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Found 10 results

  1. Canon C300 Mark EF Mount 1 w/ Pelican CaseGood Condition – asking $1125 OBO In NYC Area for pickup.Perfectly working order. *Wires that connect to monitor are taped for safety, but are in working order.• 855 Hrs• Pelican Storm Case w/ Dividers• 3x Canon Batteries• 32GB & 64GB CF Cards• Hoodman• Wooden Top Handle w/ 15mm Rods• Battery Charger• Handgrip• Canon Monitor ALL PICTURES HERE
  2. Hello Sorry if it's a silly question but i'm new to all that ... These lenses from this RENTAL STORE are made for 35mm Film cameras ... right ?? (ARRI Master Prime , ZEISS T 1,3 , ZEISS T 2.1, Cooke S4, Cooke Zoom 20-100mm, Ultra Prime) And also are compatible with Cine PL digital cameras like ALEXA, RED, Canon EOS C300PL etc ... Right ?? But according to this chart ... If I want to use a 18mm lens in the way Kubrick it .. it's impossible with the Digital cameras .. Right ?? And the CLOSEST to that is Canon C300 with 99% !! Right ?? So the Canon C300 is better on that point than the high end ALEXA and AMIRA ?!?! And what is the solution to achieve an 100% result ??? Thank you !!
  3. Looking for Vision Research Flex 4k Camera Canon C300 Mark I and Mark II YOu can contact me at 843-554-7811 or Email Barbara@newprovideo.com Lens Set and Cameras For Sale Set of 8 Zeiss Standard Speed lenses. 16,24,32,40,50,85,100 & 135 of which the 16,24,32 have the focus pin pulled. The lenses will be going in for cleaning and service if needed prior to shipping. Asking $51,000.00 unless of course you want to make a quick deal. :-) Contact me for more info. Sony PXW FS7 pgk. for $9200.00 with Lens Hours 429 Comes with 28mm-135mm E Mount Sony/Zeiss Zoom Lens F4... Metabones PL Lens Adaptor Metabones EF Lens Adaptor Sony 1-BPU 30 & 2 BPU 60 Batteries & Single Charger 3-128GB XQHD Cards 1-Wooden 15mm Rods with Universal Plate & Lens Support for 28mm-135mm 1-Jason Cases FS7 Sony F55 CineAlta Camera W/ Opt. CBK-55PD Codec Board & Arri Accessories $22,500.00 Aprox Hours 518! Owner OPerator! Comes with Sony CBK-55PD Codec Board Sony DVF-EL100 OLED Viewfinder Pro Broadcast Plate Set for Sony F5/F55, includes: 1-K2.66261.0 - Broadcast Plate for Sony F5/F55 1-K2.66249.0 - Shoulder Pad for Sony PMW F5/F55 1-K2.66247.0 - Top Plate for Sony PMW F5/F55 1-K2.66248.0 - Viewfinder Adapter for Sony PMW F5/F55, VFA-1 1-K2.73002.0 - Center Camera Handle, CCH-2 1-K2.66251.0 - Viewfinder Plug Protection for Sony PMW F5/F55 15 mm LWS Rod Console Set of Rosettes for Broadcast Sony/ULB-4 Phantom MIRO 320S Camera Package $32,500.00 1,500 fps at 1920 x 1200 Comes with 1-Phantom MIRO 320S Camera body w/Canon EF mount 1-MIRO PL lens mount 1-AbelCine MIROBOB 1-Vision Research PCC software 2-Cine flash 120gb solid state drives 1-Cine flash reader and power cable w/2 USB 3 & e sata cables 1-I Phantom wi-fi station with Ethernet cable (for use with IPhantom App) 1-25 ft. PCU cable 1-50 ft. PCU cable 1-Phantom PCU control unit 1-Phantom Pickle switch 1-Phantom short trigger cable to top handle 1-Anton Bauer adapter to Phantom MIROBOB 1-25 ft. Ethernet cable 1-Phantom AC power supply with cables 1-2570 Pelican case with wheels
  4. I'm shooting a fairly low-budget short film in February and trying to decide what camera system to go for. I won't need slow-motion, low-light wizardry, or a VFX-capable post workflow. I'll be shooting in one location, in controlled lighting. All I really care about is image quality, especially skin tones and highlight rolloff. Has anyone used--or better, compared--these two cameras, and could give a preference? Any help would be hugely appreciated! Thanks.
  5. Canon EOS C300 Cinema EOS Camcorder Body w/Dual Pixel (EF Lens Mount) Only 310 Hours ASKING $5600.00 CONTACT ME FOR A GREAT CAMERA PKG. TEL. 843-554.7811 OR Email Barbara@newprovideo.com This Camera has the Dual Pixel CMOS AF Upgrade! Comes with 2-Sony Batteries 1-Battery charger 1-Power supply 1-Tilta quick release base plate. 1-Tilta follow focus 1-Tilta hand grips 1-Zacuto EVF Recoil V2 grip extender 1-Zacuto Zfinder view finder If this is not what you are looking for I Sell Both New or Pre Owned Equipment I would be Honored to be of Service! Contact Me 843-554-7811 or email barbara@newprovideo.com
  6. Does anyone have any experience with the Lanparte ABP-01 A-Mount Battery Pinch in conjuntion with the Lanparte DC-48-17 DC Power Cable for Canon C300? The cable says it's for the Canon C300 but I don't want to damage the camera by sending it too much power. Based upon connnector size, it looks like there is only one place for the cable to go and that is the 7.4 volt output. If this works it will be a convenient way to power multiple accessories from a single Anton Bauer type Battery (I own some from B4B) and will also help counterbalance my rig for handheld work. Any advice is welcome. Thanks.
  7. Hi! I am looking to buy a new camera and am deciding between the Canon C100 Mark II and the C300. I plan to use it for independent docs but will also use it for making real estate videos or home tours. I was originally set on buying the C300 because I thought it was a much better camera, but after doing some research I am not sure that is true. Is it a better investment to buy the C100 Mark II or the C300? Thanks! -Amanda
  8. Selling my Canon C300 with PL mount, due to a camera upgrade. Camera was purchased in Oct. of 2013, so hours are minimal compared to most bodies. I was the only owner/ operator, so aside from moderate signs of use, the camera is in great condition and functions like the day I purchased it! This is a COMPLETE kit for anyone looking to own a work horse camera, and invest in glass or shoot with higher end lenses than the normal EF mount photo zooms. In addition to the body itself, I am throwing in $1500+ worth of accessories with it, including extra batteries, media, a travel case etc. A full gear list is below. Please private message or email me with serious inquiries. Pictures I have are too big for this forum, so also email if you would like to see pictures of the kit. 1x Canon C300 PL Body, w/ AC power 1x Canon C300 Monitor 5x Canon batteries, and charger (3x BP-955 and 2x BP-975) 4x Sandisk 32gb 160mpb UDMA7 CF Cards 1x Movcam Top Handle 1x Arri BP-2 Bridge Plate 1x Arri BPA Adapter plate 1x Hoodman sun screen for monitor 1x Zacuto Shoulder pAd 1x Zacuto 15mm Rod Counter weight 1x Laser cut Custom C300 1510 Pelican case by Film Tools (Carry On ready)
  9. WANT TO BUY! Looking to buy used PL-mount camera in good condition and fair price. Preferably EU /Europe as i am in Sweden. Canon C300 Canon C500 Sony F5 Sony F55 Other PL cameras (Alexa, Red Epic) can be of interest as well. PM me with offer! Thanks
  10. https://vimeo.com/59217562 Footage from various shorts I've done in the past 2 years. Camera's used: Arri Alexa, Phantom Flex, RED Epic, RED M-X, RED One, Ikonoskop A-Cam DII, Canon C300, ...
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