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Found 8 results

  1. Been downsizing and cleaning up things. I finally found the lost SD card from a 2018 IR flash shoot at B&H in NYC. It got lost a short time after I shot it. As in...lost so fast I didn't have time to put it on the computer. It was Christmas time and I was out doing some street photography on a Sunday afternoon in Manhattan. It started to rain. I was in the area, so I thought I'd step into B&H to give them some infrared radiation. I spent about 20 minutes looking around. Took 109 IR flash photos then left. All candid stuff. I was in a rush to get back to Jersey City as I was leaving that night for Ohio. Being is a rush, the card got misplaced when I packed up. Glad I finally found it. My worst nightmare was finding the card after the data had degraded. You can't keep SD card data forever and not plug it is every few years to keep the data fresh. I was told they hold data for 10 years without a plug in. The longest I've gone is 5 -6 years without a plug in and data was still good on the SD card. Nothing spectacular from the shoot. But it was interesting to do and sure beats standing in the rain! Zir can also go in 'Burkas & Hijabs of New York' project. I like it when I get photos that are useful in other projects. More bang for the buck so to speak. IR flash does not go too far. It is not the best thing for long distance shots. You benefit very little from available light unless you are getting tons of it. But if you were doing staged work you could set up a bunch of IR flashes for distance. They got a room when leaving B&H for people to unbox and fondle their new gear. If it was a gun store people would want to unbox and start loading up! Still doing post work going through the photos. Lots of post work. These are all shot from the hip with zone focus and zone exposure. Consequently...lots and lots of PP! <><><><> Daniel D. Teoli Jr. Archival Collection Daniel D. Teoli Jr. Small Gauge Film Archive Daniel D. Teoli Jr. Advertising Archive Daniel D. Teoli Jr. VHS Video Archive Daniel D. Teoli Jr. Popular Culture Archive Daniel D. Teoli Jr. Audio Archive Daniel D. Teoli Jr. Social Documentary Photography
  2. DDTJRAC Cover of Radio and Televison News January 1949. In 1947 this magazine was called Radio News. Within 2 years they had diversified into TV's and added the word Television to their covers.
  3. https://hyperallergic.com/788548/whats-the-weirdest-ornament-youd-hang-on-your-tree/? I'm not into Xmas trees much. I like em, but I like em the same way I like dogs...I pet other people's dogs. Anyway, here is an interesting article on oddball tree ornaments. I like Cousin Eddie's RV!
  4. 1952 Christmas commercial from early days of T.V. Jewelite Hairbrush Commercial Christmas 1952 : D.D.Teoli Jr. A.C. : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive Some interesting history from TV's early days... 1949: In January, the number of TV stations had grown to 98 in 58 market areas. 1949: The FCC adopted the Fairness Doctrine, which made broadcasters responsible for seeking out and presenting all sides of an issue when covering controversy. This act was a supplement to the Communications Act of 1934, which required broadcasters to give equal airtime to candidates running in elections. 1951: I Love Lucy, sponsored by Philip Morris, was born. The half-hour sitcom ranked as the number one program in the nation for four of its first six full seasons. 1951: On June 21, CBS broadcasted the first color program. As mentioned above, CBS’s color system only worked with a small number of TVs across America. Only 12 customers across America could see the first color TV broadcast. 12 million other TVs were blank for this program. 1952: Bob Hope takes his comedy from radio to TV as The Bob Hope Show debuts in October, 1952. 1952: By the end of 1952, TVs could be found in 20 million households across America, a rise of 33% from the previous year. U.S. advertisers spent a total of $288 million on television advertising time, an increase of 38.8% from 1951. 1953: RCA releases its color broadcasting system, which worked on 12 million TVs instead of 12. 1954: NBC launches The Tonight Show with comedian Steve Allen. 1955: Gunsmoke, the classic western TV show, began its 20 year run on CBS. 1958: 525 cable TV systems across America serve 450,000 subscribers. In response, CBS takes out a two page advertisement in TV Guide stating that “Free television as we know it cannot survive alongside pay television.” History of the Television | From The 1800s To Current Time (bebusinessed.com)
  5. Hi all, I'm prepping for a Christmas promo, for which the director wants a "winter evening cosy warm family house glow". We're building a set inside a large hangar, and it will require a roof as the sound is super echoey. There is space outside of the set for lighting and rigging. Talent will be sat on the sofas, two people per sofa. They're playing charades so may be standing up and being quite active. There'll be two cameras cross shooting as we only have the talent for one hour. My initial thoughts are to rig a scaff pole across the top of the set and create a skirted soft box with 2 x Skypanel S60 or Litemats. However I worry that might be a bit too 'toppy'. We'll have fake snow falling outside the window so I thought an M18 pushing through diff with 1/2 CTO + 1/8 Green should make a nice soft moonlight effect. All other fixtures will be set to 3200k, the lights on the Christmas tree and the practicals will be doing a fair bit of work inside the set, and the two Skypanels behind the cameras will be for additional fill / motivated practical light if necessary. Practicals should be on dimmers, maybe even with RGB bulbs. Art department will be putting in a fake fire, it would be nice to have a Skypanel on fire effect mode but i'm not sure where it would go. Hoping to shoot on Alexa Mini and Ultra Primes but suggestions for a warmer/more Christmassy combo would be appreciated. Am I missing anything? Would you build anything else in for keying the talent? Some bounce around the table height? Thanks.
  6. Hi again everyone. Not really a question this time but would wanted to show my lighting plan for an upcoming project to get some feedback. I have attached my lighting plan... The talent will be talking to camera and cooking. The background will be dressed with Christmas decorations and what not to celebrate the coming season. I want the lighting to be very soft and cold, to have that winter feel. I'm shooting it all in daytime. I'm using an M18 through the left window (only window our too the left) through a bed sheet which will highlight the background and rim our talent. The other M18 is inside in front of the talent which will be my key for her. I plan to bounce it and have the light come through another bedsheet to get it softer. For the fill, I will bounce it in from my M18 sources. I guess actually I do have a proper question. Would you recommend an Arri Skypanel S30C through multiple diffusion instead of the M18 inside? The kitchen is very small so I did think at one point maybe I should go for that instead. The shoot will start early and end before sunset. Anyways any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks so much!
  7. A new year is around the corner and I hope that it is even better for ye than 2016! Can't wait to see what 2017 brings to the table in terms of cinema, art and work from and to all of you! Have a lovely and happy Christmas you all and enjoy it with your nearest and dearest! :) Loads of Xmas love! :)
  8. Hey everyone, My first post on here and fairly new to filmmaking. I've got a project coming up and I'm unsure about what lighting to use. It is for a Christmas advert which will feature a kid in a living room with a fire place. The desired look is warm, low lighting as it will be set at night. I'm will use the minimal practicals as the main visable sources of light. I will have the fireplace, some candles and a lamp which will appear as the main source of light. I'm going for very soft and warm lighting. I was thinking maybe just one kino flo with a gel to make it a bit warmer If anyone would recommend a lighting set up for this I would be very grateful! Thanks
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