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Found 4 results

  1. FOR SALE: I am am hoping to sell this all as a kit and am hoping to get $3500 USD. I am selling the following: -Bolex H16 Rex 5 w/ 10x viewfinder. The camera was just CLA’d by Abdul at Cinerepair and has a brand new govenor. It runs like a top with a very strong spring. It is in excellent condition. -Kern Vario Switar 16-100 POE f/1.9 C Mount Lens. glass is very clean. Zoom, aperture, and focus are all smooth -SOM Berthiot 10mm Cinor f/1.9 for Bolex RX -Bolex 400ft magazine with torque motor and roller bearings -Sekonic Studio Deluxe 2 analog incident meter If interested, please send me a DM. I can provide pictures and video. I can piece out items if needed. Because of the cost, I am only shipping this kit in the US. I am only accepting PayPal at the moment.
  2. Hello I just came across a Bolex h8 and was wondering if I could shoot 16mm with it? Assuming I put on the turret plate from a broken h16 Rex onto the h8 Rex, would I be good to shoot 16mm or would I have to do something with the sprockets, are the perforations different? Thanks!
  3. I've ordered a Bolex REX 3 and I am so excited! I've also gotten a Sekonic L398, so I've really got the cliche film student package, haha. Honestly, the simplicity/limitations of the tools is what I find inspiring and fun. A few things I'm still trying to grasp: - Shutter angle: When to adjust and how, for effect or utility - Aperture: How to compensate for the viewfinder? - In what situations is it practical to push or pull the film more than an aesthetic choice? - common pitfalls to avoid? - best places to buy film stock? - Is using a digital camera for reference an effective way to prevent light flicker? this is one i really want to avoid lol Thanks to anyone who answers, any info is really appreciated. I am new to the forums and this site is a wonderful resource
  4. Read this pdf and learn more about this wonderful motor. http://www.tobincinemasystems.com/TCS_Public_PDF/TXM10B.pdf
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