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Found 3 results

  1. Hi Everyone, I have a quick question in regards to shooting 16mm as I have pretty much no experience doing it, though it's something I wouldn't mind trying even if it cost some $$$. I picked up an old Keystone A-12 at an estate sale for $20 and was having trouble finding any information on it. Specifically, was wondering if it took single or double perf film. From my eyes it looks to be single perf, as I can only see sprockets on one side of the guide reel, but just wanted confirmation from those more experienced in this. Chris
  2. So I'm pretty new to 16mm stuff, I've gradually been making the switch from digital. It's been pretty fun. Right now I'm using a Bolex as my A-Cam and two old Keystones as my crash cams. Yeah, I'm working on filling the gap between those two, but that's not the point. One thing that I've given up since making the switch was my anamorphic lenses. I love them to pieces, they're just awesome. However, I've had trouble finding a conclusive solution for a c mount anamorphic lens. It's kind of frustrating, and I was wondering what my options realistically are. I've heard several different ideas on this forum, one of which is using projector lenses. I've never really had to do that, so would that be a good option? I don't know that I've encountered much projection glass well-suited for shooting, but maybe I just haven't seen enough. I would really like to stay away from anamorphic adapters. I guess if that's the best option then I can use them, but I've always stuck to the real thing. Last thing, cost is a big factor here. I'm a big fan of quality glass, but I don't use these cameras enough to drop a lot of money on one lens. So if that means I should just get a lens adapter and use some cheap anamorphic glass for a different mount, I can do that. I just want to know what my options are for an adapter-less setup, if that's even possible. Thanks much!
  3. Ok, so I have been searching all over the net and there tends to be little information about these cameras. If anyone has any information it would be appreciated. I know Keystone has long since gone bankrupt and so information on their products have become scarce. Also, a manual or technical information would be appreciated to. I don't mean to inconvenience anyone so, i appreciate any help offered. I have a Keystone Capri K-30 camera, and it is in practically top notch shape, it seems to have a similar build to The K-26 model minus the other 2 additional lenses...so idk if that helps or is reliable. but, im trying to learn about this camera and what it can do and what are its limitations. and what i can do with it. 2nd im trying to find out how to switch out the battery, and where the battery compartment even is. cause i assume it runs on a battery.. and are their any batteries made nowadays or in production that will work for this camera. also im trying to see if i can find information on how to load film into this camera, and how to use this camera. I know it uses 8mm film and Super 8 film (they may or may not be the same thing im not sure sadly), and you have to crank the lever., i just need to know the loading and operation procedures. Also does anyone still produce 8mm film? does anyone have any websites to suppliers of such film. What types of 8mm film are their, i know there is probably black and white film, and color film or im guessing black and white and color film exist....but, is film speed (ISO) a factor here? that may be a stupid question, i mean i assume so. do these have a set shutter speed or a changeable shutter speed? Second is developing 8mm film similar to developing 35mm, medium format, or large format films like for still cameras like you would do in a photography class?
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