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  1. Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum and the search bar wasn't returning anything (or even loading pages for that matter) on what questions I have, and I wasn't sure where else this thread should go... I'm not very forum-savvy. I'm a sophomore currently attending Northern Arizona University majoring in Strategic Communications with an emphasis in advertisement. I've been strongly interested in photography since I was in 8th grade, but did not think that majoring in photography would be such a great idea, so it's my minor.. Anyways, my original major was Electronic Media and Film, but the program here at NAU isn't very good in that aspect, and I've read that majoring in film for an undergrad degree isn't really that relevant in the industry anyways. So my questions are the following; after I get my BA would it be a good move to go somewhere for a masters in cinematography or film, or should I just relocate to a strong "film making city" and begin internships and working on my portfolio (also, how relevant would stills be)? Now I know that making it big, or even at all, in the film industry is not an easy task, but my ultimate admiration is to become, at least, a respected cinematographer. The main question I have is; what should I do after my undergrad?
  2. Hello, I right now am a photography student, but I love cinematography. I have heard of many people who start off as photography and then move into cinematography or vice-versa. I was just wondering what you guys think is better. Do you think it is better to get a degree in photography or in cinematography. I have never really done any cinematography stuff but I want to do more in it. I can't decide if it is worth is to transfer majors or not. What do you think? Also if i do end up going with cinematography do you think i would still be able to do photography on the side? I am just lost and looking for a little advice. Please let me know what you think. Thanks!
  3. My goal is to be a master at visual storytelling. I'm captivated by light and shadow, by using moving images to share an idea. I'm a novice filmmaker and have a long way to go before I'm an expert at any aspect of filmmaking -- but the passion and commitment to learn are ever present. What avenues of education and experience do you believe lead to a greater understanding of visual storytelling through film? What are your most powerful memories or impressions of making a film? How have those moments shaped or guided you as a filmmaker? Thank you in advance for what you have to share. I'm excited to learn and grow! Holly
  4. Hello everyone, I'm about to start shooting talks and lectures at my work and there is some money set aside to improve equipment (previously they were only shooting on a handycam). I myself have a canon 5d mark ii, but the problem with this is that it cannot shoot for longer than 15 min. So, I was thinking of using the budget to buy a blackmagic cinema camera, (and maybe the super 35 blackmagic camera), have that setup on a wide shot and then use the canon 5d mark ii to provide additional coverage but not a continuous shot. My question is really, can anyone with more experience than me pick fault with this setup or advise me on a way to do it better. Will there be any considerable quality difference between the two cameras and will this matter as it's going to be compressed on youtube. BW, Alex
  5. Hey guys! So I've been working as a freelance Editor for several years. I miss working on set and as the post market seems to be more and more saturated I want to expand my options for work and include camera as a skill set. And I don't mean video I mean big boy rigs like the Alexa and Scarlett and F55. I've been following The Black and The Blue for sometime. I've had a great deal of photographic experience from college and have been on set as many years as in post. So I feel I can pick up (even as a camera PA I don't need an ego here) in the camera department and become a real asset. My question is this: Where can I meet folks who can help me get an interview? I want to work up to at least a 2nd AC and I think my experience in post would give me an edge in Digital Production. So yeah... I'm super excited about starting in a new department and learning a ton more. Any Advice? Leads? -SM
  6. Hi, I'm a 15 year old just starting out and learning fast. Film runs in my family, and with the DSLR revolution, I've been given more creativity than ever before. I've got a T2i and a 7D, along with a L-series 24-105 and a few others. I'm curious to see what the real world thinks of my work, so linked below is my reel, tell me what you think! My reel isn't quite updated, so if you're interested, watch my other videos on Vimeo as well (I'd really appreciate it). Only constructive criticism and advice please.
  7. Hi all, I am looking to buy a camera and I want to know what camera I should take a look at. I've heard a lot about the Canon 7D, RED, etc. But I want to be sure. I am looking for a camera that doesnt require much color correcting, used in music videos and feature films, stop motion, good battery life, etc. Any ideas ore recommendations? As far as equiptment, what would you say a filmmaker should always own? Lighting, etc Thanks!
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