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Found 6 results

  1. How do you deal with the drastic change in lighting when doing an interior to exterior shot (handheld, Steadicam, gimbal etc) without riding the iris so depth of field remains constant (Example)? Are there any good professional variable ND filters out there besides the Cinefade VariND and maybe the PV LCND?
  2. For all of you camera assistants who have been asked to DIY build your own variable ND filter with two polarisers, here is a plug-and-play solution: The Cinefade VariND just needs to be connected with an LBUS cable, no calibration required and can be remotely controlled from a cmotion cPro lens control system! Thoughts? Comments? Has anyone used this system for interior to exterior shots or just to speed up ND changes, especially when working with RED cameras without internal NDs?
  3. Selling a full set of Schneider Platinum IRND's These have served me great over the last few years. Used to be the standard at rental houses, great quality for the price. 0.3 (Excellent) 0.6 (Excellent) 0.9 (Newer/Excellent) 1.2 (Two tiny nicks on the border, no where near photographing, otherwise great) 1.5 (Excellent) 1.8 (Excellent) $1250 Photos avail.
  4. Hey Guys, Selling a set of four Tiffen 4"x5.65" Water White NDs. One to four stops of density (0.3, 0.6, 0.9, 1.2). Filters are in excellent condition, with no scratches, and they're super colour-neutral. They've served me very well, but surplus to requirements now. Come in a padded 4-slot Tiffen pouch. Located in Melbourne, Australia, but happy to ship worldwide. Price is $600 USD (+GST if sold in Australia) Cheers, Mark
  5. WOODLAND HILLS, Calif. (May 23, 2016) - Panavision, the entertainment industry's leading designer, manufacturer and rental provider of high-precision optics and camera systems, has announced the availability of PanaND filters. Representing the next-generation neutral density filters, they offer significant improvements in quality and consistency, so filmmakers can focus on achieving their creative goals. Full spectrum PanaND filters benefit from advancements in materials and manufacturing to deliver color neutrality very accurately. "Until now, cinematographers using traditional ND filter
  6. Hello all, Just sharing a few K-3 impressions and asking one question: Just came back from a session of extensive K-3 camera/lighting testing, including view finder/focus and light metering. It's a sunny day. Film and scratch tests on old, unused footage looks good: no scratches. Still need to run the footage a couple more times to make sure. Upper loop was one perf short but it ran just fine and smoothly (no "beating" sound) at 24 fps - yet: that doesn't show how footage will actually turn out. BTW: I found out that - if you don't let the motor wind down to a halt - the camera tra
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