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Found 9 results

  1. The 2019 International Colorist Academy Summit is happening in Hawaii this year! October 5-13, 4 different instructors and 11 different courses- there's something for everyone from beginner Resolve classes up to Looks and Matching Masterclasses! We have discount accommodation at the Sheraton Princess Kaiulani for anyone coming in from the mainland or out of the country. More information can be found here: https://www.stonesoupproductioncompany.com/hawaii-summit
  2. Hi, everybody. I'm currently working as a creative services producer, but I want to get into working on larger productions. I'm currently kind of between the levels of lighting cameraman and cinematographer. Can anyone give me advice on how to get some more experience on a larger set or more training with cinema cameras? I'm open to any advanced training programs, shadowing, or assistant jobs. I already know that I'll need to move to an area with more production, but any other advice on the subject is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi everyone, I will start by saying that I have always had a passion about Filmmaking. I have always wanted to go to Film-school but due to lack of funds that dream may never become a reality. On the other hand I believe that anyone can learn Filmmaking but practicing, researching and trial and error. Nowadays anyone can pick up a camera and start shooting. The problem is that it is really hard to find people willing to sit down and teach (mentor) you on some aspects of Filmmaking that are hard to grasp on your own and will make the learning curve and time longer and harder. That's why I had an idea about a Kickstarter campaign that will help me and others learn from people that work in the industry and see the whole process from start to finish, on how a Short Film is constructed. The idea: A kickstarter campaign to raise funds for a Short Film that will also teach and document the steps involved in creating a Short Film: Directing Producing Cinematography etc Part of the funds will be used to pay a Cinematographer who would be willing to sit down and teach his art to a team of 15-20 people in creating a short film (they will also be the crew for the Short Film). This will be done through short workshops and through the actual shooting of the short film. This process will be documented (DVD & Digital Downloads, PDFs or On-Set Pass) and given to potential kickstarter backers as a training series so that they can also learn the process of Filmmaking. Recordings will include: Short Workshops, Discussions on set about Lighting decisions, camera movement, behind the scenes footage, etc). Potential Perks for Backers can also include being part of the crew. I am trying to sort out the cost of the whole process and I would love to hear from potential Cinematographers from here that would be interested in undertaking the teaching of this project. He/She would have to relocate to Cyprus for the duration of the Project. The Cinematographer/Instructor will of course be paid and all Living Costs, Plane Tickets and Accommodation will be included. If I receive msg`s from interested people I will have further discussions with them on how this Project will be constructed, figure out his/her pay, and also figure out a rough budget for the whole Process. Thats is also how the Kickstarter campaign comes into play, how much to ask for the campaign. I will also use personal funds from my own pocket that I have saved. I would like your thoughts on this, any input is helpful, even if it is to say that this is a crappy idea :P Thanks for reading, Best, Alex B.
  4. Hello. I am happy to say this my first of hopefully many more posts on this board. If I may introduce myself, my name is Mayer Chalom and I am a 19 yr old student who has currently finished a year of architecture at Pratt Institute. Since high school I have worked as an event photographer (and continue to do so) [my portfolio can be viewed at www.mayermaxphotography.com]. Currently I am employed as a photographer and draftsmen for a design firm in New York. To make a long story short, I have quickly realized that I do not enjoy the professional aspects of architecture (there is very much a disconnect between practice and academia for those unaware) and have switched to Pratt's film/video program. At this point in time I am extremely interested in pursuing a career in cinematography and have some questions about ways of achieving my goals. First I would like to know if I am at a disadvantage for not attending the A list film schools (i.e USC, NYU, Chapman etc.). I currently have the benefit of a large scholarship at my university and would most likely not be offered a similar package if I transferred. I also believe I am apart of a rising program because of Pratt's completion of a brand new 20,000 sq ft facility that will be in close proximity to Steiner Studios. My past experiences in photography and design have definitely assured me that where you get your diploma is a moot point but there is a 1 percent of doubt that I would like to assess. Onto a less pedagogic matter, in the professional realm of cinematographer what is the job structure like? Are all jobs freelance? Are there production companies that employ full time directors of photography? Are there advertising agencies that ever have cinematographers on staff? Does the cinematographer have the responsibility of organizing the film crew (i.e gaffer, key grip, etc)? Does the cinematographer take on the role of the editor/animator/set designer now that we live in an ever increasing digital world with blurred professional delineations? Also lastly, are there still opportunities to enter the professional world as an assistant/runner/grip and slowly move up as a cinematographer or are "those days" part of a past époque? Thank you so much for sifting through the monologue. I appreciate any feedback and please visit my website at www.mayermaxphotography.com Thanks! Mayer Chalom
  5. The Freefly Movi M10 offers an alternative to the Steadicam with much faster set-up times, a smaller footprint to it get in places a Steadicam can’t, more movement flexibility like low to high-angle, gaining smoother shots much more easily. We offer ‘Dry Hire’ and fully ‘Crewed Up’ Freefly Movi Hire packages for 1, 2 and 3 person operation. We’re now offering Freefly Movi Training delivered by our Expert Movi Crew – giving you all the tips and tricks to get the most out of the Freefly Movi. For more information on hire or to book your place on our next Movi training course visit: www.movi-hire.com
  6. Hi All, Hope you are well, i needed some advice and after loads of research on the internet someone recommended for me to come on here as i cant seem to find any solid answers. I am looking to set up a new photography and cinematography company in the next few months, and was hoping you guys can help me with the following: What cameras and lenses do i need to invest in? I will be sending out 3 videographers/cinematographers and 1 photographer to each event (mostly weddings). Also i would like to keep costs down but appreciate that i may need to pay that extra bit for quality. Are there any training courses you guys can recommend that i can send the team on where they can learn everything they need to learn about using the cameras, lenses and how to capture certain shots/clips. Finally i am looking to outsource the editing side of things initially, how much on average should i be looking to pay a freelancer video editor for a days worth of footage, so if i was to provide raw footage from a one day event and expected back a trailer and 1 hour edited film? Any information you can provide will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  7. AN ESSENTIAL LEARNING AND CAREER EXPERIENCE FOR DIRECTORS, PRODUCERS, WRITERS, AND DEPARTMENT HEADS AT ALL LEVELS. In this Master Class, Quinn will deconstruct Leaving Las Vegas, scene-by- scene, while discussing his process, choices, obstacles, challenges - what worked and what didn't. 10:00 AM Screening: Leaving Las Vegas 12:00 PM Catered Lunch 1:00 PM Master Class 3:00 PM Day Ends Presented in Partnership with LOCAL 600 INTERNATIONAL CINEMATOGRAPHERS GUILD Sponsored by HARBOR PICTURE COMPANY registration: https://www.nymediacenter.com/cinematographer-masterclass/
  8. Hi all, I tried to browse the forums and search for an extensive cinematography curriculum which I could use as basis for patching any 'holes' in my knowledge of cinematography. Unfortunately I couldn't really find one and I was wondering if we could compile together such a thing? Its great that these days getting hold of a decent camera and shooting is a possibility for most people, but to get the best results, you need to know a bit more than just where the record button is located. There is a huge demand for cinematography courses and even though it would be utterly impossible to replicate that experience (time given, great tutors, certificate, connections you make, kit, studio, props, crew, productions, etc. to name just a few benefits), it would be great to have a good, solid curriculum, compiled by people who know what you should know and filled with articles, videos & book/film recommendations. This would help many, especially those who have some knowledge of cinematography already, but might have 'holes' in their knowledge as they might have never attended a decent course or the information they received is outdated. What do you guys think? If anyone knows of such a 'curriculum' already online, please share, I'd be keen to know! Just to point out, I personally am interested in Cinematography, especially, not about 'filmmaking' in general. A good place to start from I guess would be to look at the 'Responsibilities of a Cinematographer' at the BSC website and then convert those to a curriculum: http://www.bscine.com/information/training/the-responsibilities-of-the-cinematographer/ If there is interest, I/we/someone could even set up a wiki to keep things organised. Please chime in. Cheers, PJ
  9. This is an old spot I did several months ago. Part of a 3-part ad series for a local fight-themed fitness gym. Very cool guys here. Always open to feedback, so FIRE AWAY! https://vimeo.com/56674499
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