7-14mm anyone? (aside from not being a cine lens) I'm gonna hire one in for a bit sometime soon. A quick google and nice FoV from it, ebay search came up over $1000 for the couple on there, tad over my price range at the mo, but looks really nice!
  9. Had a quick look around, but haven't found the right thread so.. What are people doing for the wider end of things on the BMCC & more specifically the BMPCC (which is what I have), the whole 2.6x (?) sensor crop takes a lot of flack online, so for the users out there, a) are any of you finding it that much of an issue? b) What's your goto wide angle lens? Cheers Matt
  10. Cool, thanks for uploading that, gives a better sense of what you're working with. Looking forward to seeing the rig, and of course any more videos you put out there!!
  11. Ok so I REALLY like how this looks! As another post said, would be nice to see some ungraded rushes, also, I'm still not quite grasping the lens side of things..is it just the Lomo lens on the front, or are you using that as a kind of adapter and attaching other lenses to that?? Pics of rig would be interesting to see. Cheers
  12. Adrian, trust me I'd like to have a decent set of Tiffen NDs, but annoyingly they cost quite a lot more ;) Thus far I've been happy with the Formatt ones, I got them new late last year. It wouldn't surprise me if they gave you a colour cast, they are after all more budget range, for me however, it's not been a problem with the cameras and shoots I've used them on. IRNDs are slightly different I think and can be sensor specific, but I'm not totally au fait with them at the mo, just know the basics behind them.
  13. That's not what I'm saying, a polar and ND serve different purposes. What I'm saying is a polar is a worthwhile investment in it's own right, and as you're saying you're going to be doing a lot of sunny daylight exteriors, it would help give some more punch to those images, while also helping you slightly with reducing the light transmission. A polar is not instead of a set of NDs
  14. Also think about your composition, if you're shooting doco then you could well get away with ramping up the shutter speed if you need to. Especially in a standard M/S interview shot. depending on what you've got going on in the background. As a starting point, I think it's worth you considering
  15. A polariser is designed to help with balancing the light hitting the sensor/film, however it also does reduce the light transmission, so you will lose *about* 2 stops with just a polar, roughly the same as a .6ND (2-stops)
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