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Found 16 results

  1. Hi, I'm looking for advice on shooting Christmas/party lights without having them flicker on camera. Are their flicker-free lights specifically made for filming? What about LED vs. incandescent? Does that make a difference? Or is it just a matter of playing with shutter angle? Thanks for your help
  2. Hi everyone, I'm looking for testers for a new FlickerFinder App which helps crews spot flicker on set. https://flickerfinder.com Anyone who signs up for early access will get an extra free copy at launch to share. An in-camera test to find flicker isn't ideal since it happens late; if there's a problem it means that the production is delayed. Viewfinders can also mask flicker, especially at high frame rates. Sometimes props can also get mixed up and reintroduce flashlights which have bad PWM flicker. Since the problem is spread between Lighting, Camera, & Art, it's a real PITA, which is why I made the app. Let me know your thoughts: https://flickerfinder.com
  3. Hey guys, I shot on RED Dragon or Gemini. I usually use a plugin to clean up flickering shots after the fact. However, is there a way I cant set my camera to shoot the shot and avoid the flicker altogether? When shooting slowmo outside under different street lights, it does not appear to flicker on my RED touch screen. You'd won't even know if flickers until you home to review footage. Is there a certain way I can set my camera and/or shutter to avoid flicker in the shot?
  4. Hello everyone, I will be filming a shortfilm with my H16 EL in a couple of weeks. I am planning to light one interior scene with an HMI 1,2KW and some practical lights. I live in Europe so light is 50Hz. Given that shutter angle is 170º, is there any way to avoid lights from flicker at 24fps or 25fps? (24x360)/170=50,82 If my maths are correct, 24fps would give the closest shutter speed to 1/50. Best, Marcos
  5. I have a short coming up where I'll be shooting in a subway car standing set. I need to accomplish two things: a chase for the lights within the subway tunnel and a flicker of the overhead practicals. For the flicker I'd like to see the practicals themselves. Unfortunately I have yet to scout the set as production is a mess. This is a really low budget shoot so I need to figure out something crafty. My immediate thought for the practicals was to replace the existing units with Quasar or Astera tubes (especially since the Astera can be used wirelessly). The chase and the flicker will occur in the same scene. Any advice/ideas is greatly appreciated!
  6. Hi! I'm shooting a film in a couple weeks, and one of our night scenes calls for our actors to be holding flashlights (which will be lighting key areas of the scene/action). These flashlights may be the only light source(s) in the scene. I would like these flashlights to be as bright as possible, and spread their light very wide (not be super focused). We are shooting at 23.976 fps, ISO 800, at 5K with a RED Epic. Do you have any recommended flashlights for these conditions? I am interested in LED flashlights but am concerned about flicker. Thank you for your help, Suzanne
  7. Hey guys, I'm trying to create flicker on a fluorescent fixture in a hospital. Normally I would dim down on the unit or change the voltage to create the desired effect, but there is no drop down ceiling and I can't get access to the ballast without pulling the entire fixture down, which might not be possible. Has anyone used anything to flicker a fluorescent by where the bulb connects with the fixture? My other option is to find a bad bulb which probably won't be a problem at this location, but I'm not confident that it will look right without testing it. Any ideas? All the best, Andrew
  8. Hey guys, I just installed DaVinci Resolve 12 (Lite Version) on my laptop, and I've noticed something when importing clips - on playback in the Edit and Color tabs, the clips have a flickering strobe of different colors. Is this something to do with my graphics? And if so, is there anything I can change to get rid of this issue? Here are my basic specs: HP Envy Laptop CPU: intel Core i5 Platform: Windows 10 Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 520 RAM: 12GB Thanks a lot!
  9. I was shooting with the phantom 4k at 1000fps all day with HMIs (18k and 6k) on flickerfree ballasts. All was fine until towards the end of the day when they started pulsing. I figured it might be a power surge or something? Anyone experienced this before?
  10. Hello- I am shooting a film and I planned to use the Sony A7s and these TV simulation LED flickering lights. But the lights cause banding and video flicker. Is there a way to get a "clear scan" on the A7S camera? Thanks! The light: http://www.amazon.com/FakeTV-FTV-11-US-Bright-Burglar-Deterrent/dp/B00BTKGHDE/ref=lp_6705498011_1_1?srs=6705498011&ie=UTF8&qid=1461771088&sr=8-1
  11. jose santos

    C500 woes

    Hi. Experienced shooter, new to the C500. Got a couple things going goofy. Help please: Multiple versions of same clip on CF card. Not that important right now. "Proper" exposures IE 70-ish% IRE on caucasian faces result in quite bright images. NOT clipped, but NOT actually overexposed, just overexposed looking. Ditto And the killer is very important: Apparent exposure fluctuations associated with subject movement in the frame. The interviewee raises his hands, waves them around, and bam, the image dims. Like a very fast auto iris or auto ISO kicking in. It's not flicker, but clearly tied to subject movement. Spoke to Canon Cinema support. They're having to research. Thank you!
  12. I'm shooting a person with images being projected on them by a Epson 8350 Digital Projector. I want to shoot at a high frames per second (120fps) or a high as I can get a way with... The problem is the viewfinder and monitors show an unwatchable bad amount of pulsing light flicker. Does any one have any advice on how to do slow motion with a projector light in the shot and on a subject to mitigate or preferably all together stop flicker/pulsing light look?
  13. TimWu

    K3 in 50 hertz

    hi.. i'm considering use of a K3 on a film which will be shooting under 50 hertz street lamps (shanghai). from what i gather, i can dial the K3's framerate to 25fps by calibrating with a TV / CRT monitor. however, i've read that -because it's windup - the K3's framerate will drop slightly as it runs? will the framerate change significantly enough to cause flickering problems under street lamps? (has anyone run into street lamp flickering problems due to framerate variance with the K3 before in either 50 hertz or 60 hertz land?) thanks very much! note: i think the shutter angle is fixed, so i'm not looking at that as a solution. and i dont have a K3 to test, i would have to buy it and have a friend bring it here to china. or, if anyone knows where i can rent a s16 camera in china/hk please let me know!
  14. This Summer I'll be in France shooting some B-Roll in the Paris Metro/subway. It will be entirely available light down there, and I'm pretty sure it's all fluorescent. How best would I avoid light flicker? Camera is an Arri 416 Plus, shooting 7219. MOS. My usual framerate is 24fps with 180 degrees shutter otherwise, but if I'm down in the Metro with presumably 50Hz fluorescents, would it make sense to shoot that footage at 25fps since it's MOS, and the 1 frame difference in camera speed would be negligible in post? I'd prefer not to pull out the shutter tool and switch the angle manually if I can avoid it. Will 25fps with a 180 degree shutter avoid flicker in Europe? Thanks!
  15. I shot some footage on an EX-3 for the first time in PAL, 1080 25p 1/50th shutter and there is very noticeable flicker strobing effect. But it's exteriors, theres no light sources, just an overcast day. I know it's not my camera because I switch back to 24p 1/48th, every things fine. Anybody have this issue? And if so, anyway to fix it on the footage already shot?
  16. HI all, I'm just curious if anyone has shot an iPad on film and has encountered frequency sync issues. Any flicker / roll / etc? Do I need a video sync box? (can I even use one with an iPad....) The project I'm prepping is 2perf 35mm on Panaflex GII or Platinum and there is talk of iPad screens being built into some key set pieces.... I'd test if I had time and budget to, but..... Thanks in advance. Matt
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