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  1. Hey all I recently purchased an analog to sdi mini converter from blackmagic design for my Aaton XTR Prod. Tried it out the other day and I'm having trouble getting a signal to my monitor. Any ideas or possible solutions? Thanks!
  2. I picked up some incidental items in a major Hollywood camera house auction and don't need all that was included so I'm selling some of it. These are a great find and hard to come by. Niner lights are the standard in high-end camera lens lights. Built in the USA (In CA.). $100 I also have several of the Cinematography Electronics lights which are similar but have a mount made for their own accessory panels found on some Arri cams (35-3). I will sell these for $30 each. All lights are about 18" overall. There are a few different types with different mounts. but most use the common 3-pin Fisc
  3. This is a rare Cinematography Electronics film/video sync. system. Complete kit from a major Hollywood camera house, ready to go. This was another extra item from an auction lot. These are over $5000 new from C.E.. Sell for $350. Ships in hard case for $25 From the CE spec page: Works with: Aaton 7 LTR, 54 LTR, LTR-X, XC, XTR, XTR+, XTR, Prod, XO+, X Prod, 35 mm Type (1, 2, 3) Arriflex 16SR (1,2,3), 16 SRHS (1, 2, 3), 35-3, 35-2A*, 35-2B*, 35-2C*, 35-3C*, 435, 535, 535B, 35 BL (1,2,3,4,4S) Panavision 16MM, Gold (1,2), Millennium, Panaflex, Panaflex X, Platinum, Panastar (1,2), PSR Moviec
  4. Hey all! Shooting a small music video on S16 soon, and wondering what everyone's thoughts are on the Aaton XTR vs. SR3 vs. 416. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each when compared against eachother? I'm seeing XTR packages are almost half the price of the SR3, and our budget is tiny so I'm trying to see what I'm giving up for the cheaper price.
  5. please contact me with details. thanks
  6. ....my first EVER footage shot on 16mm is coming back me via certified post tomorrow or the day after.... ...the footage has been Telecine'd to HD size and exported as ProRes 422 on a pen drive.....its coming to me clean of timecode marks etc so I can use in the final edit...... My question is......does anyone use Telecine for final piece edit? Obv its to save money on 2k/4k scans that I ask.... .......the final piece will be on social media and at its largest viewed size on a 43" TV at the factory for tourists to watch when the master blowers are not there making glass at the
  7. Used Modulus 3000 transmitter for sale. You plug your video tap into it via a BNC cable and it transmits to a UHF TV or UHF receiver hooked to a monitor. This is for analog/SD only. Comes with one antenna and power cable. $250. Will ship for free or you can pick up near N. Hollywood.
  8. Dear Cinematographers, Was intending to shoot film and lens tests with a super 16 Krasnogorsk-3, in preparation for a project done on an Aaton XTR PROD. Now is there any way that I might use the M42 mount lenses for the Krasnogorsk (namely, Zenitar 16/2.8; Pentax Super-Takumar 50/1.4; &c.), later on for the Aaton? Do they have M42 to Aaton adapters? Someone else posed this question awhile ago, but they never received any clear answers. Sincerely Grateful, Kurt Cassidy-Gabhart
  9. Greetings, Selling my trusty Arri SR3 package. A++ Excellent, with recent service records. Both camera and mags overhauled at TCS (tcsfilm) in NY in July 2013. Ready to go. Camera body (3) mags (3) batts charger long and short finders 1:78 GG long rods 2 handles handgrip XC-75 video tap (b&w), with prism Transvideo Rainbow 5" monitor (2) barneys Single frame remote Asking $3500. PM me if you're interested. Thank you, Martin
  10. Dear all. Looking to buy S16mm 416 camera package. If anyone has any leads on anyone selling in the USA or the UK, or Europe please reach out to me on the email below: hattidp@gmail.com Best Wishes. Hatti
  11. Hello all! I'm new to this website and am excited to make my first post! I am going to be working on a project soon and want to shoot super 16mm. I have been looking at cameras online to buy and have come across some decently priced Aaton XTRs from various countries outside the U.S. My concern is that some sellers have mentioned that they are PAL cameras. Can anyone tell me if this will matter when shooting the film? I have heard mixed opinions about it just referring to frame, rate in which case I can adjust the camera's frame rate. Others have told me that I will constantly have flick
  12. Selling a like-new Precision Speed Control 2 that is currently selling for $3000 on CE's website. This one has the LED display and the 3-perf option. Link here: https://cinemaelec.com/products/precision_speed_control_2/ This connects to your film camera and gives you control of your frame rates for over and under cranking, flicker reduction, TV scan line issues etc.. The display also serves as a digital tachometer and footage/meter counter. Works on Panavision, Aaton, Arri, Moviecam and more. Comes with a cable but you may need a different connector for your specific camera. Only uses the
  13. Just testing the market out there since my friend is considering selling his little used Aaton XTR Prod Kit. It includes ... - (1) Aaton XTR Prod - PL mount, S16mm, ex-rental; recently inspected and fully functional - (2) 400ft mags - (3) batteries - recell recommended - (1) charger - (1) manual - (1) flight case He's asking 4500€ + shipping, but willing to discuss the price. Images will follow shortly. The camera is located in Europe, but worldwide shipping is possible. Let me know if you have any questions.
  14. Hey guys, As my last quest for Aaton accessories on here proved successful, I thought i'd try my luck again in my search for some 15mm Aaton XTR screw in aluminium rods. Would anybody happen to have a set lying around? Ideally looking for the short ones, but not the 4", 6 would be ideal. Thanks, Nick
  15. Aaton XTR Prod S16mm Camera Package All components have just been serviced and in great working order. From rental inventory and has been regularly maintained for the life of the camera. I have 2 comparable packages available. Package Includes: Aaton XTR Prod S16mm Camera Body VR46 Color Video Assist 1.78 Ground Glass Standard Viewfinder (short) Heated Eyecup Extension Finder Carry Handle w/ 2 Aaton Tools Right Side Grip w/ Start/stop 15mm LWS Right Ride Rosette Dual Rosette Grip Extension Arri 15mm Studio Baseplate 2x 6" 15mm Screw Type Mini Rods (not pictured) 2x Coiled Eye
  16. Hi there, Everyone in this group was probably very sad when Aaton stopped making cameras. And I for one really wished they would have stayed on, now I was never able to work when they were active (because I was too young), but learning about all their cameras now brings some tears to my eyes not knowing they exist. However I am a bit curious. I know that there were made 6 (I have read 8 even) final versions of the Penelope Delta, that was sold to rental houses in the world. I have been looking everywhere if it would be possible to rent any one them, but I can't seem to find anything. The dr
  17. Hey Guys, I've recently become the proud owner of an Aaton XTR Prod, however the camera unfortunately has a few items missing, which i'd like to acquire. With that said, i'm on the lookout for original Aaton accessories including: - Walnut handgrip & cable - 2x screw in 15mm rods (short) - Heated eyepiece cable As the purchase of the camera used up a fair amount of my budget, i'm looking for reasonable prices, however I completely understand that these are getting harder to come by, so happy to play fair. I also have a few accessories that I don't think i'll be needing
  18. Hi everyone, first post, long time lurker. I recently bought an Aaton LTR-7 and have just ran my first test film, the result is as follows: https://vimeo.com/210062910 (Excuse my great readings...) We shot with a standard 16mm Angénieux 12-120mm but recorded to super16 as we knew the long end of the lens would cover the s16 frame and wanted to see the extent of the vignettes. What we were not expecting were the red light leaks that crop up on both sides but more so the right side of the frame... I wonder if there any tell tell signs to this type of light leak? I did th
  19. Hello. I'm wondering if anyone knows the thread size of the rods that usually came with the XTR prod. I am trying to find 15mm rods with male threading via Chrosziel, Zacuto, etc but am unsure if there is simply a 'standard' thread size or if the XTR Prod rods had a 'proprietary' thread size. Alternatively, if anyone knows of any sources to get replacement rods for this camera (assuming the threading isn't something I can find), that would be helpful. Thanks, - Aaron
  20. Hey all, I have an Aaton Aminima Super 16mm camera package up for sale. It's in excellent condition and was recently serviced at Abelcine. I'm currently traveling but if anyone is interested I can put together some photos and reference videos when I get home. Here's what's included: - Aaton Aminima - 3x 200' mags - 3x daylight spools - Onboard Aaton side battery - Battery charger - Video tap - Wooden handgrip w/ lemo connector - 15mm rods - Carrying case - I also have a roll of 250D and 50D that I'll toss in as well :) Asking for $5,000 but open to offers. The
  21. AATON XTR SER1352 As time goes by my Ground Glass is no longer centered in the frame it has slipped downward as I look into the eyepiece. Is there something I can do to adjust it "upward" I have also noticed that when the top line of the ground glass is in focus the bottom is a little out. Is there an easy way to adjust the ground glass back to factory setting without sending it away for service? I have a shoot this Tuesday and I'd like to fix it if possible Thanks in advance.
  22. Hi everyone, i recently have been working with an Aaton XTR Prod camera, and the footage has light leak stripes. I wonder if someone had the same issue with this camera? Stripes have frequency, moving from bottom to the top of frame, which makes me think there is light hitting the film after the gate. My first thought was not properly attached magazine. Any other ideas?
  23. Hello everyone, i wonder if there is someone who knows of rentals or camera owners in Scotland who have 16mm equipment. Arri SR, 416 or Aaton would do it. I'm going to Edinburgh in July for a film shoot but the budget is tight and bringing everything from London is also an issue. Any suggestions or comments would be highly appreciated. Thanks, Arseni
  24. Hey! Interested in a Super 16 Ikonoskop A-Cam SP 16 and/or an Aaton A-Minima. Let me know. Thanks
  25. Hi! I recently got a Arri 416 so I've decided to sell my Aaton A-minima kit (I can't have it all, haha). It's ex-rental and was inspected by Aaton themselves before I bought it at beginning of 2015. Batteries have new cells. Everything works just perfect except for the built in light meter dome that I choose to not have Aaton fix since it's more of a gimmick then a useful feature in my opinion. Would prefer a Eu-sale, but I may ship world wide depending on the circumstances. Pick up in Stockholm, Sweden would be great :) Great kit to pick up and start shooting. Contact me if you're seri
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