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Found 2 results

  1. Being a huge Beatles fan, especially of their later period, I always wondered if anyone knew what film stocks they used to shoot the final movie, Let It Be? Recent official releases included nice scans of some songs of the movie, the image looks quite grainy but I really like it. You cannot find any information anywhere, I checked imdb or shotonwhat. According to https://www.kodak.com/motion/About/Chronology_Of_Film/1960-1979/default.htm in 1968 Kodak introduced EASTMAN Color Negative film, 7/5254, the Let It Be movie was shot in January of 1969. I assume they used EASTMAN Color Negative film 7254 as it is a well-known fact that 16mm cameras were used plus you can see them in many shots. Or would there be a possibility that the movie was instead shot on some sort of reversal stock, as originally the plan was to show it on TV (easier to use that as a source?) and only later they horribly cropped it to a wide screen format and showed it at cinemas? Who of knows anything about this? I am thankful for any information to finally find out more about this.
  2. Being very interested in the technical side of things I always like to guess which films were used to shoot certain movies. Thanks to shotonwhat you can find a lot of answers, but this becomes even more interesting to me when it comes to the Beatles and their promos and movies, as I am both a huge fan of the band as well as really like the look of 1960s films. But generally there is almost no information available for this at all. Apple Corps released the Beatles 1 Blurays with all the promos of their songs some time back and I know that they went back to at least some prints, it is mentioned in some ads they released around the time. So I tried to contact anyone via the beatles.com website's email contact form, thinking someone could at least tell me who knows some details, but all that gave me was a reminder that I cannot get in contact with them like this. (Seems very odd, why have a contact form if it cannot be used to contact someone??) So here we go, second try: Does any one of you here have any ideas which companies or individuals were involved in that project? I would really love to find out some details like What films gauges were used? To my knowledge Strawberry Fields or Penny Lane was 35mm, whilst Something and all of the Let it Be movie was shot on 16mm Any idea which film stock was used on different shots? We found out some time ago on this forum that Let It Be was shot on Eastman Color Negative 7254, but what about some of the other promos? Did they ever go back to the original negatives, do they even still exist or did they just tried to find the best prints available and clean them up? I cannot be the only one interested in this :D so does any one have any ideas?
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