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  1. For film I believe certain cameras like arri, red, select canon professional camcorders, the aja cion and certain DSLRs that can shoot in 4k are often used, but are those same cameras used for reality television. What type of cameras are usually used for reality television versus film? Are there certain specifications cameras used for that need to have, that ones used for film don't have? What specific makes and models of cameras are commonly used? Why is that? Can the cameras mentioned above be used for realty TV, but they need to be used differently for that type of content? For example film usually is shot in 24fps with a shutter speed of 50 and other variables, but are there different needs for reality TV? Is it good to shoot in 4k like it is in film, since 4k is supposed to closely resemble actual film --performing similarly to a film camera from what I understand? To shoot in something else? Is the color grading/correction process/need the same? Other processes? Have you ever shot for realtiy TV before? If so, what did you use? Why? Know anyone who has shot for reality TV? If so, what did they use? Why? When I say "reality TV", i'm mainly describing shows dedicated to the following of subjects in primarily an observational manner --not a competition show for instance. Here's is an example of the type of show i'm describing:
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