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Found 9 results

  1. I've began taking this camera out and testing it in a variety of uncontrolled conditions. I have also been using it on an upcoming short film entitled "The Towns We Lived In". Take a look at some of the test footage which I have been shooting and let me know what you think. I have been using Canon Zooms and Zeiss Contax glass. But I will hopefully be testing other lenses on it soon.
  2. 3,200 obo. Will take cash in person. Ebay listing with photos HERE. PL mount Canon 8-64mm T2.4 zoom lens for Super 16mm cinema cameras. Perfect working order and recently serviced. Glass is in great condition! One of the same lenses used in Kathryn Bigalow's The Hurt Locker. Included is a micro force zoom control with peripherals, lens end caps, and a hard case. Hard case is option for shipping costs. I've read this can also be used on black magic cameras, as it is the proper size for the censor, but please do your own research for compatibility on your camera before purchasing.
  3. Hi all. I wonder if anyone owns the Nikon G to BMPCC Speed Booster from Metabones? It says it works with Nikon G lens. But my question is: Would this work with a Zeiss ZF.2 Nikon mount? I've seen reviews of many people mentioning only Nikkor an Sigma lenses used with this adapter. But I need to know if it works with the Zeiss. Thanks, Flavio
  4. We are making a short, and we need a scene of two guys talking while driving (at night), I have two desperate questions. How can we rig the camera to the car (outside in front)? If we dont have polarizing filter the shoot will look very bad (because of windows)? We have a car, a black magic and NOTHING ELSE!, if you guys can give ideas on how to solve this the cheapest way, we will be very thankful. Sorry for my english, not my first language.
  5. Hello all, I have recently bought an Angenieux 12-120mm type 10x12 B lens for the Blackmagic Pocket Camera. Upon buying this lens, I believed it to be a C mount; to my surprise, it is not. Could someone help me identify what type of mount this lens has exactly? Thanks, John W. King
  6. Hello and thank you for viewing our post. We are selling the following products for a reasonable price. Please look through it and if anything peaks your interest feel free to reach out to discuss pricing. 1-Black Magic 4k Digital Cinema camera 1-BMDC AC Power Supply 2-500GB Crutial SSD's 1-x quick cage 1-x A-Box for bmdc 1 set-15mm Rods 1-15mm x Anton Bauer plate 1-x NATO handle O'connor O-Box WM Matte Box Top Flag 2-4x4" Filter Frames 2-4x5.65" Filter Frames 1-19mm LWS Rod Bracket O-Box WM Side Flag Bracket Set (2 Brackets) OConnor - Clamp Ring (150-80mm) OConnor - Clamp Ring (150-114mm) OConnor - Clamp Ring (150-95mm) OConnor - Studio Adapter (19mm) Arri FF4 2-marking disks 2-FF knobs 1-removable 15-19 adapter 1-12" whip 1-speed crank Teradek Bolt Pro 2000 1-Transmitter 1-Reciever 1-ptap cable for TX 1-AC Power Supply for RX 2-short BNC cables 1-Baby pin receiver with 1/4-20 for RX 1-1/4-20 lock down knob for TX O'Connor 1030 Head and 30L Sticks-$6500 1-Dog leg/Pan arm 1-Wedge plate 1-1/4-20 screw 1-3/8-16 screw 1-100mm tie down 1-case with wheels Marshall 17" 3G Studio Monitor with yoke-$1200 If you would like to find out more info or discuss pricing please contact Mike. Mike: Mike@NYCJIBS.com 917-669-8141
  7. Whether you are considering your options for you next TV Commercial, Music Video, or Corporate video you owe it to yourself to explore the 4k camera options. Everyone would like the best quality. However, budgets can limit it. Many might be surprised to find out the cost that goes with the 4k cameras is not that prohibitive. It is definitely true, especially now with newer, better, and less expensive cameras coming on the market. A warning, just because you have one of the 4k cameras, it does not mean the final product is going to be substantially better. Lenses, lighting, and your camera operator all determine the quality of the final piece. You must have the proper gear and crew to realize the quality increase. With that said, here are some benefits to going with a 4k camera. First, what is 4k? The actual term is Ultra High Definition (Ultra HD) as oppose to just High Definition (HD). A typical HD Camera shoots in 1920 X 1080 pixels (or close to it). The Red Scarlet, a popular Ultra HD camera, shoots in 4096 x 2160 pixels. To sum it up, an Ultra HD Camera gives you 4 times the pixel output of an HD Camera, which means it is far more detailed and produces a sharper image. As another point of reference, the now almost completely irrelevant Standard Definition (SD) Cameras shoot at a resolution of 720 X 480 pixels. Plainly put, Ultra HD is better than regular HD, much like HD was better than SD. This makes it easier to conclude that you will see major quality improvements. Here are other reasons to consider 4k: Future proofing your content – The future is here with Ultra HD TVs already on the market. They are currently a little pricy, but you can expect prices to come down and more options to come on the market. Ultra HD players are currently being developed (no standard like Blu-ray), while YouTube and Netflix are already capable of streaming Ultra HD content. Expect broadcaster to follow suit. Even 4k smart phones are being developed like the Samsung Galaxy S5. Reframing – Since most of the final video projects get down converted to HD, you'll have a greater ability to zoom in, crop, and manipulate your footage without degrading the quality. If you want the final video in 4k, you lose the value of this method, unless you are shooting with a camera that has a resolution equal to or greater than 5k. Color Grading Made Easier – When cameras record highly compressed images in camera that often comes with the drawbacks of clipped highlights, crushed shadows and what is considered a "baked-in" look. Once the footage gets to post production, this can mean big problems. With 4k+ RAW files, you can make your own color choices from the source data, instead of trying to change colors that are baked into a .mov file. This can lead to much better results. Green Screen Keying - With four times the data, your keying software should have an easier time differentiating the green pixels you want to key from the precise edge of the talent. It also makes mismatches between background and subject more obvious and motion tracking easier. There's a reason why chroma key shots are often done with UHD or higher cameras even if the rest of a movie is captured on a different (lower resolution) format. There are more benefits I can bring up about 4k, but there are also some negatives such as price, storage, and the need to upgrade equipment to support it. Capacity and processing speed has doubled approximately every two years since the publication of Moore’s Law in 1965, some argue that it doubles faster. This means that technologies will always chase each other and that a data stream that may seem very difficult to handle today may be a smooth, simple process tomorrow. Overall, if you want to give your video, movie, or commercial a longer shelf life or you just want to keep up with the quality output of your competitors, then waiting to upgrade is not an option. Ultra HD Productions LA Ultra HD Productions Las Vegas Ultra HD Productions San Diego
  8. Hey everybody After getting my Black Magic Pocket Cam, and a bunch of accessories, I'm about to start delving into the wonderful world, and perform some lens tests. I have 4 Schneider Prims, and 4 Kern Primes. The gear is almost complete. But I'm stuck in finding a solution for a ND Filter for these little primes. Any suggestions? I'm not sure if there's any that could fit a Matte Box? Not sure if that is still used. Thanks, F
  9. Hi. Now that the Black Magic have been on the market for a while, I would love to hear any experience shooting with this camera? I am going to shoot a short film soon, where this little camera could be very cool to shoot at:-). Thanks, Henrik A. Meyer www.henrikameyer.com
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