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Found 2 results

  1. The AXS memory card was connected to a MacBook Pro 13" (that has the M1 chip) via AXS-AR1 card reader. Mac recognized it as a memory card and I was able to scroll though the MXF files. However, when I tried to ingest the files to Silverstack XT, the prosess got stuck when Silverstack tried to create thumbnails. Silverstack didn't crash but I was had to force quit it. After rebooting it, Silverstack no longer regonized the card on the ingest list. After disconnecting and reconnecting the card reader, Mac no longer recognized it. After a reboot, it recognized it again, so I tried to use finder to copy the files. Alas, the finder froze. When trying to play the files directly from the card, finder froze. When trying to import the files to Resolve from the card, it froze. After testing it on another M1 MacBook with the same results, I switched to an older, pre-M1 MacBook Pro and it had no problems with the card. Files were copied without an issue using finder. It didn't have Silverstack so I couldn't test it. Has anyone else encountered this? Do you know what the problem could be? M1, the card, the reader, all of it? The reader was the older AXS-AR1 that has Thunderbolt 2.
  2. Hi guys, Selling my F55 kit. Hours are around 1050. I'm looking for £20,500 (+ 20% vat if applicable) for the list below. All beautifully boxed by Case Design. Photos attached, although I don't have the Arri Pro Support set that you see in the photos anymore. Sony F55 + DVF-EL100 OLED Viewfinder 4 x Sony Olivine Batteries Sony BC-L90 Battery Charger Sony SxS Pro+ Card128GB R5 Raw Recorder (Hours: 370) 2 x Sony AXS Card 512GB AXS Card Reader Rigidised Aluminium Camera & Accessories Case with lazer-cut interior Rigidised Aluminium Battery and Charger Case (can accommodate 6 Olivine batteries) Cheers, Jamie Kennerley jamiekennerley@hotmail.com 07863 180 802
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