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  1. Hi everyone, I'm in the market for a used Sony F55 body. Very much looking for the body completely by itself with no accessories attached, as I have an F5 I would transfer most accessories from, including the AXS-R5. I'm located in Los Angeles, CA. Thanks for reading!
  2. As far as I know, AZ Spectrum is the sole entity alive today that has had a history servicing the GSMO. Ian Love, one of the main engineers of the GSMO (which has absolutely no interchangeable parts with the CP-16 et. al) hasn't been able to be reached in awhile -- he was at some point (we're talking like 2006) able to service GSMOs in the UK. There are a few 400ft GSMO magazines for sale located in CA on eBay. Out of curiosity, I asked the person selling those magazines if they had any fully working GSMOs, they told me they have little bits and pieces laying around. I'm fairly new here and not sure if I am allowed to attach external links, but I hope you can find the listing (it's the only actual GSMO related object apart from instruction manuals that show up for the query "GSMO") and reach out to them. Good luck.
  3. Hi there! I have an LTR-X converted to S16. Serviced by AbelCine around 2 years ago, and not used that much since then, recently powered on and tested as of this week. Have an NTSC colour video tap that is optional. Let me know if you're interested via PM. Thanks!
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