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Found 7 results

  1. Greetings, I'm wanting to make some custom power cables but wanted some suggestions on a decent, two conductor cable with a flexible jacket. Let me know what you recommend. Thanks!
  2. Hello Guys, Quick question regarding cable thickness over here in the UK I recently bought a Heavy Duty 13 Amp extension cable "Standard Domestic 3 Pin Edison Plug" or Stinger over there in the US, Despite looking for a Heavy Duty cable it's still not as thick as the cable attached to any of my 2K ARRI Lights nor quite as rubberized or flexible. Question: So I'm curious for safety's sake and just pure interest, should normal 13 Amp cable be extra thick if you intend to run 12Amp through it continuously and if so is there a place I can buy thicker more rubberized/Flexible 13 Amp cable that is designed for motion pictures use over here in the UK? In case your curious the make of the cable I got is the popular amazon 10m Master Plug 1 gang. Cheers -Samuel
  3. Please check out our NEW LED TRANSLYTES and POWER LEDS at any of our websites, give us a call if your interested in a DEMO of any of our gear! Sales, Rental, Parts, Service and Repairs. Trade-in specials on HMI and Faceted Pars! Open Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm 11078 Fleetwood Street Sun Valley, Ca 91352 818-768-8886 http://sunray-lighting.com http://www.dadcopowerandlights.com http://www.filmgear.net
  4. RRPP £199 NOW 50% DISCOUNT LIMITED TO 3 UNITS DESCRIPTION Brand new ARRI - Head to Ballast Power Connecting Cable for ARRILUX 125, 25' Long (7 metre). EBAY LINK http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/-/321917436714?
  5. Just bought this MXL 550/551R Condenser Ensemble Microphone Kit, Red with Chrome Grill. First time buying a mic. It's internally wired so do we need to buy cables and phantom power? Also any other tips for using it would be great.
  6. Hello Guys, I am looking for an Arriflex SR on board Battery with holder; Would an Aaton LTR on board Battery work on an SR for testing? Would someone guide me, to where can I Find a cable made for Arriflex SR with the right polarity to use on a Cine 60 Belt, or on a standard 12v Bescor Battery. Schematics are explained on John Fauer 16SR User Guide. However I'd rather try to find the cable already made. Thank you all in advance!
  7. Hi, Im from Europe, Austria, and pretty unfamiliar with the US Power System, but I'd like to learn about it. If someone with experience in this field could help me a little bit would be great. 1st question: What du you use as connection from generator to the set? Camlok? or only on the bigger sets? And are the camlok cables what sometimes seems to be called banded cables? And in what sizes (amp- wise) come these cables? 2nd question. what cables do you use to power the lamps? bates? or are there different systems for different lamps? 3rd : What do you use a grounding cable for? just for grounding the genny? Thanks in advance, if i can help out with the European System let me know. Markus
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