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Found 10 results

  1. Hi Folks, I got a Desisti 1200/2500 hmi head and ballast, it had a open door fault/bulb disconnect fault showing on the digital read out on the ballast. So on investigation the door open switch wasn't sprung or opening the switch, I looked inside and as expected. The spring had came of the door switch. I repaired this and plugged the lamp head in to the ballast thinking all would be well however the fault still shows up which is definitely been repaired. I wondered do I have to clear the fault in the ballast software to get it back up and running. The ballast and light are in like new condition and ran perfectly before. If anyone could shed any light on this it would be very much appreciated. Link below to video
  2. Hello folks, I am currently trying to source hmi plugs for my strand 2500 watt and 1200 watt magnetic ballast lights. (2500w)I have bought a ballast and head both strand but the plugs don't screw together they are slightly different. I wanted to swop the plug on the ballast and the header cable to get them working together. And my 1200 watt the plug just broke on the header cable. I am finding it hard to source new ones, and struggling with how to take apart the plugs on the header cables them selfves? And ideas, I am a competent electrician but never had to swop these out before and it's baffling me. I intend fully megar testing each core once I replace them.
  3. Hello Guys, I know this has been posted before but I never found a conclusion to it. I've always learnt that you can't restrike/hot-strike HMI bulbs meaning to turn them off and straight back on without blowing the bulb full-stop. Every shoot I've ever been on this has never been the case nor even close to a concern from the DP. They restrike the bulb just 30 seconds after it being shut off even when the bulb has been on for 10-15mins or so, it makes a nasty sound from the bulb trying to re-light but other than that it's fine everytime. So if someone can clarify some questions for me? The term Hot-Strike literally means from striking the bulb when it's HOT HOT, like full temperature hot, then it will blow or not restrike? Does the ballast & bulb actually have a major impact on how safe it is to restrike in reality, not theory. If the top question is true, how long is it best to wait? The higher the wattage = the more heat so the longer the wait? Cheers Guys, will appreciate this.
  4. Good evening, I'm researching lighting purchase options. in addition to HMI. A photographer and videographer contact suggests I go with LED; they are in the running along with LEP. I have my eye on a Joker 200 or 800. Does anyone have an idea on what the typical service and repair costs are (rough estimate or actual)? Thanks, Jesse
  5. ARRI Daylight Compact 575W HMI Lights And 575/1200EB Ballast 2 Arri Daylight Compact 575 Lights 1 Arri 575/1200EB Ballast 1 575W Light Bulb 1 Large Shipping Storage Case brand "Sharp" One Light has a sticker and is named "Spare HMI Head" you can see the sale on ebay Priced at $2300 Plus Shipping 10% of this sale goes to charity Keep a Child Alive since its Christmas I figure to keep the spirit going and to help a Child Hope you guys find this listing at a good price Thanks Momcilo
  6. EBAY LINK http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/-/321938237598? Worth more than £2000! This ARRI 575/1200W Electronic Ballast works with 120-220 VAC. It has on-board dimming, as well as frequency control capability. It is compatible with the ARRI 575, 1.2K HMI Compact Fresnels, Arri-X 5, Arrisun 5 and 12 HMI PAR fixtures. Also with other brands such as Quartzcolor, Filmgear, Mole Richardson, Desisti,... Check a video of the ballast running on Youtube Perfect for Video Applications Offers flicker-free operation Enables a shutter speed of 10,000 frames per second Dimmable On-board dimming from 50% to 100%No Color Shift While Dimming The current limiter reduces light output by half but raises color temperature, eliminating the need to correct color temperature with color correcting gels For over 25 years, discharge lighting ballasts have been an integral part of the ARRI Lighting family. During that course of time, the range has developed to comprise the reliable, robust and efficient components recognised today as the industry standard for film, theatre and events. ARRI Ballasts feature state-of-the-art electronics and offer easy maintenance, automatic fault detection and extensive status indicators, along with impeccable reliability and safety. A wide range of cables and accessories completes the ARRI Lighting product line. Constant lamp power and colour temperature over the lifetime of the lamp Possibility to dim the light between 50 and 100% Automatic switch-over for 115V~ and 230V~ power supplies Low noise switch - noise reduction in the luminary Active Line Filter - power factor correction Line over-voltage protection Protection from overheating Constant lamp power and colour temperature over the lifetime of the lamp Less weight and size compared to magnetic ballasts At least 5% greater light intensity compared to magnetic ballasts At least 20% longer bulb life compared to magnetic ballasts Solid construction, including outside heatsinks as part of housing and a bumper at the operator control panel Special mechanical design for quick opening of the EB in case of service maintenance Good service assistance Detailed technical documentation L2.76125.0 EB 575/1200, 90-125 V/180-250 V, Schuko-Plug, VEAM, blue standard housing
  7. Well I picked up this little ballast for a mini kino flo which is a little thing for lighting car interiors etc. It normally powers special little kino tubes but I wondered if I could get away with powering more off it and what kind of limitations such a ballast might have. Freya
  8. Hi I'm thinking about picking up a power gems eb 125 used. This is not the slim most recent model but the bulkier one that I believe came right before. Does anyone know if this model has power factor correction? Sometimes I need to be able to plug into a 15a circuit which is why I want this. I've attached a picture thanks
  9. Hi I just bought a used joker 1200 par. They don't make the light anymore. For now I'm going to look into its compatibility with a ballast I already own or the possibility of having an adapter cable made to work with its pin configuration. I called Joker and they were nice enough to tell me that it has the strand/ltm pin configuration and that power gems made a ballast for the light at one point. Does anyone have advice on where to find a ballast to run this light and what I should be looking for? I'd like to find a used electronic ballast. I was checking out the arri knockoffs sold by photolight on ebay they seem ok or is that a bad idea? Anyone have experience with those?
  10. So a while back I bought a used desisti 1.2 hmi fresnel paired with a lightmaker electronic ballast off ebay. I asked around before buying to see if it was a good idea and people I trust seemed to think so. Not long after buying I learned that these lightmaker ballasts have a really bad reputation. I've been using the light and so far no problems. I'm paranoid that it will die on a shoot. This would be really bad because often this is the kind of light that creates the ambiance of the scene and it's impossible to replace with a different light if it dies and could screw up a production. I am thinking of getting a magnetic ballast as a cheap and reliable alternative. Does this make sense? Also will I have to re-fit the header cable in order for it to work or is it possible the connector will be the same? I'll include pictures of the ballast I own and one I would potentially buy. one I own is on bottom
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