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Found 16 results

  1. Hi everyone, I am about to shoot a feature and the second camera that I am getting is an A-Minima. But for the purpose of the shoot I won't be able to look through the viewfinder so I am really relying on the Video Tap for framing. But I am not sure how great the BW video tap is for lowlight situations with 500T outdoors and a lot of NDs. So far I have 2 ideas that are at my disposal not sure if either one of them works. 1) Try to fit a Denz VCSC D2000 video tap on the the camera but I think that might defeat the purpose of the camera being small. 2) I have a GoPro10 with a C-mount (I have attached a photo). Not sure if when the original BW Video Tap is removed if it could be somehow be custom modified to accept the C-Mount GoPro. Or to somehow attach the GoPro directly to the viewfinder? What is the mount on the A-Minima that accepts the video tap, is there a name or is it something proprietary to Aaton? The GoPro sensor size is 1/2.3 (6.17 x 4.55 mm) is this too small to cover the whole frame? My main question is if you remove the original video tap from the camera could you not shim/modify it so that you get to the right flange distance and fit the GoPro. I prefer the GoPro because it's a lot smaller. If you have any experience on using GoPros as video taps please let me know what you think! Thanks a lot!
  2. Selling my personal Aaton A-Minima in immaculate condition with Fujinon PL-mount 10-40 t/3.95 zoom lens, Power Base, Century 2x Super 16 extender, Chroziel 2-stage 3x3 mattebox with (16) 3x3 Tiffen filters, Arri FF-1 follow focus and and accessories and (20) A-Minima 200' daylight film spools & (10) 200' cans. I purchased this camera and lens from Abel Cine in Burbank and have used it for home movies. I've shot only 37 rolls through the camera since new. I'd prefer to sell LA/local but will ship to lower-48 USA. Local pickup can also be arranged in Pasadena, CA area. Asking $22K. Sale includes: A-Minima camera body with PL mount, body cap, Aaton internal battery port cover and adjustable handstrap Fujinon Super 16 PL-mount 10-40mm t/3.95 lens with 80mm front diameter; original front and rear lens caps Century Optics Super 16 2x Extender, PL mount with front and rear caps in excellent condition (2) 200' A-Minima coaxial magazines (late-version with large blue-anodized latches) (20) Kodak snap-apart reusable A-Minima daylight spools and (10) Kodak 200' A-Minima film cans (2) Aaton on-board 12 volt 1.7 Ah rechargeable NiMH battery packs Aaton CHA-3 NiMH 2-port battery charger (2) CHA-3 Cable Adapters for on-board rechargeable batteries Aaton A-Minima Power Base with built-in safety fuse, (1) BNC connector for synch to monitors, (2) Lemo 6-pin accessory plugs, (1) 4-pin XLR for 12-volt external batteries, (1) Lemo 2-pin plug for remote on/off switch (4) 15mm Arri Standard 2" extension rods for mounting accessories to the power base Arri FF-1 lightweight follow focus unit in excellent condition Chrosziel 3x3 clamp-on 2-stage matte box with (1) 160-degree rotating stage, French Flag and 80mm lens ring adapter (16) Tiffin 3x3 glass filters in original pouches, like-new condition (ND 0.3, ND 0.6, ND 0.9, ND 1.5; 85, 85ND 0.6, 85ND 0.9; 81A, 81C, 81EF; 82; FL-D, FL-B; 12 Yellow, 25 Red; Polarizer Schneider Optics 80SSLR to Series 9 adapter--clamps to any 80mm lens front to hold Series 9 filters eliminating the need for a matte box when you are trying to keep a low-profile/stealth mode when shooting (Series 9 filters not included) Original instruction manual, brochures and the original A-Minima box (2) New chamois eyepiece covers Pelican 1600 case with dividers
  3. Hi everyone, I know this question has been asked a lot and has been talked a lot about but I still dont quite understand it 100%. I have an upcoming feature on the A-minima and the rental house and lab have unfortunately very few spools, maybe 10-15. That means that during our production we would probably have to spool film on to the spools on our own, shoot and unspool onto normal 16mm cores so that we can re-use the A-minima spools again. I know that what we get is normally B wounded film and the A-minima needs A wound film (emulsion out). But how do you get from B to A? I have a very primitive drawing that I will attach hopefully its not wrong. Thanks a lot!!
  4. Hi everyone, I am looking to purchase an Aaton a-minima camera kit. Let me know if you or anyone you know have one for sale. Thanks,
  5. https://www.ebay.com/itm/recently-serviced-and-refurbished-aaton-a-minima-super-16mm-camera/273499293170 HISTORY: - A Minima was purchased from Pro Video & Film Equipment Company INC (Dallas, Texas) on 7.19.17. - The camera was sold to Pro Video & Film Equipment Company INC from a private seller, it has never been owned by a rental company. - Since I purchased the camera just over 1 year ago the camera has seen minimal work. Never used on any commercial jobs. Only a few short personal projects. - The Minima is in excellent working condition and barely has any visual wear and tear. It has just recently been serviced by 2 very reputable LA business's. All digital and mechanical functions of the camera are immaculate. Description: - Aaton A Minima Super 16mm camera (SN:073) - (3) 200 ft Aaton Film Magazines - Aaton Video Assist - (2) Remanufactured 12v Aaton Batteries (New Cells as of 7.15.17) - (2) power cables - Lemo cable - Aaton 12v NiCad and NiMH AC Battery Charger w/ AC Cable - Custom Top Handgrip - A Minima Power Base - Dual Mattebox Rods - Aaton Origin C Time Code Unit - Original Aaton Manual - PL Port Cover - 22 Factory Daylight Spools (most have never been used) *Only 14 pictured - Aaton Hard camera case Recent Maintenance history: ABEL CINE (Los Angeles, CA) (6.28.18) Replaced gaskets on all 3 magazines, video tap and camera serviced. $564.03 AM CAMERA (Valencia, CA) (9.21.18) Repaired misaligned feed sprocket guide. Replaced film gate rail. Adjusted flange depth. Checked ground glass focus. Tested camera operation with film. $277.73 looking for 9750
  6. Hey, Looking to pick up an aaton a-minima top handle and or trans video monitor for the camera. Thanks, J
  7. I'm looking for a Transvideo (or similar) monitor for a color video tap on an A-Minima. Anyone looking to sell one of these?
  8. Does anyone have an Aaton A-Minima top handle for sale?
  9. Hey! Interested in a Super 16 Ikonoskop A-Cam SP 16 and/or an Aaton A-Minima. Let me know. Thanks
  10. Hi! I recently got a Arri 416 so I've decided to sell my Aaton A-minima kit (I can't have it all, haha). It's ex-rental and was inspected by Aaton themselves before I bought it at beginning of 2015. Batteries have new cells. Everything works just perfect except for the built in light meter dome that I choose to not have Aaton fix since it's more of a gimmick then a useful feature in my opinion. Would prefer a Eu-sale, but I may ship world wide depending on the circumstances. Pick up in Stockholm, Sweden would be great :) Great kit to pick up and start shooting. Contact me if you're seriously interested and we'll take it from there regarding price etc. Best regards/Kalle Folke, Sweden www.kallefolke.se List of the kit: 1x Aaton A-Minima 1x PAL b/w video assist 3x magazines with covers 1x Aaton Cha-3 charger with cables 2x A-Minima batteries (new cells) 1x top-handle 1x Aaton power base 2x rods for power base ca 2,5tum 2x rods for power base ca 5tum 1x manual 2x extra rubberbands for eyepiece 1x cover for video assist port Cables: 1x 4-pin lemo - 4-pin xlr 1x 4-pin xlr male-female 1x long start/stop-cable lemo-lemo 1x "super long" start/stop-kabel with switch 1x start/stop-kabel for top-handle Also empty spools and film cans for re-spooling of film.
  11. Shooting a film on rented a- minima cameras for several years now. Looking to purchase two and two xtr's and several lenses magazines etc. If any one is selling please drop me a line. Love the cameras, for this project they are the only way to go. Cheers Raymond
  12. Hi! I'm looking for a used Aaton A-minima. All offers considered, but if possible I'd like a kit with the following: 3-4mags, powerbase, wooden handgrip, batteries and charger, blimp, top handle, PAL video assist. EU sale preferred if possible. Sadly for any seller I've seen that the prices for A-minimas have gone down quite a lot… but if you sell to me you'll at least know that it will be loved and used :) Looking forward to hear from you! Take care/Kalle, Sweden (contact info at www.kallefolke.se)
  13. Selling a well maintained, fully working AATON A-Minima Kit including ... - Aaton A-Minima body (PL Mount, S16) - 3 Magazines - Videotap - Powerbase - 3 Onboard Batteries - Charger - Wooden Grip - Top Handle - Case Camera has been checked and works flawlessly. Asking for 5500€ OBO. Shipping everywhere within EU. Camera is located in Austria and can be checked upon and directly picked up.
  14. ... we own a Aaton A-Minima Serial NR: A213 unfortunately we don´t have the Handgrip and the Nikon Mount and we would like to use our Old 70ties Nikon Lenses with it :/ is there anybody out there who could sell us a used Wooden Handgrip & the Nikon Mount and maybe a Top Handle for the A-Minima at a reasonable price? thanx Arthur
  15. Hello, I am a film student working with the A-Minima for the first time, we are renting the equipment from outside the school so I'm trying to find answers about a few problems we've had with the camera. We've had two jams- one about 100ft into the roll, where the film wrapped around the camera at least 8 times ruining about 15ft of film. The second, in the very beginning of the roll the film broke off and none of the film advanced. We heard the first jam happen, but the second we did not. Wondering what might have caused this problem? When we took off the mag to reload after our second jam, the magazine would not snap back onto the camera. I've read a number of threads where people have mentioned the hastle of loading and threading the A-Minima, but none with specific problems. Does anyone have an idea of what might be wrong? And how to tell if the film isn't advancing? Thank you!
  16. Hello My name is Michael Ferguson. My company System Associates is the exclusive representative for Clairmont Camera in North Hollywood CA surplus Film Cameras and Accessories. Digital gear too. Clairmont Camera is renowned for the meticulous care and maintenance of their gear. All Film Cameras come with a 90 day parts and labor warranty. We have lots of Film Cameras for sale What is your request?. A-Minima Super 16 Camera For Sale $5500.00 Plus Shipping Includes: Video tap B & W, (4) 200' magazine Power block, (2) rods - short, (2) rods - long, Right handgrip w/2 2pSPL-2pSP, Dual handgrip bracket, Left handgrip w/ext., Carry handle - 3 pc, (2) 12v PC 4pcm-4pcf, (4) 3v Lithium battery, (2) pouch / 200' magazine, (2) fuse, Case, Battery compartment cover, (2) 4pcm-4pPm batt cable, (2) 12v .7A on-board battery, (2) 12v .7A on-board charger, Instructions and a Yellow Pelican Case.
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