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Found 50 results

  1. Canon CN-E 15.5-47mm T2.8 L SP Wide-Angle Cinema Zoom Lens with PL Mount Canon CN-E 15.5-47 Lens is in great condition. Just finished shooting a feature in Lima Peru with it, shame to let it go, its a beautiful lens. Lens to be sold from the UK, but can deliver worldwide. Price is negotiable. Anyone who is interested please conta
  2. Canon CN-E 15.5-47mm T2.8 L SP Wide-Angle Cinema Zoom Lens with PL Mount Canon CN-E 15.5-47 Lens is in great condition. Just finished shooting a feature in Lima Peru with it, shame to let it go, its a beautiful lens. Lens to be sold from the UK, but can deliver worldwide. Price is negotiable. Anyone who is interested please contact me at pauljohnsonrojas@outlook.com
  3. I'm selling my Angenieux Optimo Dp Rouge 16-42mm imperial zoom for $13,000 including a custom Innerspace hard case, a $516 value. It's in excellent condition and has been rarely used. It was purchased a couple years ago with the intent of renting it out, but I just don't have the clientele for it and it has sat largely unused. I've used it a few times on personal projects and love the characteristics of this lens, but I can't afford to hang onto it longer. Comes with custom Innerspace hard case. I live in Los Angeles and am happy to demo locally. Or I can ship worldwide at your cost. Can take credit card payment for extra 2.9%. More photos at https://www.dropbox.com/sh/reslf2sxt4f4n77/AADxuoDCmJlyxVgHdOB_M5aLa?dl=0
  4. For sale - LOMO Anamorphic roundfront F = 50/2 type 35BAS22-2 ser # 82058 Lens has stainless steell PL mount , ARRI standard 32 pitch , Imperial marking Focus scale with yellow large figures , support for heavy lenses with thread 3/8" . Lens recently serviced in excellent condition , has no dirty or fungus inside , mechanism of movement smooth , multicoating fine not damage , hasfront and rear caps For Europen buyerswill replace Focus scale on another marked in Meters. Payment PayPal or Bank wire transfer Price of lens - $ 8000 If you has any question , please contact with me sergastr@list.ru sergastr@yahoo.com Below some photos
  5. Hello! I'm selling a Canon CN-E Lens that has only been used once. It is in mint condition, single owner, and it has been certified by AbelCine in New York. I am working with David Blaine Productions, we are currently in Los Angeles. List price on Adorama is $23,875.00 Asking price is only $16,000.00
  6. I am selling another part of my private DoP lens collection. Beautiful compact size of great Zeiss lens. Very sharp. Typical Zeiss quality in a small body. PL mounts and ARRI mounts. 24mm T2,2 32mm T2,2 50mm T2,2 great for small camera setup, traveling, car mounts, handheld work… you can attach 49mm filters which are cheap. Lens were collimated by my optical guy in camera rental house in Prague. more pictures in full quality https://www.wetransfer.com/downloads/56419ce681d1d55cc993456fdac02b7c20160111224542/df9ecf Price 3900 USD or euro equivalent. Shipping worldwide. Located in Prague.
  7. I am selling 75mm T2,2 OKC6-75-1 ser. 890150 fantastic sharp lens in perfect condition, iris and focus goes very smooth. Glass is clean. you can shoot fully open at 2,2 and it is sharper then fast Lomo 75mm/1,6 at T2,2. PL mount. Lens is colimated and cleaned by camera rental in Prague. Typical warmer look similar to Cooke S4. It has both focus and iris rings. It has 80mm step up ring. One of the latest lens - made in 1989. gallery with better quality http://picsurge.com/g/43Em5f Located in Prague Price 1400Euro+standart shipping 30Eu.
  8. A great 1080p cinema camera with PL lens mount and lots of great features. Listed on Ebay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/222065320662 Starting bid: $1,300 Buy Now: $1,800 I've shot numerous broadcast television commercials with this camera that aired both internationally and nationally, as well as theatrically. I've posted some images from a few shoots that had no additional lighting so you can see the quality. It has truly been a asset for my career and hope it can be a good asset for whatever needs you may have. The reason I'm listing it at a fairly low price is it has been very well used and shows plenty of signs of wear. The image is still great and I most recently used it last month as a second camera on a fashion web series for Target. My main purpose for selling it is I don't use it much anymore (Have a Sony PMW-F5 now). Included: Sony PMW-F3 Camera 2 Sony Batteries (BP-U60 & BP-U30) 1 Battery Charger 1 32 Gb SxS Memory Card. S-log firmware upgrade (already installed w/ original cost $900) 1 Stereo mic (came with the camera) 1 Microphone mount Camera Specs: With PL Mount Adapter 35mm Cine Lens Compatibility 1920 x 1080 HD, Native 23.98p & 24PsF MPEG-2 Long GOP 1080/720, Interlace/Progressive Modes S-Log Gamma/LUT Workflow 12.5-Stop Dynamic Range Dual-Link RGB 4:4:4 HD-SDI Output Genlock, Timecode (2) SxS Memory Card Slots
  9. For sale: LOMO anamorphic BAS23-2 75 mm f2.3 round front lens, Pl mount, ARRI rings 0.8 for focus and aperture, lens clean and clear, LIKE NEW! Lens adjustmentment by service spbsale.com and ready to shoot. Very smooch focus and aperture, clean and clear, no fungus, no durst incide, no scratchers. Included two lens caps: front and rear. S/N: 810026 Price: 8000 USD (worldwide shipping included) email: schubert@ngs.ru
  10. LOMO OKC 35 mm f2 special edition, Pl mount, AMAZING image For Sale: AMAZING lens, soft focus for bokeh image of the ring. Special limited edition LOMO lenses OKC to shoot soft, wonderful, magical images. This is a common lens OKS11-35-1, inside a special hole in the optical unit, which gives an amazing effect bokeh and flare around light objects. On the lens installed Pl mount and Arri focus ring. The course focus and aperture smooth. Status of the lens is excellent, there are defects in the rear lens multicoating, it does not affect the image quality. The front glass is clean. Made in USSR, S/N: 900277 Price $ 1,500 + shipping. See examples of still images and video with this lens.
  11. I am selling part of my private lens collection. these are spherical lens T2,2 made in Soviet union. Typically warm, with very nice warm flers. I love older lens against new MP, UP. When I use MP or UP with Alexa or RED, it is so technical and clean. These older lens produce so nice texture, organic look. Even I mostly have budget for Masterprimes or Ultraprimes, I go very often with Lomos, spherical or anamorphic. 18mm T3,1 OKC5-18-1 ser. 860132 28mm T2,2 OKC7-28-1 ser. 800119 35mm T2,2 OKC11-35-1 ser. 820375 75mm T2,2 OKC6-75-1 ser. 890150 Focus ring on 75mm can be changed to black by Elox process. even the housing is different style, the picture look is the same. Russians just made different housings in different years... Fantastic lens in very good condition. More pictures in better quality http://picsurge.com/g/E51PV8 Price 4750 USD (or euro equivalent) +shipping 100USD. Shipping worldwide. Located in Prague. You get great value for very good price. I can manage 50mm and 22mm to make big set.
  12. I am selling another part of my private lens collection. very wide lens with nice perspective distortion. angle 110°. but no fisheye lens with black circle. It covers 4K RED EPIC and Alexa. I don't know about 5K or 6K, can check later. thereare 2 small scratches on front element you can see on photo. Not affect real picture. Iris works perfectly smooth. Focus works smooth. There is a standart focus gear. Lens is colimated. It produce beautiful Vintage image on digital cameras... Was favorite lens of Stanley Kubrick which used this lenses on "orange clock work" and "the shaining" Price 1750 USD or Euro equivalent + 50USD shipping. Located in Prague. Worldwide shipping.
  13. Hi there, I'm looking to buy used the next items: - PL mount. (Like wooden camera) - 1 or 2 Magic Arms like Noga for the LCD monitor and the second monitor. - Matte Box - Like Tangerine ViV level. - ND Filters 4x4.56 - 15mm Rods - Follow Focus + Rings - LLO OLPF You can send me models, pics, quotes. I'm located in Los Angeles. Thanks Guillermo 310-658-133 gpolofilms@gmail.com
  14. Rarely used CP.2 135MM T/2.1 PL MOUNT for sale. I am asking 4000$ ex shipping and VAT. The lens was bought brand new august 2013 from Video4. It is located in Norway, Stavanger. Can ship worldwide. Wire transfer only. Pictures will be sent upon request. Stian Einar Forgaard
  15. Zeiss Super Speeds MK3: Just over a year old, purchased from Alan Gordon in Los Angeles. Very clean, no haze/ fungus, no cleaning marks or scratches. The focus and Iris are extremely smooth. 9,5mm - $1850 12mm - $1850 25mm - $1850 Lenses are in New York if you would like to come see them personally. Will ship anywhere in the USA! If you take all the lenses ill include a pelican case.
  16. For sale - single owner/operator Canon 30-105 T2.8 Cine Zoom with Duclos Multi Mount (EF/PL). A fantastic work horse of a lens that we've gotten great use out of on the Epic, Amira, and C300. Both elements in pristine condition, well cared for lens. Has lived in custom Inner Cases Flight Case since purchase from Duclos in December of 2013. $19,000 includes: - Canon 30-105 T 2.8 Cine Zoom with MultiMount - Inner Cases Flight Case - 15mm Rods - Element Technica lens support (15mm) Will gladly drop by Abel Cine or Duclos to allow for inspection. Duclos preferred. Don't hesitate to contact with questions. cameron@camerontrejofilms.com Cheers.
  17. Hey there, I own a Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera with a Metabones Speedbooster on it. Now I am a lucky man, because I am able to get my hands on a set of Zeiss Superspeeds Mark 1 & 2 glass, which I would love to use on my BMPCC for shooting fiction films. I know it is possible to buy a PL mount for the BMPCC MFT mount to PL, but how does this work with the Speedbooster in between? The speedbooster converts the MFT mount to Canon EF, and reduces the crop factor to 1.7. Would it work nicely if I just buy a EF to PL mount adapter now and put that on my speedbooster? Or would this create focus issues? How could I make this work? Thanks for your help in advance! :) Cheers, Twan
  18. Hello, I'm posting this to see if theres anyone looking for or with an intrest in this lens I have a mint condition century 1.9mm fisheye that i would be willing to let go for the right price, This lens is extremely rare
  19. Up for sale are (2) Nikkor 200mm T2 lenses at a great price. Both are in excellent condition, converted to universal mount with PL. Normal signs of use, some light cosmetic marks, light dust and cleaning marks but very minor. One is a Century PL conversion and the other is Focus Optics conversion. This is an amazingly sharp lens, one of Nikon's finest. I'm only selling to free up cash for other purchases. $2599 each OBO Please email or PM with questions. Both come with fitted lens gear, hard cases, and accept 40.5mm rear filters. The Focus Optics conversion has a spud to add your lens support and a detachable hood. The Century comes with a built in extendable lens hood, optical flat front installed, a 19mm/15mm support bracket, and was recently serviced with new helical grease. Discount if you buy both! Paypal (buyer pays fees) or bank transfer, thanks! I will pay ground shipping in ConUS Email me at dawson@3bearmedia.com for pictures or questions! Thanks
  20. Hello, I'm posting this to see if theres anyone looking for or with an intrest in this lens I have a mint condition century 1.9mm fisheye that i would be willing to let go for the right price, This lens is extremely rare
  21. First off, I want to say thank you to all the people who contribute to this forum - I’ve been lurking around for quite some time without posting much. You know the old adage... “If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all”... Well, by nice I mean something that could further the discussions - but quite often I find the answers before needing to ask! Anyway, I just got myself a s16mm Arriflex SR2 (PL mount), and I'm looking into prime lens options. I have a collection of 35mm and above format primes, but none suitable for this smaller gauge (they can obviously cover it but finding a good wide/normal lens out of my collection is a stretch). I’ve read in various places that some 16mm format lenses aren't compatible - they cover it but don’t physically fit with the Arri SRII or SR1. My question; what prime lenses which cover and/or are designed for super16 are compatible with my SR2 in the wide to normal focal lengths. I'm not looking for the newest and greatest optics available, but instead some quality vintage glass with character. Old lenses from the likes of Cooke, Schneider, Zeiss, Meyer, and probably any old German or Russian knockoff's interest me. Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated.
  22. For Sale - Spare glass ( cylinder ) for LOMO Anamorphic roundfront Glass is new , never used earlier , multicoating fine Can fit in LOMO Anamorphic roundfront F = 50/2 , F = 75/2 , F = 100/2.8 - this lenses has equal front anamorphic part Below some photos If you has any questions or want additional photos please contact with me Best regards Sergey sergastr@list.ru sergastr@yahoo.com
  23. Selling a Arri S16 11-110 T2.2 (PL Mount) Zoom in very good condition. It fully covers the S16-Format and is in very good functional and optical condition. No scratches, no dust or fungus. It works smoothly and has been well cared for. For questions simply message me. Asking price: 5000€ (shipping not included) Located in Vienna, can be shipped within Europe. More pictures upon request.
  24. Hey guys, So we're shooting the first ten minutes of our feature film this month and I'm trying to finalize my lens package. We can afford 5 Super Speeds (35, 50, 85, 100, 135) but I don't know how low I can go on 16mm. If it can handle something like an 18 or a 21, or even a 24, I would be very interested. for more information on our movie, check us out at po.st/sowhat
  25. Hi ! For sale after conversion LOMO prime lenses Standard Speed F = 18,22,28,35,50,75,150, lenses has PL mount stainless steel , ARRI standard Focus gear ring , additional Focus scale marked in Feet it is very actual for buyers from USA , Canada , GB and additional lenses has equal diameter of front 80 mm with thread for filter 77 mm. Most of LOMO primes has different diameter of front and therefore rather difficult to work with one Matte Box Regarding prices or additional information please contact with me. sergastr@list.ru sergastr@yahoo.com Below some photos lenses after conversion on PL, with ARRI gear rings and 80 mm front ========== LOMO Prime F = 18 /2.5 type OKC5-18-1 with PL mount , ARRI gear ring, Focus scale marked in Feet and 80 mm front with thread for filter 77 mm http://www.flickr.com/photos/45352422@N08/8960931339/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/45352422@N08/8962118286/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/45352422@N08/8960939829/in/photostream/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/45352422@N08/8962141136/in/photostream/ Best regards Sergey
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