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  1. Hey guys, I've loved The Leftovers since season 1, but season 2 has just aired its second episode and I remain stunned by the cinematography, which is now done by Michael Grady (Todd McMullen for most of season 1). It's shot on the Alexa, but it looks SO distinct from everything and anything else I've seen shot on the Alexa, it feels like there's some kind of film grain added because there's a very real and vivid texture to the image, a real patina, the colors pop, but not in a harsh digital way, it doesn't look overly digital, it just really stands out, the lighting also looks beautifu
  2. Hi everyone, can you help me? I want to find to bay plastic lcd cover for arri alexa, see in the pictures..
  3. Beasts Of No Nation has just been released worldwide on Netflix today and will be in a few selected theaters in the US as well, I've seen it this morning and found it to be absolutely outstanding. Contrary to Fukunaga's previous projects (except his Sleepwalking In The Rift short shot on a 5D), this wasn't shot on film, but rather, as he said it in an interview on Hitfix, on the Alexa with Panavision C-series lenses, he talked about shooting it on super 16 at first, but there were no labs around and it would have taken a week for them to get the dailies back and it was just impossible, so he c
  4. Used ARRI Alexa M 4:3 in stock. Excellent condition. £19,500 GBP (ex VAT) Condition: Used Warranty: 6 Months Op hours- 1000 Case Containing: ARRI Alexa M Camera Head ARRI Alexa M Body BAB-G (Gold Mount Battery Adapter) Bundle Accs Set for Alexa M Center Camera Handle (CCH-1) Handle Extension Bracket (HEB-2) CCH-2 Alexa M (Head) Camera Handle AMC-1 Alexa M Cage -Consisting Of: Side Bracket Bottom Plate 15mm LW Bar Bracket MEDIA M Handle Syst. - Consisting Of: Side
  5. Codex CDX-3010 Kit £3,000 GBP (ex VAT) Condition: Used Warranty: 3 Months Case Containing: Codex Onboard Recorder CDX-3010 Onboard Control Panel CDX-P065 Codex Recorder Handle CDX-P064 Control Panel Fixing Plate 6-6pin Panel Control Cable Long 5p Lemo - 3p RS Power Cable Dual Mini BNC Loom 4p XLR - 5p LEMO Battery Power Cable 4 x Codex M Flash Pack (256gb) CDX-P300 Please contact me on Casey@esbroadcast.com if you require any further information.
  6. · F-65 Camera Body. (excellent Condition) · SR-R4 Digital Recorder. · Dual Bettery Adapter V-Mount. · SRK-CP1 Control Panel. · Sony HDVF-C30RW Color Viewfinder. · SR-D1 Reader. · SRmemory Card.(2X512GB-1X256GB). · Conveter V-mount Cable. · power cable limo 8-pin. · Bridge Plate. · Rod(2X12'' - 2X9''). · Camera Case. Price:- 35,000 USD
  7. Hi, I have a music video shoot and we're currently deciding cameras. I prefer the look of the Alexa and want to push the Mini as we're mostly on steadicam. However we have a lot of strobe lighting during a performance sequence, making the Dragon with motion mount seem like the right way to go. Is the Studio the only option for choosing Alexa when dealing with strobes? We're shooting a range of speeds, ramping from 24 to 60fps. Thanks, Chris
  8. Hi everyone. Since I'm planning on advertising for freelance cinematography in the very near future, I'm looking to get some basic familiarity with the Alexa. I was wondering if anyone has an e-mail contact at CSC NY (none are listed on the website) so I could introduce myself. Thanks in advance for any help.
  9. Digital cameras can do some amazing things nowadays considering where they were just even five years ago. One thing I sometimes struggle to understand is how these newer cameras with 13+ stops of dynamic range are actually quantizing that information in the camera body. One thing we know from linear A-to-D quantization is that your dynamic range is a function of the number of bits of the converter chip. A 14-bit ADC can store, at best (and ignoring noise for the moment), 14 stops of dynamic range. However, when we do introduce noise into the mix (sensor, transfer charge, ADC, etc.) and
  10. I will be having 2 Epic M Dragons and 1 Alexa Plus with a few months of warranty still left For Sale. If you have an interest please contact me and I will send over the information to you. Barbara@newprovido.com
  11. Im up to DP my third feature and we are shooting for 20 days. Its pretty ambitious for the budget but we arent doing anything super crazy - it is very much like the movie Prisoners in tone, story and cinematography. The Producer is wanting to shoot single camera, as to not have to spend money on the extra B camera, crew and post costs that come with more footage, and instead is in favor of getting more gear to make a better A camera. My initial thought was that we would need two cameras to make our days (I shot two cameras on my last feature, which was a comedy, and being able to leap
  12. It seems I can no longer do this and I'm really not sure why... The button is greyed out. Anyone else experiencing this problem or know how to fix it? Currently running OS X 10.10.5.
  13. Hi you all! I just wanted to inform you that according to my tests the Double Data 's manual verification mode DOES NOT WORK AT ALL in the 1.2.1 (current version) of the software. I did not find this info easily from the web so I thought I should share it in case some users are not aware of this problem. This is just for the "Data Manage" ----> "Verify..." -function and does not affect normal transfers. It can cause you trouble however because the software does not read checksums correctly in this mode because of the bug and may show that the files are OK even if you alter th
  14. Selling an Arri Alexa Plus. It has seen moderate use and all parts in good condition. You can upgrade to the XR module and you essentially have an Alexa XT*. Located in Los Angeles if you would like to examine in person. Photos forthcoming. Included in kit: Lens Cap CCH-1 Center Camera Handle HEB-2 Handle Extension Block VMB-1 Viewfinder Mounting Bracket with Extension Arm EVF-1 ALEXA Viewfinder KC 150-S Viewfinder Cable Short KC 151-S Viewfinder Cable Medium VEB-1 Viewfinder Extension Bracket BP-9 Bridgeplate WA-1 Wedge Adaptor LB-1 Levelling Block SP-3 Shoulder Pad Gold Mou
  15. Hey guys i need to take a decision on this issue. I'll be renting it most of the time. I'm not sure which one is more demanded.
  16. Arri Alexa EV s/n 3476 For Sale $34,000 Alexa 3476 with 1275 hours High speed license Alexa EVF-1 viewfinder s/n 3757 SP-1 shoulder pad 6' power cable BP-12 set viewfinder cable short viewfinder cable medium 12v acc cable time code cable BPA-1 Leveling block Swiss tool allen driver 5X150 Wiha allen driver 3X75 anton Bauer plate Front handle extension block VEB-1 viewfinder extension bracket 5 Sony SXS cards 32gb Case (Master Cases) Contact Neal email neal@gulfcamera.com
  17. Hello all, A little back story: I just completed the first week of shooting on a 1 hour episodic television show. Our usual setup is 3 Alexa classics; "A" camera, "B" camera, and a "C" camera/steadicam. Our steadicam body has always been dedicated to that rig, and unless one of the other cameras breaks, we never really press it into service in any other capacity. This is nice, since it allows us to leave the rig mostly configured for the purpose of steadicam, and it can be built really quickly. About a week prior to prep, we found out that "they" wanted to use an Alexa mini as our "
  18. The great trailer for this bad boy came out yesterday and I was wondering if anyone had any info on the technical stuff for the movie. I love the look of the movie, looks like it's shot on the Alexa, but can't find any info anywhere. I know it's shot by Maryse Alberti who did The Wrestler. For those who don't know, the movie is directed by Fruitvale Station's Ryan Coogler, it's a personal project of his that he also wrote, following Adonis Johnson, an up and coming boxer, who turns out to be Apollo Creed's son, Rocky's best bud who died on the ring. Rocky becomes his trainer. The great Mic
  19. We have an Arri Alexa Plus 4:3 XR package available for $59,950. This was a Plus 4:3 upgraded to the XT. bvw@vidgear.com
  20. Hello everyone, I am new to this forum. I am writing to ask for help everyone. Recently (4.7.15) we have been robbed of equipment "Arri Alexa" and set lens "Ultraprime 1.9". We are a small rental house in Spain (Madrid). I pray help us locate them. The man that I carry is identified under the name of "Samir Amr" of passport Netherlands. Thanks in advance
  21. Hi all, Hope you are all well. It would be great to get some feedback on my reel. Any comments are welcome. Cinematography Reel https://vimeo.com/115711277 Kind Regards,
  22. This is a brand new Tiffen T1 IR filter meant to be used with cameras that face far red IR contamination when used with ND filters (Sony, Arri, Blackmagic Design). This filter is new and in factory condition with absolutely no defects, however the mylar bag has been cut open - the filter was never actually used or mounted in a matte box. Delivery includes the original factory packaging, including the protective cover. Local pickup is available in SoCal. $150+shipping - This is half price! PM me or reply to this thread to inquire about purchasing the filter. http://provideocoalit
  23. Saw this today and noticed a lot of clipping in the highlights. Anyone have similar experiences?...
  24. I have a Alexa EV with 1841hr for sale. Asking $38000 firm. I have pictures I can email you. This is what is included in the package. 1 x Arri Alexa Camera w/ SxS Module - High Speed 4 x SxS 32GB Cards 1 x SxS Card Reader w/ AC Adapter and USB Cable 1 x Alexa Accessory Cable 12V (ARRI KC 154-SP-S) 1 x XLR 5-Pin Audio Out - L/R Channel 3-Pin Spliter 1 x 2ft Spiral Cord 3-Pin XLR Male to 3-Pin XLR Female 1 x Alexa Ethernet Cable 10ft (AEA-1) 1 x Alexa Viewfinder Interface Cable (Short) 1 x Alexa Viewfinder Interface Cable (Medium) 1 x Alexa Base Plate (BP-13) - 15mm (also have BP-12)
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