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  1. Just $40 each filter! I can provide more pictures if needed/requested. If someone wants to buy the lot, feel free to make me an offer. Preference for NYC locals who can meet up and pay cash/Venmo/PayPal nearby in Brooklyn or Manhattan, but I can also ship. My preference is not to break up sets (as grouped below), and not to have to go to the post office to ship one $40 filter, so if you want me to ship only one or two, just consider there to be a $100 minimum charge, excluding the shipping cost. 4x4 85 (Tiffen) 4x4 85 ND3 (Tiffen) 4x4 85 ND6 (Tiffen) 4x4 85 ND9 (Tiffen) 4x4 85B (Tiffen) 4x4 85 Pola (Tiffen) 4x4 81B (Tiffen) 4x4 UV-16 (H&H) 4x4 Enhancer (Tiffen) 4x4 Yellow 4 (YL4 = Tiffen #15 equiv.) (H&H) 4x4 ND3 Grad HE (Tiffen) 4x4 ND6 Grad HE (Tiffen) 4x4 ND9 Grad HE (Tiffen) 4.5" Round Rotating Pola (Tiffen) 14" Follow Focus Whip ($50 O.B.O) Follow Focus Speed Crank ($50 O.B.O) 4x4 Filter Frame ($50 O.B.O) French Flag with Gooseneck ($50 O.B.O)
  2. Tiffen 4x5.65" Infrared (IR) Neutral Density ND 0.6 Hot Mirror Filter (great condition)Comes with pouch.Pouch has wear& tear. Prefer to sell local (Los Angeles) $200
  3. Set of Tiffen White Pro Mists 4x4 1/8 1/4 Never used still sealed 1/2 1 Never used still sealed 2 Bonus... Just labelled Pro Mist.. Not sure its white pro mist but included as a bonus... Freya
  4. Hi there! Im’ looking for these filters: 4x4 • Tiffen Black Promist 1/8 • Tiffen Glimmer Glass 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 (Could be also 4x5.65) • Classic Soft FX 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 4x5.65 • Tiffen Clear • Tiffen ND 0.3 and 0.6 I’m located in Spain, I can buy from anywhere! guillermo@loshermanospolo.com Best!
  5. You can buy any one 4x4 for $45, two for $75, for three or more add $25 per filter. Here's the list and how many I have of each: 3 Tiffen Coral 1/8 4x4 1 Tiffen Coral 1/4 4x4 3 Tiffen Coral 1/2 4x4 1 Tiffen Coral 1 4x4 3 Tiffen Coral 2 4x4 1 Tiffen Coral 3 4x4 4 Tiffen Coral 4 4x4 0 Tiffen Coral 5 4x4 1 Tiffen Coral 6 4x4 1 Tiffen Coral 7 4x4 1 Tiffen Coral 8 4x4 1 Tiffen Coral SET (1/8-8) 4x4 0 Tiffen 82 4x4 0 Tiffen 82A 4x4 1 Tiffen 82B 4x4 0 Tiffen 82C 4x4 1 Tiffen 82 SET (82, A/B/C) 4x4 4 Tiffen 812 4x4 5 Tiffen 85 4x4 3 Tiffen 85N.3 4x4 1 Tiffen 85N.6 4x4 0 Tiffen 85N.9 4x4 0 Tiffen 85N1.2 4x4 3 Tiffen 85 POLA 4x4 1 Tiffen 85 SET 4x4 3 Tiffen 85B 4x4 0 Tiffen 85B N.3 4x4 3 Tiffen 85B N.6 4x4 4 Tiffen 85B N.9 4x4 0 Tiffen 85B N1.2 4x4 2 Tiffen 85B POLA 4x4 5 Tiffen 85C 4x4 1 Tiffen 85l SET (1/8-8) 4x4 3 Tiffen Warm BlackProMist 1/8 4x4 0 Tiffen Warm BlackProMist1/4 4x4 0 Tiffen Warm BlackProMist1/2 4x4 0 Tiffen Warm BlackProMist1 4x4 2 Tiffen Warm BlackProMist2 4x4 SOLD Tiffen Warm BlackProMist SET 4x4 2 Tiffen BlackProMist 1/8 4x4 0 Tiffen BlackProMist 1/4 4x4 1 Tiffen BlackProMist 3 4x4 1 Tiffen BlackProMist 4 4x4 Tiffen BlackProMist 5 4x4 SOLD Tiffen BlackProMist SET 4x4 4 Tiffen Sepia 3 4x4 0 Tiffen Sepia 2 4x4 1 Tiffen Sepia 1 4x4 2 Tiffen Sepia SET 4x4 0 TiffenTobacco 1 4x4 0 TiffenTobacco 2 4x4 1 TiffenTobacco 3 4x4 1 TiffenTobacco SET 4x4 2 Tiffen Fluorescent B 4x4 1 Tiffen Fluorescent D 4x4 2 Tiffen Enhance 4x4 1 Antique Suede 1 4x4 1 Antique Suede 3 4x4 0 Tiffen ProMist 1/8 4x4 2 Tiffen ProMist 1 4x4
  6. Hi there, I have two items for sale: 1) Cartoni Lambda 50 purchased March 2017 from Cartoni. Has some cosmetic scratches but in great condition. Includes: Flight Case, One Telescopic Handle and One Short Handle. Asking $13,000 USD OBO. 2) Tiffen X-3 Third Arm Extension. Purchased brand new from Tiffen and never used. Comes with mount for ExoVest and Walter Klassen Harness. I paid $7,200 USD asking $6,500 USD OBO. Please message or email me info @ horizoncamera.com Thanks! Mike
  7. Hi, I'm in the market for a few ND filters in 4x5.65 size Looking for : 0.9 ND (3 stop) 1.8 ND (6 stop) Black pro mist 1/2 OR Black frost 1/2 Thanks!
  8. Hi, I'm selling my filters; 28x Tiffen 4x4 filter. Also selling the metal flight case and a filter pouch for 6 filters. List of filters, 4x 85 4x 85 N3 4x 85 N6 4x 85 N9 2x 85B 1x 85B N3 1x 85B N6 1x 85B N9 1x 85POL 4x 81EF 1x 81EF ND3 1x 81EF ND6 1x 85EF ND9 Metal flight case secures 60 filters. The key for case is missing. Haida 100 filter pouch, holds 6 filters. More pics, Tiffen folder; https://jussipaita.imgur.com ASKING PRICE FOR THE WHOLE SET 900 euro. If you´re interested write me an email: jniemela79(a)gmail.com
  9. Hi, I'm selling a set of Schneider Neutral Density filters in near mint condition. Size is 4x5.65 (panavision size) I have .3, .6 and .9 available. They are all flawless except for the ever so faint dent/chip on the edge of the ND.6 (see photo) Doesn't have any impact on the filter. Other than that they are all in perfect condition, lightly used, and coming in their protective soft case. Please let me know if you have any questions. I'm asking $150 each or $400 for the entire set. Thanks, Derek Bauer Santa Monica, CA.
  10. Hey guys, I'm looking into Tiffen's matteboxable Multi Rota Variable ND, as a way to keep a more consistent aperture when shooting outdoors on days when the sun is constantly dipping in and out of the clouds. And I was wondering if anyone here has used it before, and can comment on their experience with it? I built my own variable NDs for stills cameras back in the day (by combining off the shelf filters), so I'm well aware of the usual caveats of the cross-hatching. I'd love to hear some feedback on how the Tiffen MRT goes for colour cast though - if it has any? And if so, whether it's an issue? Where the MRT strikes me as useful is used in conjunction with conventional NDs, so that you could set a base exposure with a combination of regular ND and the MRT set at 4-stops of compensation, and then you'd be able to open up two stops (it's minimum setting) if the clouds roll in, or close down two stops if the sun bursts out in all it's glory - all while keeping two stops down from the filter's maximum compensation of 8 stops, which starts to push towards the funkiness and cross hatching you can get when you take these variable NDs too far. I think my theory is sound, but I'd love to hear from anyone who's actually put it to the test, and can comment on the unit's performance? Cheers, Mark
  11. Hey Guys, Selling a set of four Tiffen 4"x5.65" Water White NDs. One to four stops of density (0.3, 0.6, 0.9, 1.2). Filters are in excellent condition, with no scratches, and they're super colour-neutral. They've served me very well, but surplus to requirements now. Come in a padded 4-slot Tiffen pouch. Located in Melbourne, Australia, but happy to ship worldwide. Price is $600 USD (+GST if sold in Australia) Cheers, Mark
  12. Hi all i have some gear i don't need and thinking of selling for other investments first up: Steadicam package 1 pelivcase for sled and bag for arm and vest Sachtler Artemis EFP HD 1,5" 2 section post, transvideo monitor, tally system, 4 x blue shape batteries + 2 blue shape 2 slots chargers, Tiffen G50x arm, Tiffen ultra vest, docking bracket and lots of cables and stuff 18000 Euro + shipping second up: Arri 416 plus package - 2 cases camerabody 3 x 400feet mag 3 x batteries 2 x groundglass (2:35 and 16:9) cables and other accessories Price: 9000 Euro + shipping everything is located in North sweden but can be brought to stockholm or Gothenburg, for pictures and more information contact me:) everything are in great shape
  13. Selling a set of Tiffen IRND's 0.3-1.8, sizes in Panavision 4x5.650". The set is 2 years old, is color matched and not faded, still in silver protective bag. Selling entire set for $1,600. Available for p/u in LA, or can ship elsewhere. Tiffen 4x5.650 Infrared Neutral Density Filters 0.3-2.1 Mfr #: 45650IRND3, W45650IRND6, W45650IRND9, 45650IRND12, 45650IRND15, 45650IRND18 Tiffen 4x5.650 Infrared Neutral Density Filters 0.3-2.1 are a combination Infrared and Neutral Density filter that reduces the amount of light passing through the camera lens without changing the color of the scene, while also reducing the amount of infrared light entering the camera. The Tiffen IR ND series is produced using Water White glass. As with all Tiffen filters, IR ND filters are ground and polished to provide the greatest level of flatness and parallelism. This, together with their exclusive ColorCore technology, ensures the highest level of optical quality. The IR ND and IR 85ND filters are available in Panavision 4x5.650 sizes.
  14. Selling of some filters. They all come in their original pouches (but with the annoying sewn in black Tiffen-cloths taken out). Located in Gothenburg, Sweden Tiffen 4x5.65 ND-kit: Used but in good condition. ND.3 ND.6 ND.9 ND1.2 ND1.5 ND1.8 ND2.1 (has a thin scratch, about 1cm long, 25% in from the edge. Would be extremely surprising if it affects the image in any way.) Price: €800 + shipping Formatt 4x5.65 Hot Mirror: Used but in good condition. Price: €70 + shipping Tiffen 4x5.65 T1 IR: Used once. In great condition. Price: €120 + shipping Schneider 5x5 Circular True-Pol: Used once. Like new. Price: €120 + shipping Tiffen 4x5.65 Enhancing Used once. Great condition. Price: €100 + shipping Tiffen 4x5.65 Chocolate 1 Like new. Price: €100 + shipping /Erik Andersson, 1st AC, Sweden
  15. Hi all, Firstly, full disclosure: the question I am looking for advice on relates to still, rather than moving image. If this is is inappropriate please feel free to delete this thread and my account from the site. The reason I am posting here though is I am looking for advice on filters which seem to predominantly be used in film by Tiffen and Schneider, rather than photography. Screw in versions for dslrs etc are available (of black pro mist, soft fx, hollywood black magic filters etc) but all my local hire places stock only the versions used for video equipment, and enquiries on photo site forums have largely drawn a blank. The most useful information I've found online has been gleaned from this site. Basically I am looking for some kind of diffusion filter that would give an 'glamourous' effect similar to 70s instamatic cameras and polaroids. Good examples of this would be Antonio Lopez's instamatics and Andy Warhols polaroids - please feel free to put me right here, but it seems the slightly 'diffused'/soft quality comes from the combination of hard light which is diffused by a soft plastic lens. I've been trying to do this with a Zeiss Softar I lens using a flash, which although is a great piece of glass, doesn't quite do the job (example here). Hard to put my finger on why, but perhaps it blows out the flash highlights a little too far while losing too many of the darker tones, but subject matter from the example aside, I can't quite see it producing the desired glamorous results. I'm also looking for a little more subtlety - I want the effect to be visible but not dominant enough to seem gimmicky and I find the softar a little too much in that regard. Have also tried using plastic lenses but these suffered from a lack of control and loss of resolution. I'm thinking a Black Mist or Hollywood Black Magic filter might be good for this but being unable to find somewhere to try varying strengths etc I don't want to spend loads of money without a little more insight! If anyone is able to advise on this I would be most grateful! And if this post is appropriate for the forum, my apologies.
  16. Hi, I've had a Tiffen IRND 1.5 filter recently returned and the filter appears to have a darker center then the outside, almost as if where the 4x5.6 filter tray sits is one tone and the exposed filter inside of the tray is a darker shade. Has anybody seen or heard about this before? When placed in front of a camera, it's unseen, however very obvious to the human eye. Thanks.
  17. Selling a set of Tiffen IRND's 0.3-1.8, sizes in Panavision 4x5.650". The set is 2 years old, is color matched and not faded, still in silver protective bags. Selling entire set for $1,400 ISD shipped. Available for p/u in LA, or can ship elsewhere. Please contact by email: markusmentzer@gmail.com Mfr #: 45650IRND3, W45650IRND6, W45650IRND9, 45650IRND12, 45650IRND15, 45650IRND18 Tiffen 4x5.650 Infrared Neutral Density Filters 0.3-1.8 are a combination Infrared and Neutral Density filter that reduces the amount of light passing through the camera lens without changing the color of the scene, while also reducing the amount of infrared light entering the camera. The Tiffen IR ND series is produced using Water White glass. As with all Tiffen filters, IR ND filters are ground and polished to provide the greatest level of flatness and parallelism. This, together with their exclusive ColorCore technology, ensures the highest level of optical quality.
  18. Selling two complimentary Angenieux Zooms. The 16-42 and 30-80mm T2.8 with 2 sets of Tiffen 4.5 round ND filters with rolling case. Clean glass no scratches front and rear caps 2 X Filters ND.3 ND.6 ND.9 ND 1.2 ND 1.5 ND 1.8 asking $26K OBO call or text 917-597-5511 or email JohnkelleyDP@gmail.com
  19. Recently upgraded to Cine Live but this very rig got me so far in my career. Everything is in excellent shape. Very smooth gimbal/arm [recently serviced by Tiffen]. Can fly and power a stripped Alexa no problem! Come by and test it yourself. I live in North Hollywood and will give a crashcourse lesson if you are new to the community. FLYER LE HARDWARE (cost $12,000 new): Flyer-LE Sled w/ V-Lock Battery Mount, 7" LCD Cutout 1650 Pelican Dovetail Plate Docking Bracket w/ aircraft pin 2 X PowerCube Batteries (new IDX E-HL9S) Dual Charger Iso-Elastic Arm (24lb carry capacity instead of standard 19lb) w/ cloth bag Flyer Vest Steadistand (Spring-loaded turtle stand) Allen Tool 3/8 Camera Screw 1/4-20 Camera Screw Operating Manual 2 X BNC EXTRAS Custom machined arm-post extensions, 6" and 9" length ($150 new) Custom 3-pin Lemo spit to to 4-Pin XLR & 4 D-tap breakout ($300 new) To power camera and all accessories through the sled Manfrotto 472LCD ball mount for monitor ($50 new) Monitor Hood ($20 new) TERRY WEST ELECTRICAL MODIFICATIONS ($1,500 of work): --UPGAUGED THE WIRING (can now power an Alexa with several accessories through the post ie. Decimator 2, Bartech & Teradeck/Paralinx simultaneously) --ADDED HD-SDI BNC feed (can run SD or HD video feed) --Added additional Aux power cable to to power recorder or another monitor. Asking $4,000 for everything! Let me know if you are interested and I will send you higher res images and give you my phone number etc. Best, Pascal
  20. Hi there everyone, Just wished to know what kind of circular filter would fit/cover a zeiss 11-110, a super 16 zoom lens? Will a Tiffen 86C from B&H photo video be good enough? thanks
  21. Gear is at a shop in southeast, US thats offloading some inventory. Listed here and some on Ebay. Thought I would pass along here. Contact me at mirror image pictures AT gmail DOT com or call 818 Five Eight Four 6243. I'm familiar with the equipment and can speak mostly for its condition and quality, so feel free to reach out with any questions and Make Some Offers. SUPPORT - O'Connor 2060HD Head (Mitchell) with Handle, Euro Base, Quick Plate, ATA Case - $7000.00 - O'Connor Cine HD Standard or Baby Sticks (Mitchell or Bowl) with Spreader (Ground or Mid) and Tuffpak Case - $1500.00 (3 Sets Avail) ARRI AKS - Arri FF4 with Dumb Wheel and Crank - $3000.00 (Last One) - Arri MB20II with 3 Stage Module, Top and Side Flags, 19mm Bridge Adapter, Hard Mattes - $4500.00 (2 Avail) FILTERS (4x5.65 unless noted) - Tiffen ND 6 - $250.00 - Formatt ND 3, 6, 9 - $150.00 Each - Formatt ND12 IR Combo - $250.00 Each - Formatt IR Hot Mirror - $250.00 - Schneider ND Grad HE 3, 6, 9 - $250.00 Each - Schneider Tru-Cut 750 IR - $250.00 - Schneider Circular Polarizer 138mm or 4.5" Drop-In Style for Arri Bellows - $300.00 Each - Tiffen Black Pro Mist 1/4, 1/2, 1 - $250.00 Each MISC - TVLogic 7" HDSDI Monitor LVM-071W with Portabrace Case, Plexi Cover - $900.00 (2 Avail) - Mole 4K HMI Par [New Style] with Lenses (and Case), Header Cable, Ballast Cable, Scrims, Barndoors - $9000.00 (2 Avail) - Element Technica Mantis Handheld Rig - $950.00 - DF50 Hazer with Cord - $2000.00 - Motorola CP200 4 Channel Radio Set (4 Walkies with Spare Batteries) with 6 Way Charger - $850.00 - Prompter People 10" iPad Prompter System - $400.00 - Peplink Balance 30 Multi-WAN Router BPL-031 - $200.00 - Canopus ADVC-1000 SDI/DV Bi-Directional Converter - $450.00 - NetGear ProSafe (FS728TP) Switch - $200.00 - Polycom SoundPoint IP 335 Phones (Set of 3) - $125.00 - ShoreTel 230 IP Phones (Set of 4) - $150.00 PHOTOS: http://www.reduser.net/forum/showthread.php?133763-Inventory-Sale-OConnor-Prompter-TVLogic-Arri-FF4-MB20-4K-HMIs-Filters-amp-More ALSO - Epic-X Package - $27.5K: http://www.reduser.net/forum/showthread.php?133758-Epic-X-Package-FS-(Just-add-lenses-and-Media)-27-5K-OBO-Ready-to-Ship - Red One MX Package - $7500: http://www.reduser.net/forum/showthread.php?133759-Red-One-MX-Package-FS-7500-Ready-to-Ship - Red Pro Primes - $13K: http://www.reduser.net/forum/showthread.php?133762-Red-Pro-Prime-Lens-Set-25-35-50-85-100-13K-Ready-to-Ship
  22. Hello Everyone! I'm selling my 6x6 set of Tiffen IRND's. It's a full set ranging from .3-2.1. Please check out the auction on Ebay if you are interested. Thanks!! http://www.ebay.com/itm/121587206924?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  23. This is a brand new Tiffen T1 IR filter meant to be used with cameras that face far red IR contamination when used with ND filters (Sony, Arri, Blackmagic Design). This filter is new and in factory condition with absolutely no defects, however the mylar bag has been cut open - the filter was never actually used or mounted in a matte box. Delivery includes the original factory packaging, including the protective cover. Local pickup is available in SoCal. $150+shipping - This is half price! PM me or reply to this thread to inquire about purchasing the filter. http://provideocoalition.com/aadams/aadams/story/tiffens_goes_into_production_on_t1_far_red_filter/ http://provideocoalition.com/aadams/story/arri_alexa_and_far_red_a_problem_thats_already_been_solved/
  24. Hello, I'm looking at buying a 4x4 0.6 graduated filter and perhaps a few more 4x4 filters. I'd like to go for glass, but obviously the cost is a consideration. To be used with Arri SR3 super16. What you guys recommend? Tiffen or Formatt seem to be the only manufacturers of 4x4 glass grads. Are there others? Also I came across these Century filters. Has anybody had any experience with them and would recommend them? Are they glass or plastic? https://www.schneideroptics.com/pdfs/century/brochures/CP_FilterKit.pdf Thanks, Greg
  25. At the forthcoming BSC expo in London, Carey Duffy of Tiffen UK will screen the Tiffen 4K Diffusion tests I shot for them late last year. The tests consisted of a series of simple comparisons between every brand of Diffusion filter Tiffen currently offer and serve as an excellent reference. Designed in conjunction with Steven Poster ASC the test is a simple, but very effective, starting point for a Cinematographer to compare the effect of Tiffens range of Diffusion filters before selecting specific filters to test under their own lighting conditions. We wanted to keep as many of the parameters as simple and unbiased as possible. The light is soft but not too soft to allow us to see the effect of the filter. The half light allows us to judge contrast changes, the backlight and bare bulb allow us to see blooming. Similarly the Primo primes were chosen because I felt they were a). familiar to most Cinematographers worldwide and B). sat somewhere between Master Primes and Cooke S4's in terms of sharpnes and contrast and therefore would be a better lens to showcase the effect of the filter. Shot on a Panavisied Sony F55 in 4K the tests will be presented in 4K at events around the world over the coming months. I believe the idea is that eventually Panavision and Technicolor, who co-sponsored the tests, will have copies of the 4K DCP as reference for projection in facilites around the world, so speak to your local Panavision/Technicolor rep for details, or contact Tiffen directly. For my tastes the current generation of 4K+ cameras are just too sharp, especially when projected at 4K, so for me I cant see myself shooting without some form of filtration either infront of, or behind, the lens, especially if I think the project will be projecting in 4K. I also think a lot of the diffusion filters give the image some texture, something I find lacking in most digital images. It'll be interesting to see how many people feel the same way and perhaps we'll see a resurgence in the use of Diffusion over the coming years. Regardless, these tests should still be a very useful reference for us over the next few years so keep an eye out for them. There's a few BTS images and brief video here along with a few other notes on the tests http://stephenmurphydop.blogspot.co.uk/2014/01/notes-on-tiffen-4k-diffusion-tests.html
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