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Found 11 results

  1. Photos: Internet Archive The overhead glass comes down and presses the book flat, but on an angle and not a 180. Then it take 2 photos...one of each page. I have been working as an informal volunteer for the I.A. for 7 + years. Over that time I've donated over a hundred thousand items to their collection. Some of it very rare. I had asked them if they could help buy me a cheap cine’ sound film scanner. I have about a million feet of film on roughly 1,100 reels that need scanning. The Internet Archive could also get the digital output donated from it. They would not give me a penny towards buying a scanner…actually they pester me all the time to give them money. Since I finished the eBay Adult Only Archive project I've got back into flat bed scanning. (The eBay project ended up as 28,000+ screen shots and photos.) In a few weeks I will be bored with flat bed scanning and will get out my Retroscan cine' scanner. I got a fantastic 16mm sound film from the late 40's / early 50's called 'One Enchanted Evening' to scan. It will make a good project for the AEO Light optical sound extracting software. As of yet I've only tested AEO Light but have not done any films with it. I will have to go the distance with AEO Light and 'One Enchanted Evening' will be a good film to do it with for my AEO Light debut. If it works out I will send in a copy for your perusal. But it won't fly on YouTube and scared to try with Vimeo. Surprisingly Vimeo had taken a super rare hardcore 1920s film called the 3 Graces I submitted. But they banned me a few weeks after I sent it in. I complained and they reinstated the film and my account. But all the links I used for my account were dead after that and had to be redone. So it is not worth the hassle with them.
  2. Hey everyone, I wanted to see if anyone could help me out. I wanted to know if anyone could recommend the best export settings from Adobe Media Encoder for a 16mm scan. I am fine with grain, in fact I love it. I have a project thats completely hand processed kodak 7222, and the results are quite grainy. The problem I have is that when I export the h.264 file for web, the grain just becomes ugly blotches and pixels. I've tried for many hours to get the best export, including raising my bit rate and everything. I know there must be a good method, because i've seen film scans that have quite a bit of grain on the web, but the detail is preserved, so i'm completely at a loss. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Derick
  3. YouTube left it up for a few months, then last night removed it and banned me again. Do you think Vimeo will accept it? So far Vimeo has had no issues with nudes I've put up, but this film has explicit content. 'Prescription for Love' nsfw https://archive.org/search.php?query=Prescription%20For%20Love%20D.%20D.%20Teoli%20Jr.%20A.%20C. This is a historical 16mm vintage sound stag film containing explicit content that was rescued from the trash after being water damaged from a Florida hurricane. The film was extremely dirty and had to be cleaned 5 times before I had it 2K HD scanned. Synopsis of film: A young newlywed couple is having intercourse difficulties. They visit the doctors office and the doctor and office receptionist teach them about lovemaking. According to the code on the film stock it dates from either 1931 or 1951. As a very rough estimate, only 4% to 6% of the stag films from the 1920's to 1950's had sound.
  4. I'm very excited to share this piece I DP'ed a year ago, we all had great time with this one. I'm very interested in learning, so all feedback and insights are welcome. Cheers! I Need My Space is a humorous tale of infidelity, frustration, and ultimately adventure. The story is focused upon the life of elderly engineer, Esko and his unfaithful and nagging wife Tarja. Looking for an escape from a life that is an unsatisfactory mix of dull and painful, Esko decides to build his own rocket ship and blast himself into space. The award-winning independent film was shot over the course of 4 days and with a budget of only €1200. The film will be released for public viewing on June 21st, 2017.
  5. Hi All, I can't seem to get to the bottom of these issues. I've posed the question(s) on the forum for Sony Vegas, but no answers were really helpful or solved my problem... Also, I would truly appreciate any advice on how to take a good scan of Super 8 film and get it on to YouTube or Vimeo with accurate and faithful color representation, no compression artifacts, and best HD quality. Ok, here goes: I've shot both Tri-X 7266 and Vision 50D with my Nikon R8. I've had the Tri-x scanned at two separate facilites (one west coast, one east coast). The Vision 50D was scanned at the west coast facility. All scans were done at 2k to the Apple Pro Res 422 .mov format. This .mov format can be handled by Sony Vegas Pro (version 13). However, when ever I render to any .mp4 file type (different resolutions, frameserving to Handbrake, etc.) the reds shift from fire engine red to a cranberry red. Look at the image in my Dropbox account below. The upper window is the Vegas timeline preview, where the colors are correct after tweaking brightness/contrast and color balance (the scans were "flat" scans). (You will also see that the Computer RGB to Studio RGB fx is disabled in Vegas. Typically you use that when sending a file to YouTube, but just ignore that, since the color shift is very apparent whether the render is done with or without that effect.) The lower window is the .mp4 file being played back on the same (calibrated) monitor. Notice the big color difference in the red truck. https://www.dropbox.com/s/1mdsudkgyo2d1ps/Vision_50D_colors.jpg?dl=0 Any ideas if the issue arises because I'm using an Apple Pro Res PC on a Windows PC? I've read forum threads elsewhere where people claim that renders on Apple computers (with Final Cut Pro) keep colors true without a hassle. Another issue is that no matter what my workflow or render type (frameserving from Vegas, Avisynth, Handbrake, etc.), the grain in the Tri-X scan is really just mangled and the compression artifacts are just unacceptable. I finally just pushed the original scan file to YouTube (which it accepts, btw), but it's no where close to the beautiful projected image. Here is that scan: https://youtu.be/JWfcbewW1O4 Any advice here? How do you get high quality, true-color scans on YouTube or Vimeo? What is your workflow? Do you ask the scanner facility to scan to a different codec? I feel like I'm missing something.... Thank you for any help!
  6. Just found this gorgeous video on Vimeo and I thought I'd share it. Maybe we could use an "Online" sub-forum within this one?... Anyway, enjoy. https://vimeo.com/146534283
  7. Cinematographer - Oleg Zayanov (Los Angeles, California) Born in Russia, Moscow WEB - vimeo.com/olegzayanov Canon 5Dmarkii + 24-105L
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vn6b1xeI9wU&list=PLvfmoEMI4m_8xgDQ1GesmEJ0Dt_EMkNv_&index=1 This music video was shot late 2013 in Sydney Australia. Shot on RED epic at 120fps, 4K. We shot in a 4m dive pool and blacked out the sides as well as shooting at night. Enjoy! Feedback welcome! The Year of our War "Nocturne" www.theyearofourwar.com Director Stuart Edgeworth www.chuckedgeworth.com DOP Jon Shaw www.ginclearfilm.com www.soundcloud.com/theyearofourwar www.bandcamp.com/theyearofourwar
  9. Hello cinematographers, I'm looking around for creative projects or competitions to do on the weekend. The vimeo weekend challenge is a great exercise but I'm looking for something with more direction and maybe a prize pool. Post your suggestions or any competitions you know of.
  10. Im a cinematographer based in Stockholm, Sweden. This is my showreel from 2012, looking to improve it and add newly shot projects aswell. Would love to have some input about pacing, shot selection and overall impression upon viewing. Thanks
  11. I've just finished my first demo reel online: check it out here I'm looking for feedback on the reel itself and some advice on the industry. I know its hard to share where I'm at, but I'm looking on advice for my next step in the industry. This is my second year out of high school. I choose to not go film school, but right now I'm a little lost in what my next step should be and am second guessing my decision to go to film school. I feel like it would help me out in networking and meeting people. I want to do more dramatic work in short films and music videos. What are your thoughts?
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