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Found 4 results

  1. Hi guys , first let me apologise for my first few posts probably to want to take more away from this wonderful community than i can give. I really would appreciate some help with understanding a few things about how and who i approach to get into this industry. I am a Final year Fine Art student at Central St Martins Art College , London. I have enjoyed my degree in art don't get me wrong its been helpful and I have learned a lot, but I also have discovered along the way that what really gets me going is Cinema, films and really more than anything Cinematography , the lighting the movement the creation of an atmosphere and mood, this amazing world i cannot describe how desperately i want to be part of that. My conundrum, How do i become part of it? I have no direct contacts into the film industry as CSM doesn't run any film course. I also dont have a relevant degree (film ba or whatever its fine art). I have worked in the course making photographs which later developed into this passion and i know work almost exclusively with motion picture work shooting editing lighting and colouring myself , as i have tried to read watch absorb and learn as much as i can on my own. and now i want to try to take the first step up into the industry i see i have two options so far both of which im going to try and see how it works out. Option 1 : try to get onto a Cinematography Masters at NFTS etc but honestly i don't know if i am anywhere near good enough yet having no training other than my own attempts to self teach. Option 2: try and become a camera trainee ... im really comfortable with being at the bottom of the pile doing whatever those above me ask me to do , menial tasks , whatever i dont care i get its part of the process and honestly i would sell a kidney just to get there because what i honestly want is to learn from people who know what their doing to slog my guts out to absorb every minute bit of knowledge and begin this journey learning this amazing craft... but how??? who do i approach to get a role as this? do you need formal training before that i essentially lack ? do you approach production companys ? or do you approach crews? where do you find these crews? any feedback from people who are in the industry especially those who have worked their way up the ranks and can shed light on the process would be appreciated so much by me. also just so im not winging for advice and not contributing anything heres a few shots from my art films . thanks so much
  2. Hello everyone! My name is Grant. I'm a cameraman/editor from Russia. I'm 21, and I spent 5 years on learning and practicing in video industry. My dream is to shoot beautiful and interesting adverts/films with people who love it too. Unfortunately I live in Russia, in city where only weddings are popular, and no one need true quality. Of course, I participate in some "Big Moscow projects" but I understood, that the capital is not for me (non professional reasons). And now I decided to find a studio or comp., to work with outside Russia. And it is even doesn't matter where - Europe or USA/Canada. But move to another country without any contacts might be risky I want to ask you about any ways to implement my dream. Thank you for any advice. And have a nice day.
  3. Vancouver Film School programs focus on industries that use moving images, graphics, sound and text as fundamental components for communication, information and story. VFS programs regularly and continually evolve in response to the current industry methodology, technology and need. VFS offers world recognized, full-time, one-year programs in Film Production, 3D Animation & Visual Effects, Classical Animation, Digital Character Animation, Sound Design, Writing, Acting, Makeup Design, Digital Design, Game Design, Foundation Visual Art & Design, and Entertainment Business Management. These one-year programs are intensive, focused on the field of study and immerse students in industry-like settings and situations in order to best prepare them for work in their chosen field. VFS is currently accepting applications for a part-time Instructor – Cinematography position in our Film Production Department. Job Scope Reporting to the Head of Film Production and Senior Instructor for Cinematography, the PT Instructor is responsible for delivering curriculum effectively and providing feedback to students. Core Responsibilities Provide students with instruction based upon existing curriculum. Collaboration with Head of Department, the Senior Cinematography Instructor, and faculty on progression of courses. Collaboration with administration staff on resources and equipment issues. Run lectures and workshops in timely fashion. Coordinate lectures and workshops with Equipment Room and Cine Teaching Assistants. Complete class attendance and grading. Provide individual guidance of students where appropriate. Mentor students on projects and shoots. Provide punctual and conscientious management of classes. Design and update class and workshop material as signed off by the Head of Department and the Senior Cinematography Instructor. Review, grade, and provide feedback on student work and exams in an efficient manner. Manage and update material such as deadlines and quizzes in Moodle. Stay current with industry practices, techniques, and new gear. Skills, Experience, and Education Post-secondary certificate, diploma, degree – or equivalent – and/or three years of industry experience as a Director of Photography/Cinematographer or equivalent academic training and experience. Portfolio demonstrating a high caliber of professional work. Ability to lead workshops, lectures, and seminars. Excellent communication, organizational, time management, and interpersonal skills. Critical thinking and problem solving skills. How to Apply If you meet the profile above and would like to be part of our growing organization, we invite you apply for this position through the following website: http://vfs.edu/about-vfs/careers. Once on the website, please click on ‘Instructor – Cinematography’ and 'Apply Now' to reach the online application. Please note that your resume and cover letter must be uploaded in either PDF or Word format. We thank all applicants for their interest but only those selected for an interview will be contacted. To learn more about our company, visit our website at www.vfs.edu.
  4. TL;DR: how do I Los Angeles? I know there's a few threads on this topic already, but it looks as though they're a year old or so, and I'd like to take the temperature of LA locals re: the current and future prospects for younger people in the film industry. There's an awful lot of cynicism out there. I have about five years of experience freelancing in the industry, but it's hard to imagine getting much further in my career without moving. It just so happens that my current SO is interviewing for a job in LA (which may be her own "big break"), and I'm contemplating moving with her... I'm not going to sacrifice my career to stay with her, but moving to LA hardly seems like the worst idea for someone who wants to be a director of photography and filmmaker--especially considering that I'd have a SO with a job in an unrelated industry to mooch on while I get established. I have a few friends out there as well who seem to be doing alright, and could at least make first introductions. I also know people who have moved back or to satellite cities after a few years in LA because they couldn't get out of low rent indies with abusive labor practices. I've read that while the jobs are still there, the day rates are plummeting (I was shocked at how little my friends said they made on some shows--less than I get for a day on a light corporate gig). I hope we can refrain from a flame war about tax incentives and runaway productions--just the facts!
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