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Found 7 results

  1. Looking to mimic 320T 5277,with a custom picture LUT,on my C300 Mii. I have the film stocks spatial frequency, relative log exposure, and wavelength (nm) and access to a testing facility. Could this info be transformed into a custom picture setting? I havent seen any exact LUT,in my research.
  2. Hi, Im selling my Aaton A-Minima Motion Picture Camera Package. Pristine Condition. I last used it in summer and everything is working great. I got it couple of years ago and got some extra stuff overtime. I will be selling it as a package without separating anything. History First owner got it in brand new condition from Abel Cine (LA) about 14 years ago. Im the second owner and took great care of it and enjoyed shooting with it a lot…. (note: Camera was never rented out !! - and lightly used) Asking : $9800 USD Location: Toronto, Canada HERE IS THE LIST OF STUFF THATS INCLUDE
  3. ...I've been shooting Tri-X since my student days in 1992. I love it's qualities and nothing quite compares to it. I'm beginning to wonder just how long Kodak will continue to produce this B&W reversal stock. Should I be bulk buying it or am I just a bit paranoid after 'losing' K40, 64T and 100D ???
  4. I read about it but was not sure it would happen, until I saw this on their site.
  5. I'm set to shoot a short film set in 1973 on the Blackmagic Cinema Camera and my goal was to make it look as close to period as possible. I figured since shooting on film wasn't in the budget, I would see about using the film-out process. I've done some research and could only find FotoKem and ColorLab that do that sort of processing. ColorLab seems most promising at the moment, but is slightly pricy. Are there any other companies out there that do film-out that I've overlooked? Also, I do realize the film stock they would use wouldn't help very much at all to make the short look like it
  6. Hello, We have 35mm film stock to sell: 760ft of short ends - Kodak 500 T / 5219. Purchased direct from Kodak. Available for £20 total. . 4 x 400ft rolls of Fuji Eterna 250D. Purchased from Bwark Films. Available for £80 total. The film is being kept in a fridge. Collection from South East London (SE4) would be ideal, but happy to negotiate alternative collection/delivery. Please enquiry via: akua@kindproductions.com. Thank you, Akua
  7. Hi im gonna do a documentary in china next year on S16 film, my first plan was to bring all filmstock from Europe but regarding to x-rays and all that maybe its better to buy the filmstock in china and then also develop and scan it there, so can someone recommend a good developer in Beijing? and where to get filmstock? / Sebastian
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