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Found 5 results

  1. - DIONIC HC Battery Digital series HC Logic - 14.4 volts 91 # 25054 (Gold Mount) - DIONIC HC Battery Digital series HC Logic - 14.4 volts 91 # 25057 (Gold Mount) - Anton Bauer - QRC DUAL PT 14 progress drive shelton (Gold Mount) Anton Bauer - TWIN - Charge of 2 simultaneous positions - # 00018352 (Gold Mount) Excellent condition. Batteries have always been used under ordinary circumstances, nothing extreme. In stock, they have always been plugged in order to ensure their longevity. They still show, fully charged 4 hours, as they were new. For Sony For Red For Canon For Black Magic URSA For Atomos Pack purchased for owner's exclusive use - NEVER RENTED Dual pack and TWIN charger (simultaneous charge) Gold Mount (unlike V-lock, the parts have no friction and wear is less) These, the condition of the mount is like new. HC Logic system: depending on the number of accessories (and therefore consumption), the battery calculates the remaining charge time and displays it to you. Sold with an Anton Bauer gold plate equipped with a 4-pin cable and 2 D-tap plugs to power supply the accessories. Maximum total output 150 watts Maximum lighting 75 watts Capacity: Typ. 91WH / min. 89WH As a gift: A D-tap to 4-pin cable that I had bought as a "just in case solution" but it has never been used. I accept PAYPAL Only - Price € 200 - (worldwide colissimo shipping +/- 35€, Covid pandemic & restrictions could make the drop off longer)
  2. Now you can download de test of Cion Camera froma Imago website http://www.imago.org/index.php/technical/item/573-the-aja-cion-review-tests.html Regards Alfonso Parra AEC, ADFC www.alfonsoparra.com
  3. We made some test of Cion Camera from AJA V 1.2 you can download from http://uploaded.net/file/mn6n384s I hope it is of your interest Regards Alfonso Parra AEC, ADFC www.alfonsoparra.com
  4. Hey! First post over here on the non lighting side... So I am looking into purchasing a new kit for myself-I do a lot of Independent Music Videos, Travel Docs....etc. Currently I have several GoPro's in my package, with a Canon 7d-the 7d I am pretty sick of at this point. I would like to upgrade to a Sony a7s ..or the a7sii, maybe even the r if I can get a good argument. I do a lot of lowlight with the Travel stuff so I need something pretty versatile. I've heard the rolling shutter is terrible though. I came across the Aja Cion; and I've never really heard of this camera but a few tests seemed alright outside of it's lack of dynamic range. I was just wondering on some opinions for these! If anyones used them in a Travel Scenario; or just any recommendations and facts I may have missed would be helpful. I just want to get the most bang for my buck-but also make some quality video (also any lens rec's would be awesome..i know the E Mount is a pain). Thanks!
  5. Hello fellow cinematographers and film makers! If I could borrow 3,750 frames at 24fps of your time to review my new reel. It would mean a great deal to me if you could offer some critique afterward. I'm in the middle of a huge push to take my work and career to greater quality and new opportunities. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I would be happy to return the favor. Thank you and happy shooting! Alex www.alexfuerst.com
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