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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, I've recently acquired an Aaton LTR 7 and was wondering if it was possible to fit a variable shutter in the LTR to allow flicker free filming at 24fps in 50hz countries? I know some lights will be fine, my concern is practical lights which will pulse with a 180˚ shutter at 24fps. Thanks, Jacob
  2. COIFFEUR EXTRAORDINAIRE - WAITING FOR LEGROS teaser: This was a very challenging film project! Three years in the making! How do you bring 1700s France to Colorado? Movie magic, of course... Shot on film with a 16mm Aaton prototype of the Aaton 7 model and with a Double 8mm Keystone K 27 Capri. Film stocks: KODAK 500T 7279, 250D 7205, 500T 7219. We pulled out all the stops to make this film spin-off the BOB: NON-UNION PSYCHIC graphic novel. Many old-school film techniques were used in order to bring Coiffeur Extraordinaire - Waiting for Legros to life: shooting on real film, elaborate costumes, amazing wig constructs, miniatures, paper cutouts, green screen, live action, illustrations, still photography, digital effects, and more. People are asking, "Where do I see the film?" Well, the film has just begun festival submissions, but a private online screener will be available to all those who buy the BOB: NON-UNION PSYCHIC graphic novel. When you purchase the book, paperback or digital, you will receive a GOLDEN TICKET, which will grant you a link and password to watch the film. The screener will be unlocked this Friday at 10:00am Mountain time. Go here to get the book: https://asapimagination.com/collections/bob We can't wait to share this epic short film to our fans and colleagues! Thank you for your support! FILM ROCKS!
  3. Hello Community ! (picture from the aaton ltr7 manual) - This might sound like basic questions but i must ask : 1) HOW DOES THE BEAM SPLITTER ON THE AATON LTR 7 WORKS what does the manual means by 'aaton VR30' system in the first paragraph ? 2) how do i know the one inside my LTR works ? how do i get the beam splitter signal out on a monitor ? 3) there is no connection whatsoever for video output on my ltr (no BNC - as it is sometimes apparent downside the magazine near the iso adjustment - or connector apparent near the beam splitter and so called aaton VR30), i do understand this beam splitter has an on/off position. I also do not possess the m3 allen wrench mentionned in the second paragraph but i can't even find the screw i should access to switch the BS position , or maybe it does not exist ? 4) Should i consider a better and easier alternative way to video tap on my aaton ltr7 with a micro camera through the viewfinder ? what camera and lense model is best suited for this configuration Thanks in advance, J aaton manual p20 png.zip
  4. 12 AATON A-Minima Film Spools with Cans available. https://www.ebay.com/itm/275361909116 Thanks
  5. Looking for an aaton a-minima. Message me if anyone has any leads or willing to sell.
  6. Hi to all, I am seeking for example of filter use on 16 mm. It can go from glimmer, black promised to effect filters like stars and else (ideally from footages, test or existing movies) Shooting soon on aaton xtr, zeiss 12 mm + zeiss zoom 20-120 + eventually 7219. A dance performance in a studio with natural light , about T'4 coming from outside with top windows. Thanks in advance
  7. Hi everyone! I'm a young filmmaker that has recently decided to dedicate myself completely to shooting on film. I've been shooting 16mm for years, but have never owned a camera myself. I've decided to invest in a camera as I'm always on the go, and to keep borrowing cameras is getting too complicated. I'm searching for either an Eclair ACL II or the Aaton LTR 54 (also open to LTR 7).
  8. Hi everyone, I own an Aaton LTR 7, and I was hoping someone would be able to offer some advice on a bridge plate / rig that would be compatible. The wooden grip handle that came with the camera constantly comes loose and is more annoying than practical for handheld shooting. I'd prefer to just sort a set up with rails and moose bars that I can adjust more easily. I found an ARRI BP-5 on ebay but it seems that they work best with 35mm / Digital cameras. Can anyone recommend an alternative bridge plate that could work? Any suggestions/ recommendations would be super appreciated! Thanks
  9. Mine has a cracked pechan / prism and I was looking for a donor before dropping $750 for the part. The bit I need can come from from XTR or LTR cameras.
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