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Found 8 results

  1. So to my dismay, no one has 4 perf movements for the arricam lt. So besides the 2019 film Luce, what are some projects that use 2x anamorphic lenses on 3 perf 35mm film?
  2. hey all. wanted to share this film cost calculator that I've been working on for a while. www.filmcostcalculator.com Eventually I'd like to add more equations that can list out alternative results to compare various perf options. Also working on a 1000' roll calculator. Hope it helps! Feel free to comment with any notes and ideas.
  3. Large, lightly used, personal camera package for sale, includes: Aaton 35-3, 3 Perf Super 35mm camera with flickerfree NTSC video assist 4 batteries - may need to be recelled 8-400' magazines, all in good running condition with covers, some with cosmetic marks Large viewfinder extension and case Rods, handgrip, cables, small viewfinder extension Original 4 perf movement and gate Original Aaton Nikon lens mount with shims, never used 6 additional viewing screens, various markings Leather barney Travel cases for everything except 2 mags and barney (No charger or power cable) The following items could be sold separately: Various Aaton service tools and jigs, extra electronics and mirror Camera runs great and is very quiet - has not been used recently, except for a test roll. Please PM me for more photos or with an offer.
  4. I'd like to find a 2-perf, 3-perf or Super 16 camera. My budget is $3,000-5,000. My first choice would be for a 2-perf with a lens, second choice is a 3-perf with lens and third choice is a Super 16 with a lens. My range on price is with the expectation that a 2-per or 3-perf with a lens is going to be on the high end of my budget while a Super 16 with no lens should be at the low end. Of course if someone has an Arricam ST 2-perf with some Cooke lenses they like to sell me for $3,000, I'd be happy to be proven wrong on my price estimates. :D Seriously, if I'm way off on my price expectations, please let me know. If you have a film camera that's been sitting unused or under utilized, please consider dusting it off and sending it to a good home. I have a short I'd like to shoot in December with kids from the local theater club and crew from the local University. If we can pull that off, we've got plans for a feature to shoot in June.
  5. My first test with a 3 perf cameflex was perfect except for the gate flare present in the negative. Just want to confirm this is the case... however the triangle flare isn't vertically/horizontally flipped as the rest of the image. Looks like it's flaring/bleeding into the next frame. As far as solutions...paint the mask? Both sides? Which paint do you recommend? Attached below are the stills, and of the gate, with and without the shutter. Many thanks!
  6. Hey all, Fully aware of how long a shot this might be as I know people hold onto their movements like gold but... Just wondered if anyone might have a lead on a 3-perf movement (or 2 for that matter) for sale as a standalone? Any places or people that might steer me in the right direction are welcomed also but I have exhausted a number of channels already. Many thanks! J
  7. Moviecam Compact S35 Just serviced. Beautiful 3-perf movement. Package Includes: Moviecam Compact Camera PL Mount 3-perf Movement Super 235 Ground Glass Swing away finder Eyepiece extension Heated eyepiece Moviecam super speed control Moviecam Tachometer Top Load Mag Adapter Rear Load Mag Adapter Arri Top Balance Plate 2x 12’ 24v Y-cable (Camera Power) CEI Color Video tap Shoulder Pad Right Hand Grip (Start/Stop Button) Left Hand Grip (3 piece) Support Post - OBIE Light Stud Top Handle Front Handle Side Handle Carry Handle – Aux 2x 400’ Magazine 2x 400’ Stedicam Magazine 2x 1000’ Magazine Fuses and Allen Tools Flight Case For Camera Body Flight Case For Moviecam Accessories Flight Case For Stedicam Magazines Flight Case For 1000’ Magazines Flight Case For 400’ Magazine $14,995 Additional Magazines Available Upon Request
  8. Hello all, 3-Perf ARRICAM ST Package: Package Details: This 3-Perf camera package is from the inventory of ARRI Film & TV Services Munich which has been its sole owner. The entire package is in impeccable condition and has been maintained by professionals in Germany for its entire lifetime. The camera performs at factory specifications and is free of any mechanical defects. There are very few ARRICAMs left in such good condition. Package Includes: Arri Metal Flight Cases ARRICAM Studio (3 PERF) 35mm Camera Body PL Mount Filter Mask 18,7 x 24,9 Gate 1.33 full aperture ANSI Ground Glass Format 1.85.1 ST Top/Rear Load Adapter ST Top/Rear Load Adapter Cover Handle ST 3 Part Camera Handle (Long) Magazine Port Cover ST Viewfinder Top (SPHERICAL/ANAMORPHIC) Finder Block Short Eyepiece + Eyecup Extension Eyepiece Long (ST SPHERICAL/ANAMORPHIC) Frame Glow Frame Glow Mask Format 1.85 ST + LT S35 Footage Counter (2) Flexilight RS Block 24v RS Block 12v ST Rear Load Adapter ST IVS Color Video Tap Case Containing (3): 400' Studio Magazine 400' Studio Magazine 400' Studio Magazine Asking $20,000 OBO
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