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  1. Saw this today and noticed a lot of clipping in the highlights. Anyone have similar experiences?...
  2. I have a Alexa EV with 1841hr for sale. Asking $38000 firm. I have pictures I can email you. This is what is included in the package. 1 x Arri Alexa Camera w/ SxS Module - High Speed 4 x SxS 32GB Cards 1 x SxS Card Reader w/ AC Adapter and USB Cable 1 x Alexa Accessory Cable 12V (ARRI KC 154-SP-S) 1 x XLR 5-Pin Audio Out - L/R Channel 3-Pin Spliter 1 x 2ft Spiral Cord 3-Pin XLR Male to 3-Pin XLR Female 1 x Alexa Ethernet Cable 10ft (AEA-1) 1 x Alexa Viewfinder Interface Cable (Short) 1 x Alexa Viewfinder Interface Cable (Medium) 1 x Alexa Base Plate (BP-13) - 15mm (also have BP-12)
  3. I'm in my final year of university creating a 10 minute short film. Our final scene includes a camping a scene with a father and a son, as we're filming at night time we're planning to only shoot with a single light source from a standard camping light, which will be placed just in front of the two actors. Will this be an effective way to shoot this scene? Is there anything else that we can do to make sure that the lighting of this scene looks good? We're filming just by a lake in the middle of a forest so exterior lighting from other sources will be very limited. Any suggestions??
  4. The director and I took the concept of B - Horror Films and many horror films from the 80's as an inspiration for the film, and then thought what if we did what Grind House films do (Double Feature), but with music videos instead. We shot on 5219 Pushed a stop for the grim reaper sequences and Canon C300, I wanted to embrace the idea of contrasting the formats within the story. The concept came first and then we asked a variety of bands and ended up with four. In order: White Lies Casket Girls PTA (People's Temple of America) Sleepy Cheese I would love to hear your crit
  5. Hi everyone I am sorry if I brought such a subject which has been discussed I guess so many times which is Film vs Digital, I don’t want to discuss the technical aspect I want more to see your opinion about the evolution of cinema and how tools can help doing this I watched recently the THR (The Hollywood reporter) roundtable (Cinematographers) you can watch in the link bellow. And they started as usual praising Film, which still looks better than Digital until NOWDAYS and I am sure Digital will surpass it in the next decade. And I can quote some what they said: Bruno Delbonnel “we are
  6. BURBANK, CA - FotoKem recently completed the digital intermediate and post production services for the indie film Palo Alto. Working with director/screenwriter Gia Coppola and cinematographer Autumn Durald, FotoKem colorist Alastor Arnold fine-tuned the natural look created in camera to ensure the filmmakers' vision for this teen tale is reflected on the big screen. Based on James Franco's short story collection about rebellious high school kids in suburban California, Palo Alto has been praised for Coppola's coming-of-age storytelling and for Durald's evocative photography. The film, which m
  7. As part of our student film, we'd like to have a long steadicam shot which employs a varying dutch angle. If we add the tilting with After Effects, would the result be the same as if we had done it physically? Ed
  8. Hey everybody After getting my Black Magic Pocket Cam, and a bunch of accessories, I'm about to start delving into the wonderful world, and perform some lens tests. I have 4 Schneider Prims, and 4 Kern Primes. The gear is almost complete. But I'm stuck in finding a solution for a ND Filter for these little primes. Any suggestions? I'm not sure if there's any that could fit a Matte Box? Not sure if that is still used. Thanks, F
  9. So, after surfing around the forums and googling, etc. I have sparked up some questions I have about cameras and such. I was reading the Catching Fire thread where Jo Willems and Dave Thompson have actually posted, which is downright awesome, but while reading some of their responses, I found myself getting a little lost. I'm 19 and have been shooting pictures (not much video) for about 5-6 years now and have picked up my fair share of knowledge on my own, and I've never had any "formal training", if we can put it that way. Anyways, I of course know all of the basics about equipment (or I b
  10. http://finearts.concordia.ca/officeofthedean/jobpostings/digital-cinema---film-production.php Roy Cross, MFA Associate Professor, Head, Film Production Programme Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema Concordia University 1455 boul. de maisonneuve ouest Montréal, Québec, H3G 1M8 514.848.2424 ext 4659 cinema.concordia.ca roy.cross@concordia.ca www.roycross.com
  11. Hello There, I am an avid gear head and film student. For one of my classes I have choosen to write a research paper on the change from shooting mostly on film to mostly digital or as its called the "digital revolution". I am just curious how prevelent a change it has been on set and overall in the industry for actual professionals compared to what I have been reading. Also if anyone happens to have any good articles on the subject I would be much interested to check them out. thanks, Peter Lyngso
  12. Hi there, I am currently creating a research project for my final piece at university on the evolution of the cinema camera and how cinematographers deal with the ever changing technology. In particular the transition from 35mm celluloid to digital. I am looking for people who have worked with film stock and digital and wish to answer a set of questions I have prepared. The questions below have been sent out to various D.O.P's and also camera companies such as Arri, RED and Panasonic. During your time in the film industry, what do you believe to be the main changes in the technolog
  13. I'll be using a strobe (flash) on an HD shoot. I've seen this in the past but it never seems to work well (strobe duration and shutter angle/shutter speed issues). Any ideas, tips or thoughts you can share with me?
  14. I'm a student at Karelia -university in Finland. I'm writing my thesis on "How to make digital video look like it was shot on film in the 70's". My thesis aims to answer questions like 'why did movies look the way they did in the 70's', 'why and how does deteriorated film look' and 'how can you achieve that look with modern tools'. I focus on the post-production part. If you could answer one or more of the following questions, I'd be most grateful. Or if you know a book or a website (other than Wikipedia) which deals with these subjects, that could help too. 1. How were the colors of the
  15. Im a cinematographer based in Stockholm, Sweden. This is my showreel from 2012, looking to improve it and add newly shot projects aswell. Would love to have some input about pacing, shot selection and overall impression upon viewing. Thanks
  16. Has anyone had trouble using either the Sonnett PCIe Thunderbolt Expansion Chasis or the Magma Thunderbolt Expansion Chasis with a Red Rocket installed?? I am running 10.7.4 Lion, so the OS is not the issue. I get incredibly unpredictable behavior, such as drives ejecting out of nowhere, drives going bad randomly, transcodes failing, and other strange things. I think it may have to do with the newness of Thunderbolt, mixed with high bandwidth processing. Advice? Ideas? Cheers, Joe
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