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  1. Up for sale are a few beautiful lenses, and other gear. If you see something you like make me an offer and hopefully we can make a deal. Pics in link below... 1. TLS Morpheus Zoom 80-200mm/t2.8 ($8,000) *This lens was bought almost a year ago from fellow reduser. It is in mint condition mechanically and optically. 2. Cooke Zoom Lens 18-100/t3 ($12,000) *Bought off a fellow reduser a few years ago, worked on two feature films, and a few commercials; in pristine condition mechanically and optically. Focus marks are spot on, it is a great lens to work with AC's always enjoy the user friendly, makes beautiful pictures. This is the latest version of this classic lens. Comes with flight case. 3. RED 18-50 ($2,500) *This lens is in great condition mint optics, focus is a little stiff but nothing major. I actually really enjoy this lens especially for documentary work, its light, great range, and matches the TLS 80-200 very closely. I can provide footage from this one specifically, I'd like to think its one of the good ones out there. Email me for picture since it was working when I took the others. 4. Zeiss Jenna MC Biometar 120mm/2.8 (PL mount) ($400) *Great condition telephoto, very sharp, but impressionistic at the same time? , if that makes sense...Beautiful lens. 5. Zeiss Jenna MC Biometar 80mm/2.8 (PL mount) ($270) *Good condition, matches the 120mm, doesn't have delrin focus gear, you can add cheaply. Great lens for single operator, I used it pulling focus from the barrel. 6. Zeiss Planar T*50/1.4 ZF (nikon mount) *Classic little lens. I think this is good copy as well, as a lot of people talk down on this little lens, I love it, even wide open. Stop down , and its very sharp 7. Nikon AF-S Nikkor 300mm f2.8G ED ($1,800) * Great lens, has a little fungus on the middle element, doesn't seem to affect picture, I think its fairly easy to have cleaned. I haven't done it myself because of where I live..If you are interested i can take pictures so you see for yourself. 8. Nikon 2x Teleconverter (fits 300mm sold here) ($70) 9. Panasonic AG LA7200 Anamorphic Adapter ($500) *Great adapter to get aspect ration in 16x9. This includes a step down ring to make it screw in 77mm. I used this with my duclosed Leica R's , the nice thing about this adapter you can use really wide lenses. For nice ECU shots you will need diopters, standard on most anamorphic lenses. 10. SPL Water Housing 7D KIT, Includes Canon 7D camera, Water Housing, Tokina 10-17mm Lens) ($1,000) *no batteries or cf cards included. 11. Samsung NX1 Camera w/Fotodiox Nikon Mount ($900) *Great little camera, fairly used. Lovely colors coming out of the 4k video files. comes with x2 batteries ********************************************************PICS HERE****************************************************** https://www.dropbox.com/sh/8ald0gba35bn7ja/AACfPjWljy2m7CsLfm2IDT_0a?dl=0 Email me if interested- abreojofilms@gmail.com make me on offer on any of the gear. I would also consider trades. I can take better pictures if interested.
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